How to shorten the curtains without cutting: smoothly cut the roll to the width, video and photo, tulle and thread long

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If the curtains are too long, then they may not harmoniously fit into the interior, so they need to be shortened If the curtains are too long, they might not perfectly fit into the interior, so they need to be shortened Trimming or podvorot curtains may be required if you wish to change the interior, remove the edge of the fabric, which has lost its proper form during the operation, and not only. There are many options to carry out this process, but everything depends solely on: personal preferences, availability of equipment at hand, free time, type of material and what kind of edge to make, for example, figured or even.

    • As cut cleanly tulle
    • methods: how to shorten tulle without clipping
    • ideas: how to shorten the curtain figurno
    • Methods like crop filament curtain
    • As cut blinds in width( video)
    • Examples: how to shorten the curtains without clipping( photo ideas)

How exactly cut tulle

exactly cut the tulle is not as easy as it might seem at first glance, because in the process of cutting it may cause various defects, That napDepends on the quality of the material. For example, there may be the following nuances: arrows, both vertical and horizontal, the fabric may begin to crumble, and illiterately clipped cloth will have an uneven edge.

To cut the tulle smoothly, you need to use a ruler and sharp scissors to cut cleanly tulle, use a ruler and sharp scissors

To trim tulle width, you can use several techniques :

  • Moscow;
  • Traditional;
  • By means of an oblique beam.

It is important to remember that tulle is a fabric that has the maximum fineness and fragility, and therefore it is strictly not advisable to make a zigzag line and overlock that will simply spoil it. It is worth noting that the most optimal option for hemming the tulle is a suture crochet that is suitable for such a fabric.

Depending on the type of fabric selected width of the hem: if tulle-net, the podvorot will be only 1 cm, nylon and organza podvorachivaetsja 3 cm

Bias binding is considered to be an excellent choice to create an original lateral clearance of the material, especially if you want to.contrast. With regard to the color of the oblique beika, it is entirely possible to choose a shade in accordance with the tone of the fabric or contrasting to it. It is best that the tone of the oblique bake is combined with at least one of the tones present in the interior. Coping with the oblique bake is not at all difficult, since it was created specifically for hand-sewn grid-tulle or embroidered material. With its help, they form folds and create an elegant drapery.

You can use the usual sewing foot to make a Moscow seam. In other words, it is required to make the maximum minimal bend and to stitch it along the edge. The peculiarity of the method is that it does not take too much time and special preparation, only a sewing machine is needed.

Ways: how to shorten the tulle without cutting the

How to shorten the curtains correctly, and without cutting the edge?

To shorten the tulle without cutting, you need to sew it To shorten tulle without cutting, it is necessary to hem

This may require :

  • To preserve the integrity of the fabric;
  • To avoid chipping the edges;
  • If in the future it is planned to dissolve the material or outweigh the new location.

To shorten long curtains, you need to arrange them in the usual place where they will be used. Then it is necessary to make a podvorot material to the desired length and stitched along the edge of not dense stitches, while not fixing the end of the seam, located below. The bottom corner should be slightly rounded.

All this is done around the edges of the fabric and in the middle. The middle seam should exceed the lateral by 20 cm in length. Once all the seams are ready, each of them must be pulled for the threads located on top, which will make the original creases. For carrying out this procedure it is perfect for both manual sewing and machine.

Ideas: how to shorten curtains figuratively


housewives various tricks as to how to prune or hem curtains, and the choice of method depends on: the width and length of the web, type of material and experienced handy. It is worth noting that it is not always necessary to cut the curtains, since recently curly edges have become very popular. Do not think that it is only a professional seamstress that can make such a decorative cut, as it is available and not too experienced for handicraftsmen, if you follow recommendations from experts of the highest category.

To properly shorten the curtains should preview the master class

Recommendations :

  1. need to hang curtains in their place of permanent residence for a few days, preferably after washing. For hanging curtains, you can use braid, border or a special tape that is sewn on the top edge.
  2. After a few days, the material under its weight will straighten out and be perfectly even.
  3. Next, use stencils and scissors to make stencils. For this, a cardboard box is suitable. The choice of the line depends entirely on personal preferences or design ideas.
  4. The stencil is applied to the curtains, for which it is better to use additional help.
  5. Gently trimmed excess length.

What to do with the trimmed edge and how to process it so that it does not crumble?There are several methods by which serious consequences can be avoided. Previously, to fix the edge of such materials as tulle and organza, used a cigarette lighter, or a candle, with which the edge was chipped.

It is advisable to first test the method on a piece of cloth to avoid ignition and damage to the web.

An acceptable and safer option is to tint the edge of the canvas with nail polish without color. It will not allow the canvas to blossom, and will also persist even after washing the material. The best option is turning and stitching the edges or sewing oblique beiki. So the canvas will be beautiful and will retain its aesthetics. Depending on the type of canvas, you need to select and methods of cutting.

Methods: how to cut filament curtains

no less popular, in contrast to conventional curtains, roller and filament. The second kind has recently become very popular due to the type of product. The curtains themselves look very original, they are sold in a wide range and most importantly there is the opportunity to use them for absolutely any rooms. To trim the muslin curtains, or in other words, in which there are a large number of threads in the need not to go to an expensive studio, as there are more available and cheaper ways of shortening.

Cut threaded curtains with a stationery knife Trim filament curtains can use the stationery knife

Methods : absolutely not desirable

  1. Performing undercut in horizontal mode, as the thread will get confused, and undercut all turn out not even that much spoil viewsCurtains.
  2. Curtains are hung on the place of their location after buying and washing for 3 days, which is enough to straighten them. Thus, they will all be vertical and parallel to each other.
  3. As soon as the flatness of the canvas is checked, it is possible to make a cut, for which the most common scissors for a fabric are suitable.
  4. If the curtains are made of quality material, then no additional processing is required.
  5. Scissors must be sharpened in order not to light the threads.

There is also a simpler and more creative option and this is tying knots on threads. Thus, they will not be confused and will remain for a long time in an ideal way.

How to cut blinds in width( Video)

All methods undercut and shortening simple and does not require additional investments. This simplifies the process of arranging a house with original interior details

Examples: how to shorten curtains without cutting( photo ideas)

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