Short curtains in the bedroom to the window sill: kitchen curtains, photo, how to pick up dense in the small kitchen

Short curtains have an attractive appearance due to their compactness Short curtains have an attractive appearance due to their compactness Nowadays, every home owner strives to make their windows fashionable and beautiful. For this, curtains are used. These products are of different types, completely different in length, and colors. Someone likes voluminous, curvy, bright curtains, and someone prefers strict drapes in pastel colors.

    • For what small curtains are used in the interior
    • Beautiful curtains to the window sill in the bedroom: design options for the recreation area
    • Curtains are short in the kitchen: how to decorate the work area by the window
    • Short curtains for a small kitchen: Original design and need
    • Stylish short curtains in the bedroom to the window sill( video)
    • Design of kitchen curtains to the windowsill( photo in the interior)

Why small curtains are used inInterior

As you know, with the help of clothes made with properly modeled patterns, you can hide some flaws in the figure, and emphasize the merits. The same goes for interior decoration. For the designer, any disadvantage in the parameters of the room is the task of the best possible organization of space where all proportions are measured, the geometry converges, the functions are read out, and the colors and shades are harmoniously combined.

Small curtains fit well into a small room Small curtains fit well in a small room

Small curtains are used to correct a defect in the parameters of space. So, for example, if the room is narrow, and even small, and has a tiny window, then nothing but small curtains will not fit here.

If the space design problem is solved correctly, the view of the room becomes harmonious. In this case, no one in the eye will throw a low ceiling or an insufferably small window. And for this purpose, often such elements as tulle, curtains, lambrequins, cornices, correctly arrange their color, cut, material. You can also use small curtains and to correct low and wide windows.

How to correct the space:

  • Choose a cornice that does not support the width of the window;
  • We take the curtain beautiful, even with a light vertical pattern;
  • The cornice must be raised to the ceiling;
  • To the top through the curtain was not visible wall, between our window and the cornice, you need to cover this area with a restrained light bulbakenom.

As a fastening, you can choose string strong holders, on which you can hang curtains on blocks, or a thin cornice.

Beautiful curtains to the window sill in the bedroom: recreation area design options

The bedroom in the house is one of the most necessary and important rooms. In it, we should be most comfortable. After all, here we relax, relax and gain new strength. A necessary condition for a quiet good sleep, this is a proper blackout. Therefore, the curtains in the bedroom are no less important than bed or bedding.

Curtains up to the window sill in the bedroom are not used often, but they are able to create a harmonious laid-back design that will contribute to a pleasant relaxation and relaxing. Applying such curtains in the bedroom, you will feel their advantages over other products.

Select the color of short curtains should be based on the size of the bedroom The color of the short curtains follows from the dimensions of the bedroom

In the bedroom, as in other rooms, depending on the interior, you can use curtains to the window sill, or to the radiator.

Some rules for using short curtains:

  • Ready-made curtains may require some accessories to create their more beautiful drapery;
  • Grips that can be placed on both sides will not only be a convenient addition, but also a sophisticated decoration;
  • Window decorations can also be in the form of lambrequins;
  • The design of short curtains in the bedroom can be quite varied, and always depends on your preferences and the style in which the room is decorated;
  • Interior in the style of minimalism will look more impressive with curtains, which are always matched to the size of your window;
  • Short curtains may not be presented in the same way, however, regardless of the format, the fabric should be suspended, not reaching 1 cm to the window sill, so the product will look good. Otherwise, carefully evaluate the proportions of the curtains, so that they do not look like incomplete and unfinished products;
  • Fabric for curtains can be dense, and not very.

It is possible that the curtain reaches the window sill, and can be decorated with flounces below. This design is suitable for a nice bedroom in the style, for example, shebbie-chic or Provence. Lace and ruches favorably emphasize the romantic orientation of the style.

Curtains are short in the kitchen: how to decorate the work area by the window

Very often short curtains are the best and only option for decorating the window space in the kitchen. It is difficult to use another option when the room has small dimensions, and the space under the window is allocated for furniture, or it is occupied by a gas stove.

Short curtains in the kitchen are used very often. This option allows you to save space working or dining area, for furniture or convenience.

Short curtains can vary in density, size and color Short curtains can vary in density, size and color.

To properly define the choice of curtain models among such a large and diverse range, it is important to know some of the rules for choosing a product. Each housewife has her own preferences and personal opinion as to which curtains should be on the windows in her house. However, it is worth to listen to the opinion of designers who recommend always to be guided by convenience and the right combination with the general interior of the room.

Advantages of short curtains:

  • Such curtains are an excellent decoration for both the window aperture and the entire room;
  • Using short kitchen curtains, you can freely use the windowsill for the desired purposes;
  • Short models are easy to take off, wash and hang back;
  • Convenient if the window is completed with a balcony door;
  • Lovely short curtains in small rooms allow creating the appearance of a spacious room.

Today on sale you can choose a huge variety of models of different designs and colors that will help you decorate the window area more effectively.

Short curtains for a small kitchen: original design and the need for

Conventional small kitchens often have a special, cute charm that no large room has. However, such a kitchen can be, as very cozy, and quite close, with a low ceiling. In order to even a very modest room seemed quite spacious, you need to abandon the lush, cumbersome furniture, very competently decorate the walls, floor and ceiling, as well as take care of the successful decor of the space at the window.

Curtains for a small kitchen must always let in the room a maximum of light. However, as they usually do several duties at once: decorate the window opening, hide from prying eyes and protect them from excessive sunlight, they must be selected competently.

Thanks to short curtains, you can give the kitchen a cosiness and comfort Thanks to short curtains, you can give the kitchen a cosiness and comfort Thanks to the short curtains, you can give the kitchen a cosiness and comfort

If you need to use any centimeter of space in the room, practical models that are slightly longer than the window sill will be a good choice. In addition, no long curtains will allow to give the space at the window an effective and complete appearance.

The principle of window space design with short curtains:

  • Originally will look in a small kitchen on small windows curtains in the style of "Cafe";
  • Ideal fabrics for short kitchen curtains are tulle, linen, chintz, silk;
  • If the windows are on the server side, then you can use light, translucent fabrics;
  • If you intend to decorate the window in the country style, then light curtains and vegetable or fruit pictures on them, or a simple geometric pattern is most suitable in this case;
  • Just as short curtains are appropriate when decorating windows in the style of Provence;
  • Excellent smooth and cute single-color light curtains, they visually expand the space of the kitchen.

To get rid of light curtains from burnout, practical grips will help. And in order to provide products with additional protection, you can use roll structures or blinds.

Stylish short curtains in the bedroom to the window sill( video)

Small window openings, non-standard room dimensions and low ceilings are not a sentence for the interior of your house. This is just an appeal to make a more deliberate and competent choice of textiles for windows.

Design kitchen curtains to the sill( photo in the interior)