Provence-style textiles: country interior, photo curtains, rustic dacha, tulle for the bedroom and the hall of the cheby chic

Textiles made in the style of Provence, can give the interior comfort and coziness Textiles, done in the style of Provence, is able to give the interior comfort and relaxation For those who have decided to design your home in the style of Provence, or country Shabby chic, special attention should be paid to the choice of textiles. Properly selected fabrics are the key to the desired design. Popular embroidered tablecloths, openwork napkins, bedspreads, pillowcases, carpets and curtains. Without properly selected textiles it is impossible to properly design interiors. Especially in the style of Provence, because only with the help of fabrics can you create this airy and cozy, truly homely atmosphere of French country, in which you want to return again and again. We'll figure out what needs to be done to bring the spirit of the French village into the house.

    • Photos and textiles examples in the style of Provence
    • Types and photo curtains in country style and Provence
    • Choosing Interior to testify: Country, of Provence and rustic style
    • features tulle in the interior style of Provence
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Photos and textiles examples in the style of Provence

First you need to decide by the fabric: material, color, embroidery,pattern. Pillow cases and decorative pillows are desirable to choose the same color with curtains and napkins. The same goes for the material. To complement the design can be popular patchwork.

Pillows in the style of Provence perfectly fit into the interior of a country house cushions in the style of Provence perfectly fit into the interior of a country house

Textiles in the style of Provence has its own characteristics:

  • Soft, often cold, as the very nature of the Provencal pastel colors;
  • Lightness and weightlessness of the tissues themselves;
  • Flower patterns and embroidery;
  • There may be ruffles, ribbons and Richelieu.

Furthermore, to complete the atmosphere, it is possible to use a variety of delicate tissue, which will look nice as litter for vases of flowers or pedestals, cupboards and tables angle.

It is very important to select colors in such a way that they fit the general interior in the room.

Decorative cushions can be decorated not only with a sofa, but also with hard wooden or wrought-iron chairs. Do not forget to also lay an embroidered tablecloth on the dining table, this will finish the idea.

Kinds and photos of curtains in the style of country and Provence

Curtains - this is a special element of the interior. Without them it is impossible to imagine a country style, and besides, with their help you can, how to complete, and spoil the atmosphere created in the room.

There are many types of curtains suitable for country style:

  • Lambruck;
  • Curtains-cafe;
  • Roman blinds;
  • Curtains with pickings;

Color for curtains in the style of Provence should be chosen depending on the size and style of the room color for the curtains in the style of Provence is to choose, depending on the size and style of the room

When it comes to the kitchen, you should immediately think of the convenience for the hostess. The window sill is often the same working space as the curbstones, so the curtains should not be long. It is best to choose curtains from lightweight fabrics, the size of the window, decorated with patterns - flowers, rustic motifs, striped or in a box. In the kitchen, another key design element is a tablecloth, so the best option is to choose one cloth for tablecloths and curtains, or make them at least one coloring and material.

The correct choice of curtains depends, first of all, on the room in which they are hung.

In the bedroom, you should think about the color harmony of curtains, pillows and bedspreads. For a bedroom curtains in the style of country Provence are made of cotton, linen, bamboo, because they do not let light. Unlike the kitchen, in the bedroom it is customary to hang long curtains that completely cover the window, you can use slightly more dense and heavy fabrics. So the bedroom will remain slightly darkened.

The hall is better decorated with monochrome curtains, especially if there is a drawing on the wallpaper. Colors should be comfortable for the eyes: white, beige, turquoise, light green. Most often, the hall uses Roman blinds, variations with lambrequins or pick-ups. In addition, for the decoration of the hall, curtains in the style of the shebbi chic, with the effect of scuffing, will perfectly suit.

We choose the interior for a dacha: country, provence and rustic style.

Country style - one of the most suitable for the interior decoration of a country house. Provence is traditionally a provincial region in the south of France. To recreate the atmosphere of a Mediterranean village in your home, you must use the colors that are most often found in the nature of this region: white, milky, beige, pale blue, pale green, lavender, ocher, azure and sea.

For country house design, you need very little:

  • Furniture in light colors, can be used with "wear and tear" effect;
  • Light curtains and curtains;
  • Textiles from natural fabrics with embroidery, laces, ruffles;
  • Decor items from porcelain, ceramics or fabric;
  • Natural materials.

The perfect solution is to design a small room in the style of Provence with the use of textiles of light colors An excellent solution is to design a small room in the style of Provence with the use of textiles of light colors

A separate element of the villa is a veranda. It can be open or glazed, but always in soft natural colors, decorated with light curtains. The rustic dacha can be furnished not only with new furniture made especially for the interior of a Provence or country, but also an old one found in the attic of a grandmother's house or flea market. It can be repaired and painted, leaving a little shabby, and it will perfectly fit into the overall interior.

You should never use materials and details of modern styles, such as glass, metal, chrome and plastic surfaces, linoleum, etc.

It is desirable to paint the windows and doors in the dacha with white paint, you can also add a small effect of old age and shabby. In addition to the wooden, in the style of Provence, wicker furniture is used. These can be tables, chairs, laundry baskets, boxes and chests for storing things. And do not forget about the textile decorations of the house: curtains, curtains, bedspreads, pillowcases and carpets. The walls of the dacha can be decorated with painted plates, small paintings, old photographs, lace napkins under lace vases, lined tables and tables. Good porcelain figurines and souvenirs, ceramic dishes will fit into the interior.

Tulle features in the interior of the Provence style

Tulle is also an indispensable element for the interior in the style of French country. Tulle is a weightless, transparent, patterned or mesh fabric made of cotton, silk or linen. The very name of the fabric comes from the French city of Tulle. Products from tulle can bring the spirit of France to any home, even if the interior of the room was designed in a completely different style.

If the room is small, then you can hang on the windows only a dense tulle If the room is small, you can hang on the windows only a dense tulle

Made from tulle:

  • Lace, lace napkins and capes with openwork pattern;
  • Curtains and curtains;
  • Coverlets;
  • Cloaks and ruffles for bedspreads, pillowcases, etc.

Curtains from tulle can be hung together by curtains or in general, they replace curtains, if it is a kitchen or living room design( because tulle can not close the bedroom from sunlight).

In the kitchen, in addition to curtains made of tulle, you can make a table with a tablecloth with lace elements, put pillows on hard chairs, lay a napkin under the kettle.

Textile design in the style of Provence( video)

Do not forget that tulle requires very careful handling, it should be washed in a gentle mode at a temperature of no more than 40 ᵒС.Making a house or apartment in the style of Provence is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Most often, the apartments already have wallpaper and floor light colors, so the textiles in the style of French country can be quite enough to recreate the atmosphere of the Mediterranean province.

Interiors in the style of Provence and Country( photo ideas)