What curtains will suit the gray wallpaper of the photo: the walls in the interior of the living room, how to pick it up in the bedroom and the kitchen

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Gray wallpapers blend well with bright curtains Gray wallpapers are well combined with bright curtains. Gray is the color of great features. What kind of stereotypes it does not surround!And boring he, and gloomy, and expressionless, and mouse. This disparaging attitude of an experienced designer will not outrage, because he has something to say in contrast, showing first the pictures, and then the real possibilities of active gray. This color is suitable for any room, and you can choose it according to your own ideas about the aesthetics of the room.

    • What's the matter with them: gray wallpaper in the interior
    • If the gray wallpaper in the bedroom
    • How to choose curtains for the gray wallpaper
    • Active gray wallpaper in the kitchen: photo
    • Calm gray wallpaper in the interior: How to choose the curtains
    • The designer's answer: what curtains will suit the gray wallpaper( video)
    • Examples: what curtains will suit the gray wallpaper( photo in the interior)

What is combined with them: gray wallpaper in the interior

The gray color itselfIt means little. It's nothing more than a background. How this background will play out depends on which "assistants" you take. You can choose the same curtains depending on the tasks that you solve with such a color construction.

If you want to combine gray wallpaper with curtains of similar color, then their shade should be slightly darker If you want to combine gray wallpaper with curtains of similar color, then their shade should be slightly darker.

Consider the interaction of gray with other colors by the examples:

  • White .It goes well with cool gray. Well, if you have gray in warm colors or with a warm pattern, white is better to replace with beige.
  • Sand .Fashionable curtains with a shade of wet sand will look good with a cold gray, a golden hue is a pointer to the fact that two accents( curtains and wallpaper) should be warm gray.
  • Yellow .The selection can be ideal if you mute the yellow brightness. And it is better to make yellow only elements of curtains, flowers, pattern, figures. Very often, pale yellow curtains are chosen.
  • Blue .With this color, cool gray interacts well, it can be not just blue curtains, but curtains with the inclusion of several blue shades.

Well combination of gray with pink. Pink curtains to warm gray wallpaper will suit almost always. You can combine and, for example, white tulle, pink curtains, gray wallpaper. Coral curtains are combined with active gray.

If the gray wallpaper in the bedroom

For example, steel wallpaper in the bedroom is a rarity. Yet it is well, very strictly for such a room. But often the walls in the bedroom are decorated with dark silvery wallpaper. And if they come with a pattern, elements, for example, a tea rose, then the same color of a tea rose, you can choose curtains in this bedroom.

Of course, furniture is considered, which should not be discordant.

Gray wallpapers look good in the interior along with orange curtains Gray wallpapers look good in the interior along with the orange curtains

Very often purple and lilac curtains are taken to the bedroom, this design makes the gray color of the walls more expressive. You can combine gray with fuchsia, and even with raspberry, you will get bright, pleasant, very beautiful combinations.

How to choose curtains for gray wallpaper

Here it is important to remember the most important moments, and already from them to "dance".What does it mean?If you choose warm, saturated curtains under the gray wallpaper, the room will seem lighter. And if you need to add heat to the room, pink, peach, lemon fits. Well, if the room is too obsessive sun, choose curtains with a blue, lilac shade.

Many people want activity, and choose curtains with red or pink:

  • Active curtains with burgundy, cherry, carmine, although warm, but at the same time perfectly combined with a rather cool gray;
  • If you are more attracted to pink, then preferably in combination with gray, pure ice-pink, lilac-pink, and also tea rose and fuchsia.

In the bedroom to the gray wallpaper, white curtains with flowers White curtains with colors

are good for the bedroom to gray wallpaper

If the hall or other room is dominated by warmer colors, then curtains to gray wallpaper, choose terracotta, coral, sand. The design will be interesting, rich, cozy. In such a living room it's nice to be, relax.

Active gray wallpaper in the kitchen: photo

Gray wallpapers in the kitchen are very common. They are often combined with white or black. For example, with the graying in the kitchen, the apron is black. Then often on the window are selected light gray curtains with black flowers. A small or large flower is an individual selection.

Gray wallpapers are great for the kitchen, because they are not very visible traces of fat Gray wallpapers are great for the kitchen because they do not show much trace of fat

The gray and white can be combined just as well. The window can have cool white curtains or curtains with a white and gray print. The combination with blue occurs more rarely, but it may well be if the walls are covered with gray wallpaper with interspersed blue. There is a combination of gray and other colors, the same pink may well be in the kitchen. And with furniture of wood shades, you can pick up mustard curtains or curtains with a mustard pattern.

Calm gray wallpapers in the interior: how to choose curtains

Often the gray interior requires the intervention of bright accents. But to go too far with them is very easy, so try not to zealous. There are some basic, classical combinations, which should be adhered to. And, remember that what just perfectly can look in clothes, it will look quite different in the interior.

If the room is made in gray tones, thanks to the bright curtains, you can create a contrast Colors have different characteristics:

  • Lightness / brightness;
  • Saturation;
  • Intensity.

Here and curtains are chosen with an eye on these parameters. Your main task is not to get into resonance in terms of saturation and brightness, otherwise the room will fall apart, the interior will not be complete. To do this, you need to develop your taste perception. Look at one dozen pictures from professional designers. Look closely at certain combinations, look for these coincidence points, which is called "stuff your eyes".This will help you not just pick curtains to the wallpaper, but in general develop color perception and artistic taste. And this is an acquisition for life.

Indeed, the more you see, the more you analyze, the better. Copy the most favorite options into a separate daddy on the computer. Learn to find common, highlight the principles of building an interior. Work on yourself, and you will see how to transform the surrounding space.

Answer from the designer: what kind of curtains will suit gray wallpaper( video)

Remember that in addition to the usual wallpaper can be and wallpaper. And you need to choose curtains to them with even more attention. But you can cope with this if you go into the question. More visual information, comparisons, impressions, learn to analyze and knock down your template ideas about the beautiful interior.

Great solutions!

Examples: some curtains approach the gray wallpaper( photos in the interior)

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