Design solutions for curtains photo: classic style, combined for bedroom, chiffon mustard color

Thanks to curtains, it is possible to significantly improve the aesthetic qualities of any room Through curtains can significantly improve the aesthetic quality of any room Curtains - a product that can be used to transform the room beyond recognition, and they are especially important for such rooms as bedrooms. The most suitable and it is possible to say a universal option are considered curtains in the classical style, and it is absolutely erroneous to believe that they are boring in appearance and can be exceptionally light tones. The classics will never become obsolete, and even after several decades new design solutions will be published, but in the style of a classic.

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Combined curtains for the bedroom: photo

bedroom - this place is peace, comfort and relaxation, and it is here to be the most pleasant atmosphere toYou could relax and enjoy the rest. It is for this room is perfect for curtains in the style of the classic, which can be hung on both large and small standard window openings. Curtains for a bedroom in a classic style - it's an accent that should stand out from the background of the whole room, but be its complement. By giving preference to this style one can bring to the room a kind of palace chic, for which heavy fabrics, such as velvet, brocade and satin, are characteristic.

Combined curtains are often made of 2 or 3 colors Combined curtains are often made of 2 or 3 colors

of them made curtains, thereby creating an intimate atmosphere muted.

Bedroom curtains in the style of the classic can also be made from silk, which has sufficient density, so as not to miss the rays of light when the windows are completely shaded. Beautiful curtains in the style of the classic become a true embodiment of elegance, aesthetics and comfort. There are more practical materials, in contrast to the above listed, which can also become an excellent complement to the interior.

There are a number of synthetic fabrics such as :

  • Viscose;
  • Non-woven fleece;
  • Polyester.

They are sold in a wide range of colors, and there is the opportunity to choose the most suitable option. Advantage of the canvas in different density and even structure, which allows you to select different combinations and create curvy drapes with drapery. On sale, you can find mixed fabrics that combine natural and synthetic fibers. Their cost is much higher, but they produce an unforgettable effect. Their feature in increased strength, as well as resistance to crushing, which eliminates the ironing process even after washing.

Choose curtains in the bedroom: the classic

You can decorate the bedroom windows using a variety of design solutions.

It may be curtains :

  • Combination of material;
  • Different colors;
  • Made of airy chiffon;
  • Double sided.

In the classic bedroom well suited curtains beige shade The classic bedroom is well suited to beige shades

The most important thing is that they look great in the interior and were appropriate there. For the bedroom, it is strictly not desirable to choose too bright tones, since this place is intended for rest, accordingly, and the color should be pleasant in appearance, neutral and preferably choose: cream, beige, gray or sand. It is appropriate to bring to the bedroom shades of lilac, light-green, blue and light-brown. From such bright tones as red or orange it is better to refuse. For curtains in the bedroom, decorated in a classical style, it is peculiar to choose specific combinations of window draperies and the like.

The style and color of the curtains must fully match the upholstery of the furniture. Choosing the design and shade of curtains, you need to adhere to a single scale in accordance with the curtains and other textile elements of the room. When combining light curtains and dense curtains, it is desirable to choose a combination of shade with wallpaper. Classics are traditional, low-key tones, bright and allow a pattern in the form of vertical strips.

Classic curtains in the bedroom: the nuances of choosing

There are a number of practical recommendations, using which you can draw a bedroom with classic curtains as correctly as possible.

Recommendations :

  1. Curtains should give the room ease and complement it with its beauty, rather than squeeze space and steal it.
  2. It is desirable that the material is similar in texture to the finishing materials on the walls.
  3. The material for curtains should be chosen one that will repel dirt and smells, and not accumulate them.
  4. It is advisable to give preference to canvases that do not require special care.
  5. It is best to choose a dense material, since it does not pass light and will last much longer, unlike fabric such as tulle.
  6. Very much attention should be given to such a moment as the choice of shade. It all depends on the preferences of those who live in the room, as well as on what tones already prevail in the room. Thus, it will be possible to make the most attractive design decision, capable of surprising for many years its attractiveness.

Classic curtains are often long: they get from the eaves to the floor Classic curtains are often long: they are pulled from the cornice to the floor

If the room is small, then you need to choose the material in which the print is small. Thus, you can visually increase the space and raise the ceilings. Especially effective are blinds with narrow vertical strips.

Curtains of mustard color in the interior

In the interior of the bedroom you can find curtains of a different kind and including mustard. The color is quite unusual and can not be selected in combination with absolutely any tones. The hue is unusual and will stand out even if it is in minimal quantity.

The most successful variant is a combination with :

  • Light tones;
  • Warm colors;
  • Flower prints.

White and mustard are the best option for a bedroom and suitable for absolutely any interior. Including to him in a minimal amount can come colors such as: brown, chocolate, beige. If you want to make the room as original as possible, then a mustache of ocher and lemon, as well as coral and terracotta, should be added to the mustard. The important thing is that in combining to the mustard shade you need to add only one color, because otherwise there will simply be a tasteless design and nothing more.

The curtains of the mustard color will perfectly fit in both the large and the small room Curtains of mustard color perfectly fit in both large and small room.

Also experts in design art, strongly do not recommend adding a mustard color to the interior in a very large amount.

It is better to make in this tone pickups for curtains or lambrequins. Thus, the general color scale will be enriched by its heat, and also irritation of attention will be excluded. Mustard, many will be boldly called a repulsive color, but if you choose the right execution, for example, with gold plating or in combination with bronze, then it will play with new colors and you will be able to take maximum advantage of it. It is warm and discreet, unusual and attractive, and most importantly suitable for rooms of all sizes. It is used not only for decorating bedrooms, but also for dining rooms, halls, kitchens and even children's rooms. It should be noted that it will become an easy emphasis on the richness and splendor of the medieval style.

Stylish curtains: design solutions( video)

In the interior design of the bedroom is important a lot and it's not just about curtains. It is worth noting that the main thing is to be guided by one's own desires and recommendations of the best designers of the world who have experience and excellent taste.

Design solutions for curtains( photo in interior)