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The complexity of washing the blinds depends on the degree of contamination and the width of the whole product complexity blinds washing depends on the degree of contamination and the width of the entire product necessary to understand how to wash the blinds. Today the market offers the following options: wooden, plastic, aluminum, blinds made of fabric. The smallest maintenance requires metal and plastic blinds. And such cozy, as wooden and fabric, ask the strengthened leaving.

    • Nuances care blinds
    • important point: how to wash horizontal blinds
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Nuances care blinds

for blinds made of wood, bamboo and cloth, cleaning with a damp sponge and cleaning agents is not recommended. After washing such blinds, the lamellas can deform or change the color. They are suitable for dry cleaning. The attractive appearance of the blinds for a long time will allow to maintain regular proper care.

Wet cleaning is not recommended:

  • For wood, bamboo blinds;
  • Blinds with photo printing;
  • Curtain made of straw;
  • Cloth blinds.

For the cleaning of wooden blinds, it is better to use a whisk for dust and a dry cloth. But, if you need to remove stains with water procedures, do not rub too hard, and use abrasives.

To get rid of dust, the blinds can be vacuumed using a furniture nozzle. The vacuum cleaner should be switched on to the weakest mode To get rid of dust, the blinds can be vacuumed using a furniture attachment. Vacuums should be included on the weakest mode

Particular attention should be paid to vacuuming aluminum blinds. The metal plates are very thin, easily damaged.

Antistatic wipes( for computer equipment) are also used for cleaning the blinds. Wipe the slats from 2 sides with napkins. This is the same as washing with a rag or sponge, only without buckets of water and basins. The use of such napkins allows longer to accumulate dust. This is a fairly easy way, but not economical.

Fabric vertical blinds manufacturers impregnate the composition, repelling dust, and after wet cleaning and washing, it is gradually erased. It is better for them to use dry brushing or vacuuming.

A steam generator can be used. First, carefully vacuum the vertical blinds, and pass the jet of steam from top to bottom. To prevent dirt from dripping onto the floor or on the windowsill, spread out rags or replace the bucket.

But, if washing is still necessary, remove the fabric lamellas from the window, remove chains from them, carefully fold each into a roll, and add it to a special bag for washing. We wash on delicate mode at 30 ° C without spinning. But still, it is better to wash by hand. Soak in warm water with powder for a couple of hours. After we remove the lamellas, unfold it, gently rinse it in running water, and without pressing it out we lay out on an even surface to dry. After drying, we return to the place.

Important points: how to wash horizontal blinds

Horizontal blinds are more often used in apartments, and vertical ones are usually more common in offices. But things can be different. For plastic and aluminum blinds, the cleaning order is simpler. They can be properly washed with water, with the addition of powder, soap or dish detergent. The latter is well suited if the blinds were hanging in the kitchen, in this case not only dust, but also grease with soot accumulates on them.


  • Plastic shutters should not be washed with hot water;
  • Do not wet the metal ledge;
  • Do not use aggressive cleaning agents.

Before washing the blinds to wash, they must be thoroughly cleaned with a dry cloth Before cleaning the blinds, they must be thoroughly cleaned with a dry cloth

You can wash the blinds in the bathroom. To do this, fill it with warm water, dissolve soap or powder. The blinds are closed and lowered into the water. Do not soak the metal blinds for a long time, as rust can form in places where the paint is damaged.

The horizontal blinds are very thin. In the process of washing, it is necessary to carefully maintain the plates from below, so as not to bend them, and not spoil the appearance.

You can wipe the lamellas with a sponge. After washing dirt and dust, the blinds should be spread out on dry, clean towels to dry. When they dry completely, they can be hung in place. Do not forget to lubricate the mechanism of turning the bars silicone. If there are no grease stains on the lamellas, the blinds can be washed under a warm shower. Before washing, they should also be closed, otherwise the lamellas can stick together, and they will have to spend time to straighten them.

Advantages of a brush for blinds

A special brush is useful for cleaning the blinds. It allows you to clean the lamellas simultaneously from the top and bottom. This brush saves time for cleaning during dry cleaning. Today there is a huge selection of brushes for blinds.

Its advantages:

  • Thanks to the fork design, several slats can be cleaned at once;
  • Suitable for horizontal versions of any size and type;
  • The brush can be washed.

The brush is convenient for removing dust from horizontal blinds with narrow slats located close to each other The brush is convenient for removing dust from horizontal blinds with narrow slats close to each other

Some horizontal blinds are difficult to remove from windows. Such designs can be washed without removing. It is better to start from the top so that in the process of washing the dirt does not fall on already clean plates. You can use a spray gun. Spraying on the blinds soapy solution or a means for washing windows( if the pollution is quite complicated), very gently rub the lamellas with a sponge. Then wipe dry with a lint-free cloth. The truth after washing the blinds will have to wash the windows, but in the room it will become cleaner and lighter. A plastic steam cleaning method is suitable for plastic and aluminum blinds. At the same time, fat, soot and burns are excellent, this is quite effective if the blinds are hung in the kitchen. Cleaning the blinds takes a lot of time, but the bright shining windows are worth the time.

What are the feedback on the blind for the

blinds? Many blinders had such an invention to their liking. If the contamination is weak, such a brush effectively copes with them. But there are also disadvantages: this cleaning is not suitable for people who are allergic to dust, the roller blinds do not cope with cleaning in the places of fastening of the rails.

The brush for blinds saves time on erasing dust from the plates Brush for blinds saves dust erasing time from the plates

But do not forget about dry cleaning, in some cases it's better to provide business to professionals. Over time, when washing the fabric blinds, impregnation with a special compound will be washed off and they will become unusable. Curtains made of straw with a pattern require special care. Usually they are not varnished, and such curtains often shed. They are better to hang in dry rooms and clean with a vacuum cleaner and brush more often. It is quite difficult to take care of the blinds with photographic printing, it is better not to use water when cleaning it, so as not to damage the drawing. Blinds with a relief pattern can be cleaned with a soft toothbrush.

Instruction: how to wash the horizontal blinds( video)

Any object in the house asks for care and respect for yourself. Blinds including. Proper care will prolong the life of the structure for a long time without sacrificing purity. The timely erasure of dust and small dirt will save long and not very pleasant washing of layers of dust and dirt.