Blue curtains: dark and blue in the interior, a photo with a sofa in the living room, curtains for the bedroom and a design in color

Blue curtains will bring freshness and lightness to the interior of any room Blue curtains bring to any room a freshness and lightness If your interior began to seem boring to you or not bright enough, or you simply want to update the look of one of the rooms in the house, be sure to think about changing the curtains. Correctly selected curtains set the tone of the entire room, because the combination of colors such background elements as curtains and wallpaper is fundamental in housing. What kind of color to choose curtains in your house?One of the best, perhaps, options, it is the blue shades that are most often perceived elegantly and at the same time fresh.

    • light and dark blue curtains in the interior of different rooms
    • combinations in the interior: blue and blue curtains
    • soothing blue curtains for the bedroom: photo
    • Dark curtains - the best choice for the bedroom
    • Asto pick up the blinds( video)
    • Design blue curtains( photo in the interior)

light and dark blue curtains in the interior of different rooms

Color is very important in the interior. He sets the tone of perception of the whole design as such. Dark shades create the impression of elegance, light sets the tone of lightness, while bright spring colors act as a cheerful element. On what is it worth to navigate when choosing blue curtains for a particular room?

blue curtains in the interior of different rooms:

  1. Living. As for the living room, the curtains there might be any pastel colors, but strongly encouraged aggressive color. A winning option for the living room will be muslin curtains of unobtrusive blue tones.
  2. Bedroom. bedrooms suitable for a variety of options, and it is beige, and pink or even brown, all shades in its own well soothe the nervous system.
  3. Office. The blue color creates an excellent working atmosphere and increases work capacity, positively influences brain activity. Seeing the blue background in front of you is easier to concentrate on important issues, tasks and tasks. One of the best options for the office will be a dense blue curtains blackout. They can at any time darken the room, in addition, these curtains have a high sound insulation.
  4. Bathroom. Often in the houses and apartments the bathroom is equipped with a window to another room or to the street. Blue color and its shades are associated with the marine theme, so it is the best fit for this room. However, when decorating the bathroom, it should be remembered that excessive use of cold tones will make the interior uncomfortable. Textile products should harmoniously fit into the interior of the bathroom, echoing the elements of the decor.
  5. Kitchen. Blue curtains for this room - a very bold and original solution. The choice of design and design of textiles should be based on the overall style of the design of the room. If the spacious kitchen is decorated in white, the blue curtains perfectly diversify the interior.

In the design of a small kitchen harmoniously fit graceful curtains-cafe in a blue cage or with a floral ornament The small kitchen design perfectly fit the elegant cafe curtains in blue cage or with floral patterns

worth noting that every shade in the interior plays an important psychological role. Design not only makes you get aesthetic pleasure, but also causes many subconscious emotions. In the blue, there is really something special, its magic. Scientists are sure that it calms the person best and adjusts it to a normal everyday mood.

The most versatile color for the curtain, it's blue. It looks noble, of course, does not get bored and does not bother, and even a kitchen in the colors of the sea proves to be an optimal place for eating.

Blue carpet or room, blue walls and furniture from the observations of experts is best combined with our psyche. Blue sofa, according to psychologists, much less annoying and annoying the resident of the apartment than white or red furniture. No wonder so many large companies are actively using only blue color in the design of their brands - VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Vindouz, the sea or the sky shade is best adjusts to the tranquility, privacy and home fashion.

Combinations in the interior: blue and blue curtains

Designers believe that ordinary blue curtains can lead a person out of a state of despondency and depression. This magical shade does not cause strong emotions, for example as red or pink, while blue acts in a relaxing way. Scientists claim that looking at the blue color of curtains is much more useful than on curtains, trimmed with gold or curtains in beige tones.

Textiles blue tones are successful combinations for any interior:

  1. blue, turquoise, violet, indigo. Very stylish look color combinations with the colors of the main tone. An excellent interior solution will be the choice of wallpaper in tone blue curtains.
  2. Gray, green, white. Related colors can not be better combined with blue. In this combination, the color will be more neutral in nature.
  3. Red, yellow, orange. Opposite to blue shades and colors create a combination with the main color, a good contrast, which is easy to find a successful application.

Even the most daring combinations with blue color look fresh and interesting Even the most daring combinations with blue flowers look fresh and interesting

Why exactly the color blue is perfect for background objects in the interior, such as the curtains?Blue is originally associated with a person with such things as water, ocean, sky. Note that these are objects that are practically or completely immobile and to which in a natural environment a person can look endlessly without nervous tension. Water and the sea psychologically relax a person, the same can be said about the sky - the most natural object that people associate with immobility and tranquility.

Also blue is associated in humans with the coolness, but the cold has the opposite psychological effect than fire and heat, he freezes, inhibits, slows down and eventually calms, in contrast to the fiery red, vzbudorazhivayuschego nervous system.

Soothing blue curtains for the bedroom: photo

In order to choose really elegant blue curtains for the interior of your bedroom, you should precisely determine what you are looking for. It is important to take into account, first of all, how the curtains will fit specifically into your interior and be combined with other shades in the room. Look at the photos of modern interiors on the Internet, these pictures will make it clear that the blue is very well combined with other cold tones, while it looks good and in contrast with the bed light shades.

Blue is associated with tranquility and silence - this is exactly what is needed in a room intended for relaxation Blue is associated with tranquility and silence - this is exactly what you need in a room designed for rest

Blue belongs to the cold soothing tones. The use of blue curtains in the bedroom will be appropriate in conjunction with warmer shades.

In general, designers are often advised to place the blue curtains in the interior of a bedroom, it is using a contrast tool, do not buy these curtains when already saturated colors premises, on the other hand, these curtains will be a good choice for a light interior, against which the blueCurtains well diversify the overall atmosphere.

Dark curtains are the best choice for a bedroom

If you are sure to dream of curtains of dark colors, then it is best to place such curtains in the bedroom. In the kitchen, dark curtains looks at least strange and does not contribute to improving the appetite before a meal, in the living room curtains dark tones look a bit gloomy, while in the bedroom they are considered an element of classic elegance.

In spacious bedrooms you can safely hang dark curtains, which instead of a gloomy shade provide an elegant and solemn look

Dark curtains do not necessarily create a mood of gloom, in order to harmoniously fit in the interior, you must at least makeDark color is not dominant. Best of all dark versions of curtains look in the rooms, decorated in bed colors.

How to choose blue curtains( video)

Well, summing up it can be noted that the color plays a huge role in the interior design of each room. Blue color - one of the most advantageous when it comes to such background elements as wallpaper or curtains. Blue is associated in man with the sea and the sky, objects of trust, calm and pacification. These are the shades that psychologically relieve the stress, relax and least press on the nervous system, unlike other aggressive colors. In order for the blue curtains to fit properly into the interior and look harmonious in it, you should think carefully about the combination of this shade with others in the room. It is best to look blue when contrasting with pastel shades and looks good when there are not too many. Dark curtains can be ideal for a bedroom, but if you do not want them to create a grim effect, it's important to take care of the predominance of bed colors in the bedroom. In this case, the dark curtains emphasize the elegant and solemn appearance of the room.

Design blue curtains( photo in the interior)