Window decoration with curtains photo: interior options for the room, how to make a narrow window without curtains, beautiful curtains

Window decor curtains directly depends on the style of the room, the size of the window and its location Window decor curtains directly depends on the style of the room, the size of the window and its location Interior design apartments - this is a very interesting and responsible occupation. To your home pleased you with its beauty, it should harmoniously combine all the elements. One of the most important parts of filling rooms is the curtain. It depends on it how harmoniously I will combine all the colors used in the interior. How to choose the right curtains for your home - read on.

    • Why do we need curtains in the room: photo and description
    • Options for curtains for window decoration: photos in the interior
    • How to decorate the windows in different rooms
    • Change the size of the space with the design of curtains
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    • Design and decoration of windows with curtains( photo in interior)

Why do you need curtains in the room: photo and description

You are no longerAz heard that curtains play an important role in the design of the apartment. From their design, very much depends, because after changing some of the curtains to others, you can radically change the interior of the room.

Sometimes the successful design of the curtains of windows completely transforms the room

Curtains carry a lot of functions, so, despite the fact that this season designers want to do without curtains, window canvases are still very popular.

Curtain functions in the interior:

  1. The curtain restricts the entry of sunlight into the house. Thus, it reduces the heating of the room on hot summer days, and also prevents the burning of objects that are afraid of ultraviolet radiation.
  2. Curtains help to maintain confidentiality by protecting the contents of your apartment from the views of tenants of neighboring houses.
  3. Also curtains contribute to the improvement of sound insulation inside the apartment.
  4. Thick curtains reduce heat loss.
  5. Correctly selected curtains make the interior of the room more harmonious, giving it a complete appearance.

Window design with curtains - this is not such a simple task as it might seem at first glance. Ordinary people often make mistakes in choosing suitable options, spoiling the impression of the design of the room. To properly decorate the room with curtains, you need to have good taste and basic knowledge in interior design.

Options for curtains for decoration of windows: photos in the interior

At the moment there are a huge number of types of curtains, which you can draw a window of your house. All of them are very different in appearance and device. Let's look at the most popular ones.

Stylishly selected curtains will make the room cozier and brighter Stylishly selected curtains will make the room cozier and brighter

Curtain options for decorating the window opening:

  1. Roller blinds are very popular due to the lifting mechanism located above the window frame. If you want to run more light into the room, you just need to press a special button, and the cloth curls into a neat roll.
  2. Roman blinds are very similar in their design to roll curtains, but when they are raised, they do not roll down, but rise evenly in creases.
  3. Blinds - more office version of the curtains. However, it is often used to decorate kitchens. Such webs consist of lamellas, which can be brought to another position by turning the lifting mechanism.
  4. Curtains are long curtains made of light translucent fabrics. They are suitable for both small and large windows. Such curtains give the interior airiness and lightness.
  5. French curtains have vertical ropes in their construction, pulling them, you get beautiful horizontal folds.
  6. Austrian curtains have two guiding strips on the sides. They rise upward, forming beautiful voluminous folds.
  7. In Italian curtains, the ropes are arranged diagonally. Such curtains consist of two parts. The space between them can be decorated with tulle.
  8. Classic curtains are two rectangular canvases which, thanks to the curtain tape, hang down with even vertical warehouses.
  9. One of the most unusual options - a thread blind. Such a product consists of a number of thin, freely hanging threads.

This is not all possible options for curtains. However, often the salon has only such types of curtains. To decorate your apartment with more unusual products, you have to pre-order them.

How to make windows in different rooms

Even if your house is decorated in the same style of interior, you will not be able to hang identical curtains in all rooms. Each room has its own requirements for the color, shape and texture of the curtains.

Correct and beautiful design of windows will transform a large or small room and make it unique The correct and beautiful design of windows will transform a large or small room and make it unique

Good examples of decorating an apartment with curtains, you will find in our photo galleries. In it, we tried to collect the best and original versions.

Kitchen curtains are the hardest to choose. After all, textiles in this part of the house must have special qualities. First of all, it should be easy to clean. Also, the windows in the kitchen usually have small dimensions, and their decoration is hampered by this factor. For the kitchen is best suited roll and Greek curtains. Also you can use short cafes or Austrian curtains.

The children's room requires bright curtains made of natural materials. It is better if on canvases a picture is printed, which is exactly like your child.

The beautiful design of the living room curtains has no limitations. The main thing is that the curtain should be combined in size and color with the rest of the interior.

In the bedroom, calm tone should prevail. Therefore, the color of curtains for the design of such premises should not be bright.

Change the dimensions of the space with the design of curtains

With the help of curtains, you can visually adjust the shape of the window or room. This quality is especially important for the windows of a private house, because the tenants of such constructions often suffer from the wrong shape of the rooms.

Using curtains, you can dramatically change the appearance of the room

Adjust the shape of the window with curtains:

  1. The narrow window can be expanded by installing a curtain 15-20 cm wider than the opening. Curtains at the same time need to be moved to the edges of the eaves. Thus, it will seem that behind the closed space is not a piece of the wall, but a full window.
  2. If for any reason you want to reduce the size of the window, then the ideal option for you is to decorate the window opening with thick curtains with massive lambrequins.
  3. To visually lift the window, you need to retreat from the top of the ceiling 10 cm and attach a cornice to this level. The closed curtain wall will seem to be part of the window.

If you have a window in the center of the second floor, then it is not necessary to draw it with curtains. Such designs and without additional decor look original and stylish. For stained glass windows, curtains can also not be used.

Interesting options for curtains on the windows in the interior

Decorating the windows in the interior is a creative process and to get rid of this case as quickly as possible, it is necessary to review successful examples of decorated interiors.

Beautifully decorated window is a component of a cozy and beautiful interior Beautifully cleaned window is a component of a cozy and beautiful interior

This example can be called a curtain in a small flower, which decorate the interior in the style of Provence. Curtains with a small geometric pattern are suitable for modern interiors in the style of high-tech or modern.

Threaded curtains can be used in both classical and modern interiors. You just need to choose the right frame for such a canvas. It can be tulle or a thick curtain.

Solid solid curtains are ideal for classical interiors. Curtains with a fine floral print will also look good in such premises.

Stylish decoration of windows with curtains( video)

Curtains in the interior occupy a very important place. They are an element that unites all parts into one. Use your imagination and our advice, and your interior will be stylish and unusual!

Design and decoration of windows curtains( photo in the interior)