Openwork lambrequins: photos, curly curtains with their own hands, how to make a bando of azhur from a tourniquet, a master class

Stylish and beautifully decorated curtains can be hand-made, with the help of homemade lambrequin It's stylish and beautiful to decorate the curtains with your own hands, with the help of a self-made lambreken One of the last but very important strokes in decorating an apartment is decorating windows with textiles. It is the curtains and their details that set the tone for the interior. If you want to make your room original, adding to it the romanticism and refinement, then we advise you to use for lace curtains instead of standard lambrequins lace bando. You can buy them in a specialized store, or make by yourself. On the independent creation of delicate lambrequins - read on.

  • What is an openwork bando: photo and description
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  • What is an openwork bando: photo and description

    Lambruckles decorate the top of the curtains. These decorative elements hide, not always an aesthetic connection, curtains with cornice.

    Rigid fishnet lambrequins have replaced the classic decor. Such figured elements, located on a rigid basis, are called bandos.

    Hard lambrequin allows you to visually increase the height of the room. To achieve this effect, you need to hang a bando over the window opening. Also, with the help of such elements, it is possible to stretch the room wide, for this purpose, choose lambrequins larger in width than the window.

    Solid lambrequins have many advantages over their soft counterparts. They can decorate the window of almost any room, the only thing, these decorative elements can not be hung in the kitchen.

    Very nice on the curtains looks delicate bando

    Advantages of openwork lambreken:
    • Thanks to a wide variety of shapes and colors, delicate lambrequins perfectly fit into almost any style of interior;
    • With a hard lambrequin you can visually increase the amount of free space in the room;
    • Similar lambrequins can be easily cleaned of contaminants;
    • The cost of such a decor is small, and if desired, it is quite possible to recreate yourself;
    • With the installation of solid lambrequin can be handled independently as soon as possible;
    • Openwork lambrequins can be used independently, without adding curtains.

    Rigid openwork lambrequins hide the cornices nicely and unobtrusively. They perfectly fit into any interior and are very easy to install.

    How to choose figured lambrequins

    The selection of lambrequins is not an easy, but enjoyable task. To find the ideal for yourself option, you need to know some nuances of choice.

    Lambrequins are divided into two types. Modular patterned compositions are lambrequins consisting of several parts. Such openwork accessories always have a rigid base and have a large number of figured inserts. You can buy them separately or purchase together with curtains. Modular lambrequins are of low cost, since the most popular technique for their manufacture is laser cutting. The openwork and stiffness of such elements are perfectly combined with the softness of the curtains and with the transparency of the window glass. The modular structure of this composition allows you to collect the most unusual patterns, but if you do not calculate its size relative to the window, then this defect will no longer be corrected, since in the cut off form the accessory loses its charm.

    When choosing figured lambrequins, one should take into account their design, quality and interior of the room When choosing figured lambrequins, their design, quality and interior should be considered.

    Decorative cornice punks are characterized by a repeating pattern. They are not sold as a whole design, usually such accessories are cut off by meters. Carved lambrequin of this type is easy to install. It can be bought "in reserve", as it is perfectly cut to the right size.

    Nuances of selection of delicate lambreken:

    1. Dimensions and shape of lambrequins need to be selected according to the size of the room where they will be installed. If you are satisfied with the shape of your room, it is better to choose a long cornice. Broad bando can pull the room up.
    2. When choosing a material for making lambrequin, consider the humidity of the room. Some kinds of such accessories can be deformed due to unfavorable conditions of the external world.
    3. The ideal length of a lambrequin is 1/6 of the curtain.
    4. The color of lambrequin should harmonize not only with curtains, it should correctly interact with the basic shades of the interior. For example, the emerald-colored ornament looks great, located on the golden curtains.
    5. When choosing lambrequin patterns, consider the size of the room. For small rooms narrow products with an unpretentious shape will do.

    The style of the interior should also play a role in the choice of lambrequin. For pompous classical designs, products with a floral print are suitable, and for the modernist room, the ideal patterns fit perfectly.

    How to make an openwork lambrequin made of

    fabric Lambrequin can be bought in a specialized store or ordered from talented craftsmen, but it's much more interesting to sew it yourself. The creative process of creating such an accessory will undoubtedly please you, and you will long look at your window, decorated with it, with pleasure and pride.

    To create a lambrequin you will need textiles for lining and on the outer layer of the product, centimeter, chalk, glutinous interlining, glutinous web, firing device and pattern patterns.

    To make a lambrequin suitable for your window, you need to take measurements correctly. It is also important that the color of the future product is combined with curtains and with other elements of the interior.

    Before you start to produce delicate lambrequin, you should first think over its design and prepare materials for work Before starting to manufacture the openwork lambrequin, you should first think over its design and prepare the materials for the work

    Master class for the manufacture of openwork lambrequin:

    1. We select on the Internet pictures or draw the ornament of the future on our ownProducts. Print the selected pattern on the printer and cut it out.
    2. The resulting stencils are applied to the front fabric and cut out two patterns, one of which must be made in a mirror image. For this stage, you can use the devor, or a piece of thin felt. In this case, the top of the pattern should remain a part of the fabric, equal to the girth of the cornice.
    3. It is also necessary to cut out two such elements from the glued web, and one of the quilted fabric and glutinous interlining.
    4. Fold all the layers in the following order: external fabric pattern, glutinous web, quilted fabric, glutinous web, glutinous fleece and again facial tissue.
    5. Patterns must be fixed with each other using ironing. The edges of the stitched blanks help to improve the burning out.
    6. Now you need to deal with the edges of the machine. After you have coped with this task, sew to the top of the product halves of Velcro tape, while the soft parts of the Velcro should be located at the very top of the product, and the lower ones are closer to the beginning of the pattern itself.

    It's that simple, you can make lambrequin on a rigid basis. You will need, only to put a little zeal and imagination.

    Lambruckles for curtains "Azhur" from the harness: master class

    Lambruck can be made in a more original way. However, if for the first time only the stencil was sufficient, then for this production variant all your ingenuity and concentration will be needed.

    In this method, we will make an openwork from a bundle. This original design of the window opening perfectly fits into the classic interior, but if you choose instead of a smooth lace hemp rope, your lambrequin will look good in more brutal rooms.

    To make an openwork from the harness you need to think ahead of the pattern. You can print it or draw it on a long sheet of paper. On the pencil lines you will also lay out the tourniquet in the desired shape.

    To make a lambrequin for jute curtains is easy, if you first become acquainted with a detailed master class It is not difficult to make a lambrequin for jute curtains if you first become familiar with the detailed master class

    In order to keep your product better in shape, you can insert pieces of wire inside the cord. Then the received base is bent into the necessary figures. To make the design of a lambrequin more original on an openwork from a bundle, you can hang matching beads according to the color.

    Another option for creating an openwork bando from a bundle involves the use of a rigid base of dense fabric and a tourniquet. For example, you can cut out the middle of large fabric elements on a dense basis, and make an openwork addition from the rope. In this case, you will not need a wire.

    Openwork curtains

    It is best to combine curtains from a dense fabric with a bando. However, the openwork curtains will look charming.

    This combination will add a room of romanticism and sophistication. Combining white openwork curtains with a dark lambrequin, you will get an elegant interior in the French style.

    Openwork curtains perfectly fit into the interior of almost any living room Openwork curtains perfectly fit into the interior of almost any living room

    This decor will fit perfectly into a bedroom or living room. Of course, openwork curtains and patterned lambrequins can be hung in the nursery, but in this case the hard accessory should be bright color.

    To sew an openwork curtain with your own hands, you will need a quality fabric, you can look at the materials from Belarus, as well as the products of Alfatex.

    If you have made a bando with your own hands, then you can easily and sew openwork curtains. Moreover, for these purposes you only need a rectangular cut of fabric and a transparent curtain tape.

    How to sew an openwork lambrequin( video)

    Openwork lambrequins look unusual and stylish. To decorate your home with such products, you do not need to spend a lot of money. Make a patterned bando with your own hands, and the look of the windows will amaze your guests!

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