Red curtains: wallpaper in the interior of the living room, photo, maroon in the kitchen and in the bedroom, curtains in terracotta tones

Red curtains in combination with white wallpaper look very exquisite Red curtains in combination with white wallpaper look very exquisite Red curtains have long been considered a sign of wealth and exquisite taste. Very often such curtains sewed from heavy, nap materials. In large rooms of private houses they created a cozy atmosphere. In addition, red curtains have always been associated with the theatrical curtain, which made it possible to create a festive atmosphere. But, because of the rich color, which is often correlated with aggressiveness, the use of red curtains has its own characteristics. On how to use red curtains in the interior - read below.

      • Competently use red curtains in the interior of the living room
      • Curtains in the interior
      • Red curtains in the kitchen: photo
      • Selection of red curtains in the bedroom: photo
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      • Design of red wallpapers( photo in interior)

Competently use red curtains in the interior of the living room

The living room is a room in which all members of the family often gather, meetings with friends are organized. Therefore, the landladies strive to make this room as festive as possible, to demonstrate their individual, unique taste, family affluence. Red curtains as anything else suitable for the realization of these goals.

The rich red color gives the living room a luxurious appearance Rich red color gives the living room a luxurious appearance

Eternal classic - it's red, heavy curtains in combination with light white or beige tulle.

This combination will be the most optimal in the interior of the living room. In addition, red curtains can be combined with shades of gold, silver. To reduce the color activity, you can choose paintings with unobtrusive, abstract drawings of white or gray colors.

In order to be comfortable in the living room with red curtains, the designers recommend:

  • Do not overload the room with red. For red curtains you need a neutral tone. That is, furniture and walls should be sustained in neutral tones( for example, beige, white, gray colors).
  • Do not use in the design of the room more than three or four shades. In addition, curtains are not recommended to be combined with wallpaper in the picture, photo wallpaper, walls with large stickers: the accents in the room should be the curtains.
  • Use straight curtains. At the same time, they can be decorated with lambrequins, pickings.
  • Use textiles of the same shade. For example, red curtains in combination with pillows on the couch of the same shade will look good. In the kitchen-living room of the same color with curtains can be napkins on the dining table.

The best curtains of red, saturated colors are suitable for decorating living rooms in styles minimalism, loft, baroque. Do not be afraid to use the windows in the design of the shades of red: they will make the interior more interesting and unusual. The best for curtains are suitable wine, berry, floral shades.

Curtains in the interior

Curtains of maroon colors can be used both in the living rooms, and offices, bedrooms, dining rooms. Due to its muted shade, such curtains are considered to be more preferable for placement in rooms, in which you plan a fairly large amount of time. The use of burgundy curtains in the interior has certain characteristics.

The maroon curtains are perfect for a room with good natural light.

So, maroon curtains should be:

  • Combine with warm shades, as burgundy is a warm color. The best colors for combination with burgundy will be cream and milky shades. In the office you can use a combination of burgundy and brown. A combination of burgundy and white is considered to be universal.
  • Use in spacious rooms. Heavy burgundy curtains can visually make a small room even smaller.
  • Always add curtains from fleecy materials with lighter and more transparent( for example, tulle).
  • Use in rooms with good natural and artificial lighting. Without sufficient light, the curtains may seem too dark, and create a pressure feeling.

The best maroon curtains are suitable for rooms in the styles of rock, baroque, minimalism.

Red curtains in the kitchen: photo

Bright and juicy shades of red can make the kitchen incredibly attractive. In addition, red is a color that stimulates appetite and promotes better digestion. Orange has the same properties. Which, at the same time, is able to cheer up. Therefore, an excellent solution will be to place in the kitchen terracotta curtains.

Red color in the interior is able to cheer up The red color in the interior is able to lift the mood

Instead of the usual straight long curtains, it will be practical to hang kitchen windows with Roman curtains.

For small individual kitchens, you can select short curtains with lambrequins. The main thing here is to avoid heavy, fleecy materials, otherwise the curtains will look "cut off".It is better to give preference to tulle. Beautiful and harmonious will look Roman curtains made of linen and cotton.

Kitchen - this is the room where the curtains with the picture will be as anywhere by the way, making the interior more light, and the red color - less intrusive.

The best options are the strip and the cell. In this case, you can combine red with white, sand, yellow. The wallpaper, in this case, can be made at will: perfect fit wallpapers over the dining area with juicy red fruits. For a spacious kitchen in a minimalist style, you can choose gray for the wall in the dining or work area, and the classic red for curtains.

Selection of red curtains in the bedroom: photo

Use red curtains in the bedroom with great care. After all, red is a color that excites the nervous system. Therefore, designers advise to avoid saturated, monochrome curtains in the bedrooms.

Bedspreads and curtains in one tone in the bedroom look very harmonious One-tone bedspread and curtains look very harmonious in the bedroom

White curtains in red stripes, soft coral curtains, red canvases with a floral pattern of light tones are a good option for use in sleeping rooms.

Therefore, it is better to take bed linen( for example, a blanket) in the tone of the curtains. Use direct red curtains can be used as an element for zoning rooms in the bedrooms, combined with a balcony or loggia. Beautifully look red curtains with pothooks on both sides of a wide window with a bench. For standard windows, heavy curtains are better combined with lighter ones. A good option for combination is a light, cherry organza.

If you decide to make a window in the bedroom with red heavy curtains, then you should be careful with the decorative elements.

The accent in the room should be on light, so the abundance of small decor elements arranged throughout the room will overload the interior. Best for decor are black and white photographs, candles without candlesticks pastel shades.

How to choose red curtains( video)

Red curtains are a luxury and austerity in one bottle. Red has many shades and is combined with a lot of color, and therefore red curtains can be used in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and offices. The main thing is to take into account the placement features and combined red curtains with the elements in the room, and you can get an incredibly attractive, harmonious interior!

Design red wallpaper( photos in the interior)