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Choosing fashionable curtains to decorate your apartment, you should consider the fashion trends of the season Choosing fashionable curtains to decorate your apartment, you should consider the fashion trends of the season most fashionable interior elements - the ones that perfectly fit into the interior, taking into account the demands of the time. It can not be said that, for example, this season's fashion exclusive curtains of calico, and preferably, the color of fuchsia. Of course, to this fashion and style, such narrow definitions do not have a relationship. As smooth as that, expensive curtains or, let's say, budgetary. Now the choice is huge, neutral and more than original fabrics, a new collection or catalog with design options. And sometimes it is enough to look into the inexpensive salon, which regularly updates the product, and find the curtains of dreams.

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The aesthetics of Modernism: stylish curtains

If you still have not decided on the style of your home, it's time to do it. Mark the obvious features that can be accentuated and multiplied. View the gallery of styles - in which style would you be more comfortable to be every day?To make everything as on a photo, it is rarely possible, but you can always depict the appearance, even with a modest budget.

In the Art Nouveau style you can often find curtains with various patterns and patterns Art Nouveau quite often you can find curtains with different patterns and drawings

One such popular styles - modern. You can say that this is a relatively young style. He is no more than a century old, and this is a relatively young age. This style has become famous all over the world by refusing from right angles, lines, geometricity in favor of smoothness, naturalness, natural shades. The style is characterized by a complex composition, decor even in small details, imitation of nature, chic and a natural color palette.

Yes, modern is an elite style, but it is not necessary to follow the luxury design to bring the main features of style to your home. And very much you can designate due to the same curtains. In modern, they are multi-layered, the combination of fabrics, a combination of shades even in semitones, expressed asymmetry is welcomed. The fabric should create a sense of dynamics, rhythm, movement, as if the waves are waving.

Scandinavian curtains in a modern interior: photo

Speaking of fashion, we can not fail to mention the Scandinavian style. It is unique in that it reconciled, as they say, yours and ours. Based on natural, natural, simple, clear lines and ideas, it does not slip into primitivism, but becomes an example of good taste, accurate, time-honored decisions. The same minimalism, only more elegant. In this interior partners and curtains, and wallpaper, and light sources, and textiles.

For the Scandinavian style direction, the use of natural light colors For Scandinavian style directions tend to use natural light colors

curtains in a Scandinavian style:

  • Natural;
  • Restrained;
  • Elegant.

The main task of such curtains is to give way to light. If they are too bright, then all attention to them, and the natural light with obstacles will penetrate into the room. Usually these are straight, light, translucent curtains, light and airy. These are good for the hall, for the bedroom, for the kitchen, and for the nursery.

Non-natural fabrics are not used. This is contrary to the style. Usually, flax, cotton, muslin, and satin are actively used. All this contributes to the free access of sunlight, so that in the room there was scattered, warm and soft lighting.

Vintage curtains made of velvet and velor

Curtains made of such materials are usually used in the living room. Stress such a curtain furniture in the style of rococo or baroque. In this case, the upholstery of furniture can be plush or leather. It is assumed that this is an elite design for really spacious living rooms.

Velvet curtains are able to transform and emphasize the prestige of the design of the classical style Velvet curtains can transform and emphasize the prestige design classic style

Natural velvet - this is too expensive material, usually take cheaper analogs, which can perfectly cope with their task. Demand such curtains and serious care. Just so you can not wash them and dry them. Washing is possible only by hand. Spin velvet can not stand. You can simply wrap it in a cloth, hold it slightly until it absorbs water. Then the terry cloth is replaced with a dry cloth and the procedure is repeated.

Modern luxury curtains: photo

Such curtains distinguish strict conformity to style, they should be organically combined with interior elements, be it a chandelier or even a decorative flower. Elegant in these curtains everything, from the very fabric to pick up and the slightest elements.

To pick up elite curtains for a drawing room or a bedroom a problem certainly difficult, but very interesting Finding elite curtains for living room or bedroom is of course a challenging but very interesting task

What elements distinguish the elite curtains:

  • Lambruck is a decorative element, the top "piece" above the curtain;
  • Pick-ups - a tape or cord that is designed to collect and retain curtains during the day;
  • Cords with brushes - this can be separate items or the same pick-ups.

And it is worth explaining that curtains are usually called everything, and curtains, and drapes. The curtain is a light translucent or transparent curtain, the same tulle. A drape is a more dense fabric, usually consisting of two parts, with curtains on top. Both those and others can be fixed on the cornice on hooks, clamps, rings, eyelets, etc.

New items of the year: curtains in the style of Provence

It only seems that Provence is simplicity, yesterday and an ode to rural life. This is one of the most "delicious styles", where the eye pleases neither fabrics like taffeta and brocade, nor any heaped luminous elements, but beautiful, natural, ideal in its naturalness. That is, the cut of such curtains should be simple, and the fabric - only natural.

The creation of an atmosphere of provincial simplicity and freshness of the early morning is facilitated by curtains in the style of "Provence" To create an atmosphere of provincial simplicity and freshness of the early morning, curtains in the style of "Provence" are promoted. »

Also curtains in the style of Provence:

  • These are natural shades from lavender to sand;
  • Floral and floral prints are a priority;
  • The basis of textile compositions is lavender, poppies, roses, small field flowers.

And still quite applicable print from a shallow vertical strip or shallow cell, preferably blue or red. The furnishings in the room should be bright and sunny, like the landscapes of Provence, and the curtains should help. Like other textiles in the room.

Modern fashionable curtains( video)

Focus on style and its requirements, on the naturalness of fabrics, on the organic color and print with furnishings and unobtrusive design. Yet the curtains you will see every day, and it is bad if they "zamylat" eyes.

Great choice!

Curtain Design for living: new items( pictures in the interior)