Curtains in high-tech style photo: for kitchen and living room, hall design, curtains and cornices in bedroom on windows

Curtains in the style of hi-tech are surely displacing from the interior a lot of unnecessary elements Curtains in hi-tech style confidently push out a lot of unnecessary elements from the interior. The style that displays the modern rapid progress of mankind, contains in itself a set of only functional objects and useful things, and at the same time is light and cozy - thishigh tech. For this direction it is important to keep the maximum area of ​​free space. Curtains for rooms designed in this style should be chosen carefully, so as not to disturb the harmony between objects, coziness and functionality.

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Curtains in high-tech style: photos of the best optionsDesign

High-tech quickly entered the fashion at the end of the last century, and is actively used in the design of apartments, houses, offices and public buildings. Today, this style is successfully used along with other styles.

Curtains in high-tech style, the photos of which can be seen in this article, are usually equipped with lifting devices, or sliding mechanisms that work from pressing just one button. These curtains are clear lines, analogues of geometric shapes, metallized and laser notches, which are combined on fabric and nonwoven materials.

. Functional details of curtains, such as rivets, zippers, shiny cornices, eyelets, are usually used as an ornament. In the style of welcome play of light, chrome-plated shine, neon lights. The ease of style should be combined with metal.

Palette curtains in high-tech style includes shades of metal, gold and bronze shades A range of curtains in hi-tech style includes shades of metal, gold and bronze shades

Principles of window design:

  • Traditional types of fabrics are practically not used;
  • Canvas with anti-reflective, Teflon coating, or fabric with fireproof impregnation;
  • Products contain metallized filaments;
  • The color palette includes shades of metal, gold, bronze or silver;
  • Drawings on canvases are practically absent, or are extremely rare;
  • Drawings can be replaced by photoprints or non-standard ornaments, graphic images of mechanisms.

Such curtains are very rarely used for country houses. More often with their help make out rooms in large mansions, apartments, cafes and hotels.

Perfect curtains in high-tech style for the living room: photos from the masters of design

The modern high-tech direction combines several fashion trends. Using them all you can express your inner personality and demonstrate a good taste. For this style, calm smooth models are perfect, without lambrequins and sticks.

Curtains in high-tech style for the living room, the photos of which speaks for itself, are different from the curtains made in some other style. They can not be confused with either fanciful and pompous French, or with heavy classics. The only thing you can accidentally take for hi-tech is a loft, if in it curtains are generally applied. This style is more preferable to the Japanese curtains.

The color scheme of high-tech curtains should be combined with the shades used in other interior elements. It is important that the chosen color is calm and fresh.

Curtains for the living room in the style of high-tech are simple Curtains for the living room in the hi-tech style are simple

In the hall designed in this style are suitable:

  • Curtains on the eyelets;
  • Blinds;
  • Roman blinds;
  • Stretching models.

Choose colors for these products that are calm, not catchy, solid.

Beautiful hi-tech curtains in the bedroom: sleeping area design options

This restrained and strict style is very difficult to call cozy and romantic. Simplicity, rigor, functionality and minimalism were combined in it, which gives it a special uniqueness. This is not the recognition of unnecessary details and has made hi-tech so popular and in demand.

Curtains in the bedroom hi-tech can not be like curtains from the general style. Such an idea dictates the choice of colors for curtains. It is believed that a calm, strict gamma can most accurately convey the idea of ​​this style: harmony and ultramodernity.

Very often on the windows designed in this style, roller blinds are used with the use of automatic control mechanisms. This only emphasizes the concept of the interior. Mechanics can also be used to adjust conventional curtains.

For a bedroom in the style of high-tech suitable for several types of curtains For a bedroom in hi-tech style, several types of curtains are suitable

Color palette of curtains high-tech for the bedroom:

  • Black-and-white contrast;
  • Gray-brown tones;
  • Copper;
  • Cold gold;
  • Silver;
  • Bronze;
  • Light honey hue.

The choice of colors for textile elements in this style is generally limited. Here, the use of bright, motley, screaming colors and various patterns is excluded.

How to choose curtains in the kitchen in the style of high-tech: photos of interior design options

Picking curtains for kitchen design in high-tech style, you need to take into account the special requirements related to textiles. These sunscreen elements should not have drapes, and as the main shades, light, cold tones remain desirable. Despite the peculiarity and external simplicity of the images, properly selected curtains will undoubtedly underline all the charms of this stylistic direction and will allow you to beat the main ideas of the layout of the kitchen.

Curtains in the kitchen in the style of high-tech, the photos of which you see, are very popular among devotees of modern forms and new solutions. The images, which are based on the use of simple geometric elements, and ordinary dense materials, are very relevant for decorating the kitchen. To find the right curtains for decorating the kitchen space at the window, you can seek advice from professional masters, or try to make it yourself.

To properly choose curtains in the style of high-tech for the kitchen, you need to turn to professionals for help To choose the right hi-tech curtains for the kitchen, you need to contact the

for assistance. In order to do the work personally, you need to know a few rules:
  • Kitchens designed in thisModern style, should be to the maximum restrained;
  • Given that the window opening in the kitchen usually occupies not a small part of the room, the curtains, of course, play a very important role in the interior, which means they must be clearly integrated into the space style.
  • . The standard fabrics will have to be abandoned, Fireproof, repellent and moisture-resistant impregnations;
  • The working and decorative areas of the kitchen should be exceptionally smooth;
  • Curtains with a pronounced coarse texture are not welcome;
  • Accessories are permissible, only they must be made of metal.

To diversify the design of the curtains, but do not deviate from the hi-tech direction, you can use non-standard solutions: graphic images, ornaments, photo printing, appropriate to the kitchen theme.

Ultra-modern curtains in hi-tech style( video)

This new style is increasingly found in houses, apartments, offices. He is chosen, mainly, young, promising individuals who are not afraid of risk and change. Today, this trend is steadily gaining momentum, like some other modern styles, such as Japanese, and the style of minimalism. Gradually, pomposity and fanciful retreat into the past, and they are replaced by functionality, rigor and quiet comfort.

Curtain design in hi-tech style( photo in interior)