Curtain design for a child's room: tulle, for a small window

Curtain design for baby (42 images): registration for boys and girls


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Making repairs room for children, we will do our best to fit the situation at his little host or hostess. Choosing curtains for children's design, we must adhere to the same criteria.

Children's room - the room where our baby sleeps, plays and learns. All parents try, what would your child be comfortable and cozy. Therefore, recently took a mandatory design curtains by hand.

design curtains for baby

When choosing curtains for children's design, turn on your imagination, original and non-standard solutions only delight your younger family member.

Basic Rules

True, there are several rules that should guide the choice of curtains for the nursery.

  1. Do not take too dark and heavy curtains, they will give the room formality. Stop the choice on translucent fabric, which will be free to pass into the room sunlight.
  2. Choosing curtains for children's design, give preference to materials and structures that are easily removed and washed. Ideally, get a number of different sets of curtains for the nursery: winter, summer, spring and autumn. Then you can change them every season, creating a certain mood in the room.
  3. Curtain design for a child's room should fully comply with the interior space. To do this, you can buy fabric from the same drawings as wallpaper or furniture.
  4. Fabrics for curtains in the child must be made of environmentally friendly materials and natural high quality.

The criteria by which it is necessary to choose the design of curtains for the nursery, we have found out. Now consider the options for the age and sex of the child.

Boys and girls

For boy

Curtain design for a child's room

Fabulous curtains in the room, the boy

For a little tomboy, you can choose themed curtains and curtains. One of the options shown in the picture. Choosing curtains for children's design, should be guided by the child's hobbies.

If he likes the sea or space, choose a fabric of blue and blue shades with a bright star in bulk or sailing ships. The main thing would be that it was bright and like your daze.

Boys junior and middle school age already have to choose the more serious options. Before purchasing, consult with the child, but rather take it with you.

It will be interesting to choose the design of curtains for the nursery and of course it will flatter the care and attention shown by the parents.

Alternatively, you can use the Baroque or Roman blinds. Materials choose light, which let in plenty of light and blend in with the wallpaper. The same option is ideal if you think through the design of curtains for the bedroom with his hands.

men's cool colors most suitable of colors - blue, blue, green or dark purple. The pattern can be selected in the form of stripes or a cell, as the flowers are not very like the future of man.

For teenage boys choose a design curtains for baby is not easy.

The children of this age to every question has its answer. If your child is interested in computer and does not have any preferences, it will appeal to the style of hi-tech or minimalism.

possible to use a combination of white and black from the color gamut. Naturally no ruff and swags money had to be. Smooth thick curtains and organza solid color, this is an excellent option that will appeal to most guys.

Tip! As baguettes can be used not only plastic ledges attached to the ceiling. For the option of hi-tech will be the most suitable simple iron moldings, as hooks for securing the curtains use big metal rings with clips or grommets.


tulle curtains design

Curtains in the room for girls

For babies preschool selection of curtains design for children's limited by the size of your wallet and beyond your imagination.

Little girls love all bright and beautiful air. The most suitable French curtains which when assembled will remind girly princess.

When choosing colors should give preference to the tastes of the most housewives. Alternatively, you can consider the design of tulle curtains.

They will look and romantic air. If the curtains are light and translucent fabric blinds can choose to match them.

For girls, primary and secondary school age to choose curtains for children's design a little more complicated.

Baby during this period try to imitate adults, and their opinion is changing very quickly. When choosing the style should pay attention to the curtains with lambrequins soft gentle tones, with a pattern of colors or monochrome.

For curtains, you can choose a rainbow organza that will sparkle in the sun, creating a good mood. This option is ideal for the design of curtains for the hall with his hands.

Teenage girls are trying to create around himself his own world. You can completely rely on their taste or to reach an agreement, if you do not like something.

I think they will have to taste Japanese and Roman blinds bright colors.

You can also try to offer a romantic style in soft pastel colors. The only thing you should not do is to choose the curtains to your liking, without consulting them, the scandal is unlikely to be avoided.

Tip! Do not forget to check for loose cornice hooks - fasteners must be durable and easy to move around on the baguette.

And a few more tips on choosing fabrics for children's:

  • Do not choose too coarse cloth. The baby will be unpleasant to touch them.
  • Do not choose the fabric, which are collected in a large number of folds. They accumulate dust. This can cause the baby allergies.
  • It should give preference to those tissues that can withstand reusable washing, ironing and drying.
  • When choosing fabrics for the nursery, try to pay attention to those who do not break out in one second. After all, it is not known what will encounter, security, first and foremost.
  • For very mobile and nimble kids should not take the curtains of very expensive materials. Your child is going to want to test their strength.
  • For children's well suited following natural material - flax, cotton and thick cotton, from curtains - air organza, voile and tulle different colors.

Tip! for curtains for children must not only colorful, but also to develop. They help the child to develop their logical thinking. For example: having curtains with pictures of animals, you can ask the child to draw them or come up with a funny story.

Curtain design for the small window

Curtains for the small window

Choosing curtains for children's design, pay attention to the size of the window. If it is small in size it is not necessary to choose the magnificent ruff and frills.

Vertical pattern, too, will not work, as do the window already. Optimal variant curtains or curtain with horizontal stripes of bright medium length. It visually increase and expand the window.

You can also buy half-round blinds with long tails at the edges and the middle of the center of the length. The colors we choose bright and saturated.

As you can see properly selected design curtains for a small window can visually enlarge, not only him, but the whole room will seem wider.

Do not be afraid to consult with children and to experiment. After all, we choose curtains for children's design, while the kids are known to their tastes.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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