Toilet bowl with installation: what is it, installation and video, plumbing installation, how to choose the right bathroom

The toilet with the installation will make the bathroom a stylish and efficient The toilet with the installation will make the bathroom a stylish and efficient In recent days, in the private sector, pendant bidets and toilets are increasingly installed. The design by which they are mounted and called installation. In addition to the entire plumbing bowl, this design keeps both sewage and water supply equipment, and some models, in addition, and a water tank. This container is made of polymer, access to it is limited. Since it is covered with a wall cladding or other trim. After the installation, only the adjustment via the drain button is possible for you.

                    • What is the best sanitary equipment: installation in the design market
                    • What does the installation of the toilet installation: the advantages of the
                    • system Installation of the installation: how to properly install the
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                    • Installing the installation( video)

Understand what is the installation for the toilet: types of the system

Installation in plumbing is a way of assembling and connecting all the elements, Wola improve efficiency, functionality and hygiene quality of the room. Installation systems make it possible to use inaccessible in the past versions of bathroom equipment, to hide communications for decoration. They are distinguished by simple installation, aesthetics and silent operation. Modern installation systems can withstand serious loads. They are most widely used in the installation of suspended sanitary ware, and are also actively used for small systems of sanitary equipment. With the help of the installation for the toilet, you can visually increase any, even the smallest room, as well as free up previously inaccessible areas for useful use.

The installation system operates qualitatively, efficiently and reliably, significantly saves water consumption, works noiselessly. Thanks to this system you can reschedule the space of your bathroom for the better.

The installation system for the toilet works quietly and effectively The toilet installation system works silently and efficiently

A convenient installation system allows you to install a sink, toilet, bidet or urinal in any convenient place in the room. This greatly helps to save a small space. In addition, in your bathroom will not be visible communications. Installation systems allow you to connect any plumbing.

The installation systems are divided into the following types:

  • Block .They are also called "addicts".Because they are attached to the wall. For their installation, a wall with sufficient sufficient load-bearing capacity is needed.
  • Frame .These installations can be fixed not only to the wall, but also to the floor. They do not need a solid wall. The frame at the construction is more massive and always rests on the floor. This type of installation can be installed even on a plasterboard wall.

Installation of the installation must begin before the finishing of the walls of the bathroom. A frame installation for the toilet is installed generally at the stage of mounting the partition or mounted in a prepared niche.

What is the best plumbing: installation in the design market

When choosing a toilet installation system in the house, it is necessary to take into account its design features. When choosing a toilet, first of all, pay attention to the ways of caring for it.

When choosing an installation, and all accessories, approach the matter with all responsibility. It must be remembered that this system will be capitally hidden in the wall, and you will not have access to it. In order to immediately do not have to break the wall, it is better to buy high-quality plumbing.

Well-known manufacturers of sanitary ware are famous for their quality assurance. Choose a product that will serve you for many years.

When choosing the installation system for the toilet, read its technical specifications When choosing the installation system for the toilet, read the technical data sheet

Selection rules for installation systems:

  1. It is better not to take Chinese goods, it is considered not completely reliable and durable.
  2. If you have the opportunity, it is better to prefer the installation of a frame, rather than a block. Its price is more expensive, however, the whole place in the bathroom is used most rationally and functionally.
  3. Pay attention to the metal frames that come with the purchase. Do not bend them.
  4. Inspect the entire structure for damage in the form of cracks or scratches.

Be sure to check that the availability of the product has all the necessary equipment. It is specified in the manufacturer's instructions. Typically, the kit includes the necessary fastening elements for the installation, a tank, noise insulation, load-bearing frames, and an adapter for the flush knee. Sometimes these systems are completed with a flush key.

What gives installation of the toilet installation: the advantages of

The application of installation systems in the toilet is very convenient. They make it possible to install the toilet bowl so that the tank is securely hiding in the wall, and at the same time it was protected with heat-insulating material. This allows you not to hear noise while using plumbing.

At the same time, only the bowl of the toilet bowl that we need from outside is left in sight. Thanks to this method, the whole room of the toilet room becomes more spacious stylish and comfortable.

As for the shortcomings of this system, it may be, perhaps, a high price. However, it is fully justified, because such constructions give us great advantages.

Installing the toilet seat has many advantages The installation of the toilet installation has a lot of advantages

Advantages of the toilet installation systems:

  • The compactness that enables more functional use of the room space in the room with the toilet;
  • Minimum noise level, provided by installing a drain tank in the wall;
  • Convenience for cleaning the bathroom;
  • The ability to easily decorate on the floor various ornaments or mosaics from tile;
  • Water saving, even if two buttons are built in the installations - the first for a large water flow, and the second for a small one;

Provided that this system is correctly installed, such structures serve long enough and reliably, and can withstand loads of up to four hundred kilograms.

Installation of the installation: how to properly install the

For all existing types of installation systems, the principle of installation and installation is the same. There is nothing difficult in this process.

It is necessary to take care of the withdrawal of water supply and discharge pipes in advance. Pipes of cold water are needed only from solid materials. This will ensure the quality, reliability and durability of the structure. Drain systems must work without question.

The toilet installation system requires an ideal installation. Responsible manufacturers pay special attention to each coupling, joint and gasket in order for the system to be reliable, and does not require frequent repairs.

Installation of the installation is a process that you can handle with your own hand Installation of the installation is a process that can be handled by ourselves

The installation should be carried out in the following order:

  1. Install the construction. First we make an accurate marking, with the designation of all fasteners, and with the help of a perforator we make holes.
  2. We make installation of the installation.
  3. Align metalwork vertically and horizontally.
  4. We make its final fixing.
  5. We connect the water supply and sewerage system
  6. We are installing the toilet bowl.

If necessary, the design can be decorated with any finishing material.

Installation of the installation( video)

Every day today, the plumbing industry is developing, pendant type toilet bowls are increasingly used in the construction and repair of houses. With them, the bathroom becomes more stylish and efficient. In addition, this system is not difficult to establish itself. The main task is to choose the right system and not to be stingy when buying. After all, the installation system is built into the wall and upon its failure it will be necessary to dismantle the partition and repair the entire bathroom. When reviewing goods on the market, give preference to firms that have proven themselves in the market and have positive feedback.