Curtains for the bedroom: photo of beautiful curtains, which design to choose 2017, short in the interior of a small bedroom

Curtains for the bedroom create coziness and comfort Curtains for the bedroom create coziness and comfort Comfort in the bedroom is a special point for many housewives. Indeed, where, if not in the bedroom, should be calm, beautiful, relaxed. Textiles in this sense is not a small accent. What kind of curtains can I choose?What fashion trends to consider?And how to use the curtains to recreate a certain style in the interior?

    • How to choose beautiful curtains and curtains
    • Fashionable and beautiful curtains 2017: tips for designers
    • Selection of beautiful curtains for the bedroom: photo
    • In the style of Provence: Curtains for curtains in the bedroom, photo
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How to choose the beautiful curtains and curtains

To begin with, is it the same whether it's curtains, curtains, curtains. But no, curtains and curtains are concepts though related, but not synonymous. Gardina assumes the use of a window opening with another textile, for example, the same lambrequin. But it is quite possible to use it as an independent element. To make curtains, usually a lightweight fabric is used, translucent. This is chiffon, and tulle, and lace, and veil, and organza. Curtains are more common name.

.That is, it can be a window curtain made of dense materials, including. If the curtain - it's something airy and flying, then curtains can be called all the window curtains in general. With all their varieties. A tulle, which is often called a curtain, is only a kind of fabric, which is often used for curtains.

For the manufacture of curtains most often use a translucent fabric For the production of curtains, the translucent fabric

is most often used. When choosing curtains, the reference point goes to many parameters. Among them, the width of the future curtain and the dimensions of the room. As for the width, the entire canvas should cover the opening of the window. Long curtains in the floor usually involve draping with folds. If the bedroom is large, then it can be a classic version of curtains complex cut with lambrequins. In a small bedroom, the cornice is tried to hang directly under the ceiling, so that the curtains visually increase the height of the room.

Fashionable and beautiful curtains 2017: advice of designers

It is not necessary to be surprised if a designer invited to decorate offers to start decor and cosmetic repair in general with the decoration of the window. That is, it can be perceived as something that curtains are a style-building element. Energize the window, natural light, and the design of this opening is really a reasonable step in shaping the appearance of the bedroom.

Curtains for the bedroom are of three types Curtains for the bedroom are of three types

There are three types of curtains for the bedroom:

  • Curtains on the decorative braid - classic, through the braid stretched lace, thanks to him you can model any form of folds. Usually complements the ensemble of lambrequins. This makes the composition perfect.
  • Curtains with eyelets .Eyelets - a metal or plastic rings, which are specially fixed at the top of the curtains. Then they are threaded on the cornice itself. The folds are uniform and wavy. And simple, and cute.
  • Curtains with hinges .Used as overhead loops, and loops on Velcro, buttonholes, loops with bandages.

It can not be said that any design of curtains is completely outdated. It all depends on the style of the bedroom, the image that you want to see. There are bedrooms a la doll house, where an abundance of decor is welcomed, including on textiles. And there are restrained bedrooms of pastel tones, where the curtain should be airy, simple, organic, without a single element, for which the eye "clings".

Selection of beautiful curtains for the bedroom: photo

The first point - the size of the curtain should be significantly wider than the window opening. Well, if the curtain and completely close the wall with a window. That is not only in width, but also in length. This is necessary for the decoration of a beautiful drapery.

The curtain size should be substantially wider than the window opening The curtain size must be significantly wider than the window opening

Curtains for the bedroom:

Curtains, curtains and lambrequins should be color-coordinated, and this ensemble can not "argue" with the overall design of the bedroom( more than three accent colors in the interior - this is in 90% of the design-catastrophe cases);
  • Think about how to make sure that the curtain does not touch the battery or grille - in priority free-hovering;
  • Remember also about the coincidence of textures - it is impossible in one interior, if it is not considered eclecticism, to combine silk, velvet, velor, and tulle, etc.

What is the task of curtains - to give a sense of weightlessness?Or maybe to protect as much as possible from persistent light?Or select a window, make it an accent?This is also important when choosing. Sometimes the owners are against the intrusive design of the window, they want minimal decor. In this case, often selected and short curtains without a pattern, as much as possible combined with the color of the walls.

In the style of Provence: Curtains for curtains in the bedroom, photo

Style Provence is not the first year favorite with housewives from all over the post-Soviet space. And this is understandable: from him breathes carefree summer, the mild comfort of the sunny province, warmth and home harmony. That's why I want to recreate this situation in my bedroom with my own hands.

Provence style installs such design priorities as naturalness of fabrics, floral pattern, simplicity of cut, pastel colors. The craving for the natural beginning is obvious, because for curtains are selected such fabrics as cotton, linen, chintz, blended fabrics.

Curtains in the style of Provence look quite original Curtains in the style of Provence look quite original

As for the curtains - it should be a simple inexpensive fabric, maybe tulle, lace. It is rare to use a simple fabric without a pattern, patterns, some kind of volant, decorative loops and other. It can be a tulle with floral motifs, in assembly, with an uneven bottom, etc.

In the Provencal, curtains can be attached to garters, hinges, eyelets, rings, kulisks. Very popular are the curtains on the hinges. Color overload should not be - this is important if you want not muffled provence, but rather a juicy room of floral motifs. And if the curtains, other textiles, the wallpaper is exactly this, then the curtain should be less active. Here you can just use almost transparent white curtains without folds and patterns.

How to choose curtains for the bedroom( video)

Curtains are capable of making even the most uncomfortable bedroom. It is only necessary to cover them with a window, as the home environment settles in and not inhabited premises. Try and you make the room gentle, warm, soft with the same curtains.

Good luck in the transformation!

curtain design for the bedroom( the photo in the interior)