Curtains in the kitchen: a photo of curtains, beautiful kitchen design, window decoration with curtains, drawings in a cage in the interior

Thanks to curtains, it is possible to improve the aesthetic and performance characteristics of any kitchen Thanks to the curtains, it is possible to improve the aesthetic and performance characteristics of any kitchen. For a long time the kitchen has ceased to be associated only with everyday life, boiling pots and mountains of dishes that have to be washed. Today's opportunities, with which, it's not about finance, they let themselves build a cozy corner in the house. In such a kitchen you want not only to cook and eat, there you want to sit behind an interesting book with a cup of steaming tea, chat with your housewives, do needlework, etc. Now everything is possible, but you still have to try to create such a cosiness.

    • Principles of selecting curtains for the kitchen
    • Classic kitchen curtains
    • Choosing the fabric for curtains for the kitchen
    • Provence and country curtains in the kitchen in the interior: photo
    • Modern design of curtains in the kitchen: photo
    • Smart window design in the kitchen with a balcony
    • Scandinavian design of curtains in the kitchen
    • Modern design of small kitchen windows
    • Curtains beautiful and light: cages
    • Curtains for the kitchen( video)
    • Design pcsp to the kitchen( photo in the interior)

Solutions can be found on the Internet. Pictures, photo gallery, catalog of kitchens, where not only models and samples of suites, but also ideas for decorating, kitchen decor, including - and window opening. The kitchen needs appropriate curtains.

Principles of selecting curtains for the kitchen

The options can be very different. Do not take as a basis ideas that you have already "passed."Do not be afraid of bold decisions, unexpected, you will always have time to choose a boring option. Even classic curtains can surprise you, and transform the interior if the choice is in their favor.

Choose the curtains in the kitchen follows, based on her style and personal preferences of the hosts The choice of curtains in the kitchen follows from its style and personal preferences of the owners

Principles of selecting curtains for the kitchen:

  • The area of ​​the room is taken into account. If the room is small, then there will be enough curtains with a simple design, unusual and bright curtains will help not only to decorate the kitchen, but visually reduce an already small room. Long drapes of dense matter also do not fit.
  • The color scheme should be in harmony with the color of the kitchen. Do not merge with it, namely to harmonize. Rarely bright, interesting kitchen curtains serve as a color spot, an accent, in the kitchen it's more difficult. If only the window requires attention, such a curtain is appropriate.
  • Materials should be pleasant to touch. Not only the shapes and colors are important, but also the tactile sensations that the curtains give. So, someone like curtains from guipure, someone asymmetric lace on the cornice-stick. At what, it is better, if these sensations appear already even from a sight at curtains.
  • Choose such types of curtains, which are resistant to burnout, do not fear frequent cleaning and washing. More often short curtains are chosen for the kitchen, but if you want to make curtains on the floor, light materials are preferable.

Do not skimp on attention to detail. The most pleasant compliments are often taken away: small exclusive elements that give the window decoration an individuality. To look( or peep) ready examples it is possible on the Internet.

Classic kitchen curtains

If you do not plan a big change in the kitchen, then always in the priority of the classic. Usually in this case we mean straight, long cloths fixed on the cornice on hooks, stickers, eyelets, hinges, ties, etc. Most often these are two canvases. But very long variants, as already mentioned above, can not be called successful. Such curtains are not practical.

Classic kitchen curtains are often made of fabric neutral color Classic kitchen curtains are often made of neutral fabric

It is considered the best option if the kitchen curtains do not reach the floor of 10 cm. Such window models can not only be bought, but also ordered by sewing in the atelier or evenSew yourself. A sample can also be found on the Internet, and if your sketches are simple - even a novice seamstress will cope with the task. In addition, to hang on the window curtains made with their own hands, especially nice.

Fabric selection for curtains for the kitchen

So, the texture of the kitchen curtains should be pleasant, the color persistent, and the care is as simple as possible. Yet for kitchens, the evaporation of fats, which seriously pollute the curtains, is characteristic. Well, if you often wash, then with a poor-quality fabric curtains will quickly come into disrepair. Therefore, first of all, you need to look at this.

Beautiful and practical fabrics for kitchen curtains:

  • Cotton or linen with high-quality synthetics;
  • Viscose;
  • Polyester.

Before choosing a fabric for curtains, one should study the advice of specialists Before choosing a fabric for curtains, one should study the advice of

specialists. And then everything depends on what effect you expect from curtains. If the side is not sunny, and you do not want to stop the rays from getting into space, the tissues should be light, airy, translucent. Sometimes it can be just tulle. If you expect that the textiles will be accentuated, bright, dense fabrics, colored, perhaps with a catchy pattern, are chosen.

Curtains can perfectly design the color accents in the interior. Sometimes green curtains counterbalance the colors of the kitchen set and the background of the walls, fashionable nowadays fabrics with flowers make the kitchen dynamic. Especially popular are varieties with poppies or tulips.

Provence and country shades in the kitchen in the interior: photo

Country and Provence - chic styles for the kitchen, in particular - kitchen-dining room. This is not the case when the charm is achieved due to the fact that the elite design accessory is purchased. Here the questions are exclusively to taste and the ability to choose a harmonious image.

Very new fashion curtains in the country style - it's curtains with small patterns on some specific topic. It can be a geometric ornament, a floral print, and a marine style. You can beat everything that you like and that is close to you. The curtains in the strip and the curtains in the cage are stylish, despite the changing fashion.

Thanks to country-curtains you can give the kitchen a comfort and coziness Thanks to country-curtains, you can give the kitchen comfort and coziness

The color scheme of these styles assumes the use of easy-to-perceive natural natural tones. Super-bright colors in such an interior will be disharmonized. Correctly choose the color and pattern - it means to set the mood, designate the style, create one pleasant atmosphere.

Modern design of curtains in the kitchen: photo

Modern style directions are often combined styles, sometimes exaggerated styles. But there are those options that can show that the time of simplified and technical passes, today again gravitate toward the elegant and beautiful, subtle. So, at least, modernity can be perceived.

For the modern:

  • Brisk textile accents;
  • Original ideas in the design of windows;
  • Colorful curtains that do not contradict the environment.

For the style of minimalism postulates are inverse - simple, discreet, and perfect designs are chosen. Superfluous elements do not require such decoration. That is, curtains on the strings, no matter how simple those were, it is already an excessive decor in minimalism. It concerns, of course, both finishes and furniture.

Curtains for the kitchen in high-tech style are as laconic as possible. It can be blinds, roll structures, and simple Japanese curtains. Or photoshorts with a simple drawing that look like a panel.

Competent window decoration in the kitchen with balcony

Such circumstances complicate the choice of curtains a little. It is necessary to cope immediately with two tasks: hang presentable curtains, while not blocking the entrance to the balcony. Or rather, a convenient entrance to the balcony. Sometimes the owners of such kitchens and completely refuse the curtain, but there are options.

When choosing curtains for the kitchen, it is worth considering its size When choosing curtains for kitchens, its size should be considered.

You need to hang curtains, but think it through. First, whether the sill will be involved. Narrow window sills use no smear, but the wide ones are more functional. This means that the curtains should be short. You can use slanting curtains, that is, curtains with sloping figures that partially leave the window opening open.

Secondly, decide whether the curtains will move along the cornice. If they often move back and forth, there will be difficulties. Simply put, the material will quickly become unusable. That is, short curtains are a more suitable idea. It can be a monophonic tulle or curtains with beautiful pickings. Ties, ribbons, bows in the kitchen, of course, are appropriate.

If this is the first floor, the window is likely to be more densely curtained. But you can make tight curtains only on the balcony windows, and they will close the windows when you want to hide from the views, etc. And in the kitchen then there will be a light version - curtains, nets, beautiful asymmetrical curtains, light roller blinds, curtains, rain, etc.

Scandinavian design of curtains in the kitchen

The Scandinavian interior gave the world so many ideas for the transformation of dwellings, which for a long time has become akin to modern domestic interiors. And quite often the ideas of style are in demand in the design of modest in size rooms, because many "tricks" of this style allow you to visually expand the space. If your kitchen is made in Scandinavian style, curtains on the window should not be contradicted by the general plan.

Such curtains must:

  • Be made of natural materials;
  • Be functional and practical first;
  • Skip natural light, because the option of dense curtains is excluded.

Curtains in the Scandinavian style are often made of a fabric of cold colors Curtains in Scandinavian style are often made of cold colored fabrics

Light tulle without pattern is the most common choice. It can also be curtains made of white delicate monophonic organza. Some double designs are used very rarely, nothing that can make the interior more difficult. Asymmetry also almost never occurs. The fabric should be light, flying, flowing, in texture and color, not too active. It can be curtains in half the window, and long curtains on the floor.

Modern design of small kitchen windows

In a private house there is a small kitchenette, or in an apartment with magnificent classical decoration such a premise does not imply. The big style at "two meters" rarely looks good. And this applies not only to curtains, the same large dining table with carvings and gilding will look ridiculous in a modest kitchen.

Of course, there are different options, but the principle of "less, yes, better" has not been canceled. Like the pathos cornice is inappropriate, and the abundance of color and textures will further narrow the kitchenette. Here everything should be compact, from a mini dishwasher to the decoration of windows.

Window design for a small kitchen:

  • Bright colors, flashy, variegated colors rarely any non-professionals can correctly locate in a small space;
  • Complex curtains with curtains - it's not just a composition of two kinds of curtains, this is already a complicating element, even two-color curtains should be selected with care.

For a small kitchen, retractable curtains For a small kitchen, the sliding curtains

are good. Drawings on curtains, like prints on wallpaper, should not be too variegated. One and the same peas can be intrusive, and maybe incredibly appropriate. Look for a real way to visually expand the space, and do not try to fit everything and more in a small kitchen, the efficiency of such a case will be extremely low.

Curtains are beautiful and light: figures in a cage

Classic curtains in a cage can decorate both the living room and the studio windows. This is a conservative euro-variant with many varieties. The choice of such curtains - these are real ways to change the perception of space. Somewhere to streamline it, somewhere to impart a certain style. Such curtains can be decorated and arched constructions, they can be hung and near the place you want to highlight. They will fit like a curtain on any window - single-leaf, double-leafed, tricuspid.

Someone will inspire German variants, someone an English cage( slightly under the old days).The color of the checkered fabric is either. Now popular are salad, olive, blue, burgundy shades. Always in a fashion shades of a brown scale. Want the dynamics - let it be gray-yellow curtains. You can buy them ready, or order in a good tailoring place.

Whatever side you take, classic or modern, long curtains in the floor or bamboo curtains, the defining moment will be the compatibility of all the interior elements. In some kitchen, there is no need for night curtains, somewhere one-sided curtains are acceptable. It's like clothes, you should be aesthetically pleasing in this.

Curtains for the kitchen( video)

Do not be afraid of non-standard solutions. Moreover, the kitchen - this is the place where you can even get a little bit of fun. For example, you do not just have an apartment, but a real cat's house. So let the "cat's" print decorate the curtains on the window, this will indicate the individuality of your space. And so in everything, you do not need to take ready-made samples, always refract them for yourself.

Success in choosing!

Curtain Design for the kitchen( photo in the interior)