Short curtains in the kitchen photo: curtains in peas in Khrushchev, window design, small kitchen in the style of Provence

One of the most important elements of decorating the kitchen are the curtains Curtains Curtains are not just a curtain covering the window, it is a room decoration, which sets us up for positive thoughts and mood. It is on the curtains is a great responsibility for providing the room with natural light, its brightness, density and light temperature. Some curtains let in very little light, making the room pleasantly dark, other curtains intensify the brightness of the light due to the color scheme and lightness of the material, filling the room with juicy colors and colors. So what kind of curtains to choose in the kitchen?

    • Advantages of short curtains in the kitchen
    • Styles and photo curtains in the kitchen in a Khrushchevka
    • Colors of curtains in peas
    • Fabrics for short curtains on windows
    • Practical short curtains on the kitchen( video)
    • Design of short curtains in the kitchen( photo in the interior)

Advantages of short curtains in the kitchen

The kitchen is a room in which there are always a lot of different smells, materials, products. It is the kitchen that is one of the fastest polluted and often cleaned rooms in the apartment. Therefore, using long curtains in the kitchen is completely unreasonable and impractical.

Many prefer to decorate the windows in the kitchen with curtains, as it is practical and convenient Many prefer to decorate the windows in the kitchen with short curtains, as it is practical and convenient

In this regard, short curtains have a number of significant advantages:

  1. Easy access to windows - short curtains do not interfere with opening and closingVentilators and transoms for ventilation.
  2. Easy adjustment - long curtains can cling to the surfaces when they are moved or removed, short models do not.
  3. Lightweight care - short curtains do not touch the floor and work surfaces, so less soiled, if necessary, cleaning, these curtains are very easily removed and easily placed in the washing machine, which generally facilitates the care.
  4. Open access to the window sill as an additional work area.

Beautiful, lacy, coffee, inexpensive and well-matched curtains, which can be decorated and decorated with garters - it's also a beautiful element of the decor of the entire room, adding a room of elegance and elegance.

Styles and photos curtains in the kitchen in the Khrushchevka

The standard apartment-Khrushchev's are characterized by low ceilings and small rooms, which are most often located inconveniently. With a small area of ​​the room, short curtains in the kitchen are the best solution.

They will not occupy extra space, and successfully selected fabric and design can visually increase the space of the kitchen and fill it with light and air.

Short curtains in the kitchen in the Provencal style suggest the use of natural fabrics, simple cut and the predominance of muted pastel shades with a floral pattern. Kitchen curtains in this style are characterized by an abundance of ribbons, frills, ruches and bows. The most harmonious variants suitable for the interior of typical Khrushchev are the small curtains of the following styles:

  1. Provence is a muted and pastel shades, an abundance of floral ornaments and forged decor accessories.
  2. Retro is "worn" furniture, vintage accessories and proportionality.
  3. Minimalism - the simplicity of the forms of furniture, a large amount of free space and the lack of small accessories and decor elements.

When choosing curtains should take into account the interior of the kitchen When choosing curtains, you should take into account the interior of the kitchen area

Curtains in the Provencal style will give the kitchen a feeling of warmth, lightness, tenderness and simplicity. For curtains made in retro style, the most characteristic use of such decorating elements as fringe and lace. Retro curtains can be made from a variety of fabrics( linen, cotton, satin, jacquard, etc.), and have different decor.

For example:

  • plain fabrics;
  • contrasting shades;
  • geometric patterns( patterns, stripes, cage);
  • floral ornament.

The main condition of retro style - the entire interior of the room or apartment should be kept in the spirit of a certain time, this applies to curtains. Style minimalism speaks for itself - a minimum of lace, rhinestone, bows and fringe. Curtains in this style are selected from the highest quality fabrics( for example, greaseproof material), there are usually simple shades: the contrast of white and black or milk, coffee and ash, the predominance of a spectrum of gray shades. When choosing kitchen curtains in a minimalist style, guided by the principle, the simpler, the better.

Colors of curtains in peas

Polka-dot fabrics are popular in any period, at any time. Pea print brings to the overall decor of the room positive emotions and a feeling of vivacity, dynamism. For the kitchen interior, you can use a variety of color solutions.

Unusually decorate the interior of the kitchen can be with the help of curtains in peas Unusually decorate the kitchen interior with curtains in peas

For example:

  1. Monochrome shades and black and white peas are more common in modern minimalist styles and give the room austerity and restraint.
  2. Peas of various sizes of natural, natural colors( light green, blue) bring a feeling of freshness, airiness and purity to the room.
  3. A colorful print of bright, juicy colors creates a festive, sunny environment, giving positive emotions.

In addition to the pea print, the curtains with a floral pattern or floral ornament, as well as geometric patterns( strips and cage) look very harmonious in the kitchen. It is important to remember that the print of the curtains and the color scheme depends not only on the interior of the entire room, but also on its dimensions. For small rooms like a kitchen, curtains with large peas or bulky flowers will not do, as this will visually reduce an already small room.

Fabrics for short curtains on windows

If you decide to sew blinds yourself, then special attention should be paid to the choice of material. Curtains should be designed in the style of the entire interior. The kitchen needs lightweight, breathable fabrics that do not absorb odors and are easily cleaned.

These fabrics include:

  • Cotton;
  • Organza;
  • Chintz;
  • Flax;
  • Silk, etc.

For short curtains on the windows, both cotton and organza For short curtains on windows, both cotton and organza

are excellent. In addition to fabric, colors and prints, you need to decide on the shape of the curtains. It can be Roman curtains, curtains, Japanese panels, such as "cafe", roll or even blinds. Roman blinds, one of the most optimal options for the kitchen. The design of Roman curtains is a wide cloth, gathering in soft folds when lifting. Such curtains can be freely adjusted, choosing the desired length - a fully curtained or opened window, half hidden, etc. In addition, Roman curtains perfectly fit, both to the Provencal style, and to minimalism.

Japanese panels are narrow fabric panels that resemble small screens.

Typically, these panels are long, but with certain efforts, you can find short ones, especially for the kitchen. As the material of such curtains, flax and cotton are used, and the color scale can be the most diverse. Curtains such as "cafe" perfectly fit the kitchen in the style of Provence. Curtains-cafes are made of a simple and light material, mainly cotton or linen, with floral ornament.

The blinds are also an excellent solution for the kitchen interior. Both horizontal and vertical blinds are perfectly adjustable, allowing you to control room lighting. In addition to fabric materials, blinds can be made of plastic or bamboo, which greatly increases their practicality, especially in the kitchen. It is easy to care for such curtains, they do not need special washing, just wipe with a damp cloth and detergent.

Roller blinds, like blinds, are easy to clean, and also have a water-repellent and dirt-repellent fabric. Curtains of this type are best used on large and wide windows, but some models are suitable for small window openings. Another advantage of roller curtains is the possibility of modernization - most often, they are made of a single-colored material, which you can apply to any drawing you like.

Practical short curtains in the kitchen( video)

Curtains in the kitchen are a necessary element of decor, which influences the overall atmosphere of the room. Short curtains, this is the optimal solution for the kitchen - compact, not absorbing air and easy to clean. When choosing the fabric, color, style of kitchen curtains, it is very important to base on the style decision of the whole room or apartment.

Design short curtains in the kitchen( photo in the interior)