Curtains in the marine style: children's design, photos and pictures, Roman curtains, fabric themes, sails and decoration

Sea style is good for any room design Nautical style is well suited for design of any room Nautical style design - is the ease of mind, beauty and harmony. To issue in the marine theme you can have a room both in a private house and apartment. Often this style is chosen for the design of bedrooms, children's, kitchens and even cabinets. One of the significant details that can create the right mood in the interior and emphasize the chosen direction are the curtains.

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How to choose curtains

maritime style The choice of curtains in the maritime theme depends primarily on what room you decide to register. So, if you decorate a married bedroom, then for the decoration of the window you can pick up a light, blue tulle, heavy curtains with the patterns characteristic of the sea-style. In the kitchen you can hang Roman curtains in a classic blue-striped style. For the office to choose curtains with drawings of ship details.

    • Do not choose curtains with lots of thematic decorative elements, Sea stars, ships, etc.);
    • Do not focus on blue, blue and white colors: accents of red and yellow shades will dilute the cool interior;
    • To select the color and fabric curtains rest of textiles in the room( eg, linen curtains are beautifully in harmony with linen covers on the sofa and pillows);
    • Do not choose curtains with classic lambrequins: they can add to the design of some pomposity, unusual to the sea style.

    In addition, curtains need to be selected in accordance with the width of the window openings. For narrow apertures you can choose Roman curtains, and for wide and high - heavy curtains, completely covering the window.

    Roman blinds in a nautical style

    Roman blinds - it's a great solution for those who have decided to issue a maritime-style kitchen or narrow openings living rooms. Their main distinguishing feature is a small width( on average - 20-40 cm), and horizontal even, wooden harnesses attached to the canvas from the inside.

    Curtains in the interior of the bedroom must match the intended style Curtains in the interior of the bedroom must correspond to the conceived style

    Roman blinds are regulated by a special cord mechanism that allows you to open and close the curtain, leave it in a semi-open state.

    In the bedrooms, such curtains can be used as a dense curtain, protecting against the morning sun. But the designers do not recommend using only Roman curtains in the bedrooms. In order to make the room softer and airy, you can decorate the Roman blinds with a light, transparent, straight curtain of tulle.

    When choosing Roman curtains, you should pay attention to their type: curtains can be classic and cascading.

    Elements of classic curtains, when closed, overlap. This option looks neat and suitable for use in the office, kitchen, corridor and hallway. In a closed and semi-open state cascading Roman curtains form attractive folds. They allow you to beat the curtains in a marine style, creating the illusion of a wind-blown sail. Such models are best suited for use in living rooms( especially bedrooms).

    Curtains in nursery in marine style: choice of fabric

    Sea theme is incredibly popular, and is suitable for decorating bedrooms and boys and girls. To create a marine interior in a children's room, it is better to choose linens from natural materials( for example, cotton).Excellent for window decorations whitened linen, which is often used in marine interiors to simulate canvas. As for the colors, it can be as classic blue, blue and white, and the same colors in combination with turquoise, beige, sand.

    The combination of white, blue and blue colors will emphasize the marine design in the interior of the room The combination of white, blue and blue colors will emphasize the marine design in the interior of the room

    When choosing a fabric, one should take into account that:

    • The curtains from cotton, linen, satin look the most elegant;
    • Organza in the interior is used only as an addition to the main curtains;
    • Velvet and corduroy are used in sea styles in order to make the room softer and cozier, but they must be diluted with a lighter organza;
    • When creating straight monophonic curtains, you can use a grid with attached sisal, shells, starfish.

    In the children's room of the girl is better to choose multi-layer, colored curtains from tulle with a picture of beautiful fish, sea stars, patterns, stylized for algae.

    Design of a child in a marine style

    Before you begin to decorate a room in the marine theme, you should determine the direction of the style. After all, the direction determines the color scale and the presence of decorative elements in the room.

    Children Children's bedroom for a boy in a marine style - a wonderful solution

    So, the marine style is divided into two main sub-layers:

    • Nautical;
    • Cottage by the sea.

    The first direction is a classic naval style, in which navigational objects, decorative elements and accessories made of natural wood are actively used. The classic for underlaying is the combination of white with blue, blue and red. Classical drawings include images of steering wheels, sailboats, nautical charts, anchors, lifebuoys, simplified drawings of marine inhabitants. This direction is most suitable for a boy's bedroom. For preschoolers, you can choose the design in pirate style.

    Nautical is a marine style direction that was born from the design of rooms on yachts and cruise liners.

    For a room, girls are often chosen to design in Cottage by the sea. It is this lining that is associated with tenderness, lightness and harmony. It is characterized by pastel colors, a minimum of details. As decorative elements, sea bottles with messages, cushions in the form of sea stars, wardrobes made of whitewashed wood, lace napkins, drawings or paintings with ships can make tutu. For the decoration of windows, one should choose light fabrics of warm, pastel colors. As shading, you can choose Roman blinds.

    Children's curtains in marine style( video)

    Popular today, the sea style is suitable for decoration of both residential and non-residential rooms. You can use the sea theme to decorate both the rooms and the boy, and the girls. The main thing is to take into account the peculiarities of the style direction, and advice on choosing decorative elements of professionals. And then you can create a cozy and harmonious interior with your own hands!

    Design Baby in a nautical style( interior photo)