Curtain design for the living room into two windows: simple examples

curtain design for the living room (photo 36): the creation and selection


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  • 1 What you need to know about curtains for the living room
  • 2 How to choose curtains for the living room
    • 2.1 Basic principles
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To create a design curtains for the living room, it is necessary to take into account the specifics of the room, its size and style. Let's talk about what the curtains into the room to choose and how to create a masterpiece with his own hands.

What you need to know about curtains for the living room

curtains for living room designFor her role in the home or living room has a certain demonstrative character.

This furnish and decorate the room, based on the arrival of the guests, including the unexpected, which can estimate small design masterpiece hostess, so the question of how to make repairs in the room with his hands - a very important.

curtain design for the living room at the same time performs quite challenging task.

Conventional curtain configuration for the hall consists of a horizontal strip which decorates fastening bar or covers it. From her go down the vertical web.

Often thick curtains on the windows are complemented in the living room also tulle. Tulle can be almost any color - white or color, monochrome or with a small figure.

Traditionally, the design of curtains in the living room are designed in two variants - day and evening. Each of them at the same time must have a finished composition. Thus, the basis of the day the option shall be parted cloth curtains with tulle at the center of the whole area of ​​the window.

The drawn curtains are nocturnal option window decoration. Pelmet usually remains stationary at any time of the day.

Variants Trailing vertical curtain webs (without pelmets) set. Among them catch on the cords and tapes with bows, tassels and rosettes. Design suspension in tissue hinged relevant today than ever before.

How to choose curtains for the living room

curtains in the living room design

Creating interior room with the design of curtains

Basic principles

Choosing stylish accessories for windows, you need to be aware of some rules, so to speak, of good taste.

  1. The combination of different materials in a single curtain is important to observe the color and textural balance. Active in texture or intricate patterns may be only one of the tissues. All the others - single-color, it is desirable to match the background or base color.
  2. Great looks and design of curtains on the two windows, which used a combination of contrasting fabrics. In this case, the main fabric, as well as all her companions have very radically different from each other in tone density. If the main matter - bright accompanying inserts should be muted, pastel colors.
  3. curtain design for the living room provides a lot of variations. Lower the cloth can be very long or shorter, down to the level of the sill, be flat, arched, oval or shaped cutouts. Festoons may be cut and a lower edge pelmet, but in this case the element must be very rigidly fixed and the cloth is cut out from the forward without draping.
  4. In some cases, the cloth picked up by vertical loops sewn from the same material, or ribbon woven cord with brushes. By the way, today the cords in great vogue among interior designers with the direct repair of the room. They have become larger, multi-colored, they can be decorated with all sorts of bells. They are in some cases not only decorate grabs, but pelmets.
  5. curtain design for the living room can not be limited only to the window. With curtains or curtains in the living room on the color, texture and style must be related and other textile components which are located in the interior of the room - it's upholstery and tablecloths, and carpets. To give the interior a living unity of style, curtain fabrics can be repeated in the tablecloth on the table, or, for example, the paste over its part of the wall.
  6. Depending on the particular style of the room curtain design for the living room can be created from any material: satin, silk, linen, synthetic, cotton goods. If the largest room in the house is furnished with exquisite furnishings in the Empire style or any of its modern interpretations, draperies should be very light, and the color - tone, such as cherry, bluish silver, silvery-green with cream, pale yellow. Themselves cloth thus should be rather narrow and straight, a little before reaching the floor.

Note! Draped satin gobelin design curtains for the living room is appropriate only in the style of retro-style ensembles. Luxury curtains do not fit for a classic room or for a country or for any ethnic areas.

design curtains on the two windows

Luxury curtains for the room

When style matters

In some cases, curtains design in the form of heavy satin curtains will be quite out of place. Instead, you can create a delicate flying composition of tulle or create neat folds to decorate the windows of light organza. Japanese curtains, consisting of two webs that are going up a beautiful accordion and fixed in a baguette area will also be relevant in a classical setting, or in the romantic style.

The ethnic style, as well as in all kinds of eco-friendly styles perfectly fit curtains made from natural materials. For example, from natural bamboo curtain, vaguely reminiscent of office blinds are perfect to emphasize the relationship of the interior with wildlife.

curtains in the living room design

design hall

Sew any model curtains, and create your own design is very simple. The main thing - to believe in yourself, have the imagination and know elementary sewing technology products.

If you are not ready to create a design with their own hands, refer to professional designers. You can choose one of the models of curtains, drapes or curtains in the catalog or consult with a designer.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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