Distance from the toilet to the wall: how to move to another place, how to raise above the floor, to the riser and turn

The distance from the toilet to the wall can be a significant factor for the organization of comfort distance from the toilet to the wall can be a significant factor for the organization comfort The apartments standard type toilet often has a very limited area, for this reason, owners have painstakingly how to use each space. As a result, very often there is a desire to move the toilet bowl to another corner or deploy it. This event is responsible and difficult. In order to conduct the work you can turn to specialists, and you can do it on your own, the main thing is to figure out how to do the work correctly.

    • How to move the toilet in another place: we release 10-20 cm
    • to answer the question: how to raise the toilet above the floor
    • Can I make a great distance from the toilet to the riser
    • changing environment:expand as the toilet 90 degrees
    • As rearrange into another toilet seat( video)

How to transfer the toilet in another place: liberating 10-20 cm

If the toilet is required to move a distance which does not exceed the rate of 20 cm,of work will not be difficult. Accommodation equipment can be any. The main thing is to know the minimum distance not only in relation to the pipes or walls, but also for the shell. To move the toilet bowl to the left or to the right, you must first remove its connection from the knees and the water pipe. Start with the removal of the old device. If the old toilet was installed on cement or special glue, then with the elimination will have to tinker. If you make at least one wrong action, the toilet can crack. Of course, if you are planning to install a new device, then be careful not to do anything, but if it is not so, then you need to close the water and carefully dismantle.

It consists of 3 steps:

  1. persists, stop putty in the space between the socket and the release of sewage toilet. In order to carry out this work, you can apply a thin bit or a flat screwdriver.
  2. Carefully begin to loosen the toilet. It is appropriate to use a wide chisel, which you need to score in different places. Repeat this action until the device begins to rock solidly.
  3. Trying to lift the device. To do this, gently pull it on yourself and shoot the release along the axis. Experts say that if the device does not give in, then you can not use force, try to swing it even harder and then pull it.

In order to move the toilet bowl to the left or to the right, it is necessary to remove its connection from the knees and the water pipe in advance In order to move the bowl left or right, it is necessary beforehand to remove its connection from the knees and running water

toilet that was installed on the regular fixings, and is connected to the sewage system of the rubber cuff will be removed much more easily. To remove it, you need to remove the screws that are the main fastener. After that, pull the device on and take out its outlet.

If you want after the removal of the device was in working order, all manipulations should be done very carefully.

Also, be extremely careful when applying the fastening putty when removing it. After all the dismantling work has been carried out, it is possible to start preparing the toilet installation for a new location. Carefully inspect the flexible hose, if its length is insufficient or it flows, then you need to replace it with a new one. If everything suits you, leave it in the old place. As it looks in the corner of the toilet as to move it on a diagonal, lift and place on the podium, you can learn to see photos, enough to train one day.

We answer the question: how to raise the toilet above the floor

When the issue of repair in the bathroom, many are faced with such a problem as changing the output level and pipes for plumbing. This is mainly because the floor level changes and the plumbing is changed. In any case, there is a task to raise the toilet bowl higher.

In order to cope with the problem of mismatching the fittings, it is enough to purchase new adapters. If you have a problem with mismatch of the pipeline axes, it is better to use flexible hoses or arrange new gaskets for pipes. From the coincidence of these holes depends on what level of the floor will be your toilet.

To begin with, you need to choose a place for installation and install the device on wooden beams in order to organize a new level.

Before lifting the toilet above the floor, it is necessary to determine the mounting location Before you lift the toilet above the floor, it is necessary to determine the mounting location

Make sure that the horizontal respected, and all axes and drain connection are the same.

After that, remove the instruments to measure the thickness of those pads that you set to create a new level for plumbing.

In order to have an idea of ​​how to make the toilet bowl higher, you must think in advance of all the subtleties of the base. You can use wood, but this will not be the best option, as the tree rots under the influence of condensation. It will be best to use a concrete screed. In this case, you will need screws and dowels for fastening. At present, the attachment of the device to the base on the glue is widespread.

Is it possible to make a large distance from the toilet to the riser

In order to expand the existing space in the toilet room, many are resolved to such a step as moving the toilet from one side to the other. The transfer of the device to another angle is possible, but in order for it to continue to function fully, it is necessary to know certain points.

As for the pipeline, certain requirements are put forward to it, which should be taken into account immediately.

Increase the distance from the riser to the toilet, you can, but you should know some features Increase distance from the riser to the toilet can be, but need to know some features


  • possible to use tubes with a diameter of 50 to 100mm, most optimal are 100mm pipe section;
  • The distance from the device to the riser should be a maximum of 1.5 m, if the length is longer, then the drainage capacity from the barrel is not enough to push the waste and clog;
  • Observe the correct gradient, it depends on the cross-section of the pipe.

If the slope is underestimated, a high likelihood of clogging appears, as the flow of liquid is reduced. If, on the contrary, the bias is overstated, the flow rate will be excessive and the solid parts will gather in the pipe, which will subsequently block the movement of the water. How to move the toilet bowl close to the wall, what is the maximum distance should be from the wall and how far can the toilet bowl from the drain, you can learn from the training video.

changing environment: how to deploy the toilet bowl 90 degrees

Sometimes there are situations when you want to completely change the design of bathrooms and buy a new toilet, then you can deploy the toilet bowl 90 degrees. The work is very simple, the main thing is to know some technical nuances, rules and subtleties.

To perform the permutation by digestion of pipes it is not necessary to be engaged at all.

Expand the toilet to 90 degrees is simple enough, and you can do without digesting pipes Open toilet bowl 90 degrees is quite simple, and you can do without digestion tubes

Recently popular is the use of angular bends and corrugated pipes.

Corrugated pipes are best suited to deploy the toilet seat at an already installed location. If you not only deploy the device, but also transfer it to another location, then it is more expedient to use pipes of the necessary diameter, which are made of plastic. Using such methods, you can easily not only deploy, but also move the toilet to the desired place. But make sure that the corrugation is not subjected to excessive stretching, as this can lead to rupture. This way will help not only to turn the device, but also to rearrange it in another direction, for example closer to the sink, or to move it as much as necessary.

How to rearrange the toilet in another place( video)

As you can see from this article, the transfer of the toilet is not such a difficult thing, of course, if you are confident in their skills. If you are going to do all these things for the first time, and are not aware of all the intricacies, it is best to contact the experts, who are not only carefully carry out the installation, but also organize the careful dismantling, so that the old unit will not be damaged and will last for a long time.