The combination of colors in the interior of the curtains and wallpaper: curtains in the room, which will suit beige, the interior of the living room

Curtains and wallpaper help without any significant material costs to make the room fresh notes Curtains and wallpaper help to make fresh notes in the room without any significant material costs. Style curtains are always chosen with an eye for wallpaper. What kind of walls, such curtains - not in the sense of tone in tone, it concerns, first of all, the coincidence of textures, color balance, game prints. This happens in the living room, or the bedroom is decorated, the curtains need to be chosen so that the feeling of a single ensemble arose.

    • Select curtains in the room
    • Standard beige wallpaper in the interior: what will suit them
    • Stylish wallpaper coffee with milk: what curtains to choose
    • Fitting online: what curtains will suit the yellow wallpaper, photo
    • The perfect combination of wallpaper and curtains in the interior: photo
    • Harmonious combination of colors in the interior: curtains and wallpaper( video)
    • Examples: what curtains fit to beige wallpaper( photo ideas)

Choose curtains in the room

The most correct move is to take a piece of wallpaper to the salon curtains. So you will not choose from memory, but quite clearly. Choosing curtains, focusing only on pictures on the Internet is dangerous. The fact is that there curtains are depicted under high-quality lighting, but in your room the lighting may be different.

Curtains of a simple cut look better - they do not "eat" space Better look the curtains of a simple cut - they do not "eat" space

And in the catalogs, the curtains are neutral - they are not attached to the interior. You also have to choose the curtains, which will look great in your room. Because going to the store with a piece of wallpaper is a win-win solution. Of course, some imagination should be included anyway: mentally "attach" the curtains to the furniture, and even including the floor and ceiling in the overall picture.

Another tip - try not to go to the salon or store with a specific option in your head. At least, allow yourself the possibility of an unexpected solution. Very often the installation hinders to see a really suitable, albeit initially not considered option.

For example, you are going to buy strictly cream curtains with an unobtrusive pattern. Because so at the girlfriend, so it is beautiful, it is fashionable and under all goes. And in the salon they saw curtains of chic chocolate shade, which simply ask to your wall and coffee table. But the installation makes it difficult to look at a really successful option.

Standard beige wallpaper in the interior: what will suit them

Beige wallpaper - more than a frequent choice. Everything is explained by the compromise of the pastel scale, which does not really bother you, looks calm and balanced. And it's good, because to choose accessories, textiles, looking at such a multivariate wallpaper, it is not difficult.

Beige wallpapers are considered one of the most universal Beige wallpapers are considered to be among the most versatile

The main thing is not to get confused in warm / cold colors. Better not to mix them up, competently do it only pros or people with a very good taste. Warm pastel scale is all muted colors, not only beige and its variants. But in the case of beige wallpaper, you can consider the companions shades of sand, coffee, shades of melted milk, "gold" wallpaper including.

Beige is a universal color, therefore:

  • Strict black;
  • Exciting lilac;
  • Spring blue;
  • Muted pink.

If you do not want to leave the line: "beige-brown", you can pick accent-curtains of terracotta color, soft orange curtains, monochrome purple curtains. If the beige is combined with furniture in olive tones, then dilute green shades can be used. The brown-coffee color will look good if such accessories are still present in the room.

Stylish wallpaper coffee with milk: what curtains to pick up

And here you can play with options, starting from light lemon, completing a saturated burgundy. You can try playful blue. It's not true that he always scary cold room. Often, blue curtains refresh the situation: it is sometimes enough to hang a blue curtain, to change the cushions to blue, as it seems that the room is repaired.

Coffee with milk is classified as neutral tones, but it is considered warmer Coffee with milk is considered neutral, but it is considered warmer.

Emerald curtains with golden decor can also make friends with such wallpaper if something, again, is emerald, is present in the interior. Perhaps the upholstery of the chair. The same pillows in the area of ​​the sofa, the ceiling zone( chandelier, etc.)

Try to estimate whether the hall or other room will flow into pink or dark blue. These colors can make wallpaper coffee with milk more dynamic, let the room "move" and because, it seems more. This design is suitable for those who like to refresh the situation. Curtains can also remain traditional: tulle, chiffon, threads.

Fitting online: what curtains will suit the yellow wallpaper, photo

Yellow is one of the most cheerful colors. Very often it is used by fashion designers. For example, in recent years, yellow wallpapers with transparent retro roses have become popular. Or yellow wallpaper with milk monograms. Well, portieres then you need to find the right ones.

To the yellow wallpaper is best suited blue curtains Yellow doors are best suited for blue curtains

Yellow is suitable for:

  • Black;
  • Purple;
  • Azure;
  • Gray;
  • Cream;
  • White;
  • Blue;
  • Red.

Dairy curtains in a "transparent" flower well play on a cheerful yellow background. Gray-white curtains can balance the composition. And you can take and lemon curtains with a white or beige pattern of flowers or geometric shapes. Pretty good, by the way, an option in the kitchen.

The perfect combination of wallpaper and curtains in the interior: photo

The most convenient option - white wallpaper. Combine them with red, though with silver. Of course, you need to take into account the features of furniture. If the wallpaper is neutral, curtains can be selected at least to the sofa, even to the headset. Sometimes in the room there are also wallpapers, which directs the choice in this direction.

To curtains in the color of the wallpaper did not merge with the room, you must choose a curtain a little darker or lighter than the tone of the wall covering To make the curtains in the color of the wallpaper do not merge with the room, it is necessary to choose the curtains slightly darker or lighter than the tone of the wall covering.

If the walls have liquid wallpaper, the texture of such a coating is taken into account. Curtains should not be a dissonance to these wallpaper. Textures must either coincide, or be in the same plane. This affects the overall perception of space.

Try not to combine what only a professional can do. This is a fusion of floral and geometric, this is a variety of textures, it is multicolored. More than three dominant colors in the interior - this is too much. And it is better that there were two of them, and other tones played it out in a delicate way.

Harmonious combination of colors in the interior: curtains and wallpaper( video)

Today in the network a lot of information, open the same Wiktionary, and learn about everything in the world. But the sense of taste is formed in practice, in the study of art objects, observations, etc. Therefore, rely not so much on fashion, as on a sense of style, aesthetics, good taste.

Good luck in choosing!

Examples: some curtains approach the beige wallpaper( photo ideas)