Beautiful curtains in the hall without lambriken photo: modern in the living room, how to sew itself on two windows, simple design

Curtains in the hall without lambriken look good in any interior, regardless of its style Curtains in the hall without lambriken look good in any interior, regardless of its style The living room is the main place in the house. Here they gather with the whole family, meet the guests and devote time to themselves. It is the living room that tries to decorate so that it is cozy, comfortable and at the same time practical. Improperly selected curtains can spoil the entire interior. To make the curtains look beautiful, they do not need to be richly decorated. Beautiful curtains in a room without a lambriken will look perfect in a small size living room.

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    • Tips for choosing curtains for a room without lambrequins
    • Beautiful curtains for a living room without lambriken: photo
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Types of curtains without lambrequin: photo

Many do not see the special beauty in lambrequins. The process of choosing a model for curtains can be called creative. It is important not to hurry, draw preliminary sketches and imagine how this or that model will look in a concrete interior. Style for curtains is better to start to pick up even at the initial stage of repair work.

When choosing curtains without lambricks, it is worth considering the dimensions of the window and the room itself.

Curtains must be in harmony with the overall style in the interior - otherwise the room will look tasteless.

There are a lot of kinds of curtains, but not all of them will look beautiful and high-grade without lambrequin. Fabric for curtains should be chosen depending on the model, the dimensions of the window opening, the dimensions of the room and the level of illumination in it. With the help of properly selected curtains, you can visually change the shape and size of the room.

Types of curtains:

  1. Classical. Usually are long drapes. The color of the curtains is usually bright. Many choose a fabric richly decorated with drawings. Long curtains visually increase the height of the ceiling, and also hide the defects of the window, if any.
  2. English. This is a combination of a flat top and a trimmed bottom edge. These curtains should be beautifully draped. Most curtains are suitable for decorating interiors in a classic style.
  3. French. The model consists of symmetrical folds distributed over the entire length of the curtain fabric.
  4. Roman. Represents a solid piece of fabric that is fixed on hard bars. Sliding and closing such curtains with a special cord.
  5. Rolling. Consist of a single piece of fabric folding off a roll.

Window decoration is important to choose a general style in the interior, considering the finish of walls, floor and ceiling, the style of furniture and decor elements. It is worth noting that curtains with lambrequin are suitable for decorating windows in rooms with a large area. If the size of the room is small, then using lambrequins visually will further reduce them.

Tips for choosing curtains for a room without lambrequins

When designing the living room, it is important to think about even the smallest details. It is important that the living room is decorated in the same style. In one room can not get along the elements of minimalist style and luxurious and ornate baroque.

When choosing a color scheme, you need to be very careful, as curtains should look appropriate. Do not overplay with contrasts.

Curtains with a pattern fit well with a white tulle Curtains with a pattern fit well with a white tulle

When choosing a fabric for curtains, you should pay attention to upholstery upholstery. If it is presented in a monochrome color, then curtains with unusual prints will look too bright. Furniture made in monophonic color, beautifully complemented with monotonous canvases with a small pattern.

Tips for choosing fabrics for curtains without lambrequin:

  • If the living room is not distinguished by high ceilings, you can choose a cloth decorated with horizontal stripes for sewing curtains.
  • Low ceilings will not allow the use of lambrequin. Therefore it is better to sew simple curtains without a lot of draperies.
  • For curtains in the living room with bright lighting, you can choose cool colors. Good will look gray, blue, turquoise and metallic shades.
  • If the room is poorly lit, it's better to choose curtains of bright colors. Bright colors will make the interior rich and cozy.

If curtains without lambrequin are hung in the room, it is important to choose the right fabric texture. Curtains should look luxuriously on their own, if they are not decorated with additional elements. For sewing curtains suitable natural or synthetic fabric of high quality.

Beautiful curtains for a living room without a lambrequin: photo

Lambrequin is not the only possible option for decorating curtains. If for some reason lambrequin had to be abandoned, you can decorate the curtains in other, equally spectacular ways. To decorate the curtains use accessories of different types. Its choice depends on the overall concept of window decoration.

When choosing accessories it is important to remember that it can be constructive and decorative.

For large halls dark curtains perfectly suit: black, gray, brown For large halls dark curtains are excellent: black, gray, brown

Constructional accessories are used for sewing curtains. It is represented by various practical elements: hooks, picks, drapery bands. Constructive hardware allows you to beautifully fix the fabric, create elegant and elegant folds. Decorative accessories are represented by all kinds of beads, pompoms, brushes, fringes, etc.

Various ways of attaching curtains:

  1. Straps. Curtains are attached directly to the cornice with bows and knots. Ties better secure light and air types of tissues.
  2. Loops. It does not need to be constantly bandaged, which is very convenient. A loop can be attached to curtains or fastened to a Velcro tape.
  3. Eyelets. Fastening on the eyelets is very convenient. Eyelets - holes that are located at the top of the canvas. With their help you can easily create beautiful folds on dense and heavy types of fabric. A round eyelet is the most common mounting option.
  4. Rings. Usually they use straight curtains. Then they put the rings on the cornice.
  5. Braid. It is placed in the upper part of the canvas. With the help of braids, you can very beautifully drape the fabric. Very beautifully it looks light and airy fabrics.

Modern fabrics and ways of their fastening allow creating a unique design for curtains, suitable for a particular interior. Simple curtains can be beautifully decorated even in the absence of a lambrequin. The shapes of curtains can be varied: their choice largely depends on the type of fabric.

How to sew curtains in the hall: tips

Designers believe that curtains - this is a powerful tool for decorating the room. Curtains create a favorable atmosphere, with their help you can visually change the size of the room and its shape. To design a window opening curtain design plays an important role.

Having decided on an independent tailoring of curtains, it is necessary to determine the type of fabric, its texture and color and model of curtains.

Fabric for sewing curtains sold on the Internet or a store for needlework Fabric for sewing curtains sold on the Internet or in the store for needlework

You can start sewing only after careful preparation of the fabric, creating sketches and creating patterns. The type of fabric should be chosen, paying attention to the shape of the living room, the level of its illumination and the general style in the interior. If the room is small, then the fabric for curtains should be chosen light and transparent.

Tips for sewing curtains:

  • If sewing double curtains, you need to take care that the fabric was prepared with a margin. When cutting a fabric with a pattern, you should pay attention to its connection.
  • At the initial stage of sewing the fabric should be wetted, let it dry and iron.

Curtains are very easy to sew. It is necessary to prepare two canvases, sew their sides, then bottom and top. Curtains are sewn on the top of the curtain. Pictures of patterns and finished curtains can be found on the Internet.

How to hang beautiful curtains in a room without lambriken( video)

Curtains without a lambrequin look beautiful if for their sewing all materials are selected correctly. Lambrequins are excellent decorative elements that are used to decorate curtains in large rooms with high ceilings. If the room does not differ in size, and the ceilings are located low - curtains without lambrequin will be an excellent decoration of the window opening.

Design beautiful curtains in the room without pelmet( photo in the interior)