Photos of the hallway of the apartment: the corridor in the house, the communal three rooms, two windows, a balcony and pictures of a one-room apartment

Make the entrance hall beautiful and original will help a large mirror on the whole wall To make an entrance hall beautiful and original will help a large mirror for the whole wall Interior design of the hallway in a house or apartment is not at all simple, as it is necessary to choose the right stylistic solution and make it as convenient and functional as possible. Very often in the apartments are quite small in size hallways, in which it is impossible to arrange a large number of required interior items. However, visually expand the free space of the hallway can be through the use of finishing materials of light colors, mirrors, glossy surfaces of the ceiling.

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Modern hallway in the apartment

Do not clutter the hallway with lots of furniture. To her choice, it is necessary to take the most responsible attitude so that the furniture is not bulky and maximally functional. To visually increase the space of the hallway, you can remove all the doors that lead to the rooms adjacent to the hallway, and replace them with arches. This is especially true if the rooms adjacent to the hallway are made in the same style.

Do not forget about lighting. It is best to arrange a few small lamps. They can be arranged in a straight line or make a beautiful drawing, it all depends on your own preferences and the stylistic decision of the room. Depending on the size of the hallway, you need to choose the direction of design. If the entrance is a small size, it is best to avoid dark and gloomy colors and give preference to a lighter palette.

In addition, do not clutter the space with a lot of heavy and massive furniture, it is best to replace it with beautiful figured.

To ensure that the hallway is cozy and comfortable, you should not overload it with excess furniture In order to make the entrance hall cozy and comfortable, you should not overload it with extra furniture


  • Shelves;
  • Niches;
  • Arches.

If the hallway is narrow, then it is worthwhile to use niches, and as a wall decor various beautiful pictures, curly elements, panels. This will not only help decorate and diversify the living room space, but will also emphasize the flawless taste of the apartment owners. In addition, it is necessary to use the lighting of niches and other elements of the living room, as this will help not only create additional lighting, but also zonate the room.

After viewing the photos of the finished interiors of the living room, you can choose the most optimal and interesting option for yourself, which can fully satisfy all the available requests.

Important!Before carrying out repairs in the hallway with your own hands, you must first think over the stylistic solution of this room, as well as pick up the required finishing materials.

How to equip a corridor in a communal apartment

Repairing a corridor in a communal apartment requires special attention, since it is necessary to take into account the tastes and preferences of each owner. In this case, it is best to apply the standard methods of arranging the corridor, so that it looks stylish and modern.

The interior of the modern hallway will perfectly fit a stylish suspended ceiling In the interior of the modern hallway, the stylish suspended ceiling perfectly fits the

In this hallway you can make:

  • Beautiful stretch or suspended ceiling of an intricate shape;
  • Highlight individual areas with spotlight;
  • Choose a tile or linoleum of original and unusual colors;
  • Make inserts of stone, decorative plaster and other materials;
  • Install the mirrors.

Having looked at pictures of beautiful modern beautiful interiors of an entrance hall in a communal apartment, it is possible to be convinced that even in such apartment it is possible to make simply unique and refined design of an interior. The choice of the most suitable interior design corridor in the communal apartment depends largely on the size, shape and other features of the room. For general corridors in a communal apartment, it is best to choose wallpaper for painting, as they can get very dirty.

Apartment without anteroom: design features

Sometimes an apartment can be without an entrance hall, as some combine this free space with a kitchen and living room. In such an apartment-studio you can make an original and unique design. Thanks to the absence of the hallway, you can make a beautiful bay window, which attracts many designers, as there is the opportunity to embody the most daring and original ideas.

You can save space in the room by combining the hallway with a living room or another room You can save space in the room by combining the hallway with the living room or other room.

When decorating an apartment without an entrance hall, it is worth keeping to certain rules for the design of this room, as:

  • The layout and partitions should beMore simple design;
  • You can make an original design of a common space with a window and balcony;
  • It is possible to extend the bathroom and the living room.

In this case, in the living room, you need to create the simplest interior, which will not be cluttered with lots of furniture. This will make the interior more light and airy. Such a living room without an antechamber means by itself the maximum possible free space, which can be diluted with some beautiful plants. Finishing materials need to use light colors, as this will maximize the free space and fill it with light.

To make sure that this interior looks just fine, it is worth reading the testimonials of those who have already managed to arrange their apartment in this way.

Beautiful corridor in the apartment

Depending on how many rooms in the apartment you can perform a fairly original and unique design of the hallway, in which the impeccable taste of the owner will be viewed. For a one-room apartment in the hallway, you can make glass doors into a room or an arch.

Such a structure will have a lot of advantages, as:

  • The room will look visually more spacious;
  • You can save space;
  • It is possible to combine the room;
  • The room looks elegant and simple.

Beautifully decorated corridor interior stylish plasterboard arch Beautifully decorated interior corridor stylish gypsum cardboard arch

The arches in this case can be semicircular, rectangular, with various bends. To give the hallway an incredible and original design, you can make a spotlight, as this will save on basic lighting. If the apartment has two or more rooms, then you can realize many more ideas when arranging the hallway. In the two-room and three-room apartment hallways are quite spacious, that's why you can make a rather interesting and creative interior design.

It will be interesting to look like a spacious hall decorated with stone. It is very simple to execute such a design. As a finish, you can use natural, artificial stone or wallpaper with an appropriate pattern. With the help of decorative stone, you can get a unique interior design that looks quite stylish and gives the room some effect of antiquity. In this case, it is necessary to correctly set the lighting, because otherwise the hallway will seem rather gloomy and uncomfortable.

Interior of the hallway of the apartment( video)

It is much easier to make an arrangement of the hallway in a new apartment, as it is not necessary to remodel previous repairs and remove old finishing materials and coverings. To look like the entrance hall is unique, you need to competently approach the arrangement of this room.

Design of the hallway of the apartment( interior photo)