Curtains on the arched windows photo: semicircular eaves, blinds in the houses, decoration of the arch with curtains and curtains

Arched windows create a luxurious style in any room arched windows create a luxurious style in any room semicircular arched windows are original architectural design that is chosen for the decoration of the end rooms or fully for all the walls. It is worth noting that there is far from the correct opinion that the design of such window openings is very problematic, but in fact, to deal with the decor is not more difficult than in the case of conventional designs.

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semicircular windows: stylistic direction

semicircular window openings today are an innovation in the architecture of buildings and attract the attention of others, but having such a frame are still manycenturies ago and were considered a luxury and high status of premises owners. The walls with semicircular windows look stylish, noble and simply attractive. It is worth noting that if the semicircular windows will be finished with an air-hole, then such a decor will attract 100% of the attention of others.

Especially often such window frames are found in the constructions of such styles as :

  • Romanism;
  • Russian tower;
  • Gothic;
  • Classicism;
  • Morocco;
  • Arabic;
  • Modern;
  • Postmodernism.

Arched window perfectly emphasizes the classic style of the interior arched window perfectly emphasizes the classic style of interior

Unfortunately, especially in standard type apartments is not a lot of options where you can set the semicircular arched windows. The places of their accommodation are thought out even during the design of the structure, and therefore it is possible to replace the usual square frames with more modern and stylish ones.

Citizens prefer to experiment and install arched windows :

  • On the balcony;
  • On the loggia;
  • On bathrooms;
  • Type falseness;
  • On the partition between the room and the balcony.

The difference between arched windows and standard ones is how the design is done, and also in the upper contour, which is not even, but semi-circular or oval. The design of the window directly depends on what is the developer of the model and from the consumer. They are made of: wood, plastic.

Due to modern technology, it is possible to produce rounded windows of different radii, which allows you to choose the original designs.

window forms are: completely circular or in the form of porthole in the form of a horseshoe, a half circle, an asymmetrical form, wherein the different curvature radius, a quarter circle. In a rectangular frame rounded can be a completely different side, for example: lateral, upper, part of the upper, lower. Such arched constructions significantly expand the limit of opportunities for decorating the premises, and due to the large assortment it is possible to make a choice towards the most original in form of products. With the help of rounded frames, you can create unusual architectural drawings.

Features of arched windows: photo

In general, the view of windows under the arch on the houses looks very stylish, but it is similar to the usual frames. If the doors are divided into several parts, in particular 6, then the construction will be more harmonious and pleasant in appearance. How exactly the sections will be located depends on the shape and size of the product. In small windows make a pair of leaves, so as not to interfere with the penetration of light, and to exclude distortions in the proportionality of the frame.

Arched windows diversify the design of any house, both outside and inside the room Arched windows diversify the design of any house, both outside and inside the premises

Important!If there are 2 arched windows in the room in which the opening transoms are located, it is desirable that they are located symmetrically to each other.

In addition, it should be remembered that transoms should not open as convenient for residents of the house, and as this requires installation technology. Window frames of the arched form can be deaf, that is, without a window or opening flap, as well as an opening view. The opening structures are divided into several types. Namely on: folding, swinging, sliding, swinging and combined.

Choose arched curtains

Curtains on the arched windows should be installed regardless of what the purpose of the room. It can be a space: a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom and not only. It is important to remember that choosing curtains should be based on the general style of the room.

The most universal and practical styles are recognized :

  • Classics;
  • Modern;
  • Empire.

They are characterized by such original elements as: lambrequin, fringe, lace, drapes with festoons, curtains in French style, tulle. To make pick-ups, the most diverse elements are suitable, for example: a ribbon with festoons, a twisted cord, a ring clamp made of wood, plastic or metal. If you build an arched window in the kitchen or in the dining room, then it is best to choose the Empire style, which is known for its splendor and imperial grandeur.

There should be such elements of luxury as a lot of ruffling, frills, in which there can be gold or silver embossing and do not forget about decorative details.

It is very important that the curtains fully correspond to the interior of the room and then they will be able to emphasize both the rounded frames and their decoration It is very important that the curtains fully correspond to the interior of the room and then they will be able to emphasize both the rounded frames and their design

If the choice fell on the curtains on which there will be lambrequins, then it's best to choose those with braid andBrush and complement their tulle veil. The choice of curtains should be done taking into account what color prevails in the room. There are certain types of compatibility colors that are worth paying attention to.

For example :

  • Blue can be combined with white, blue, pearl gray, beige;
  • Red combines with white, yellow, gray, blue;
  • Beige colors are combined with colors such as blue, white, brown;
  • Green can be combined with light brown, beige;
  • Brown is combined with silver gray, white, blue and green.

Curtains can be a few tones lighter or darker than the primary color, which is used in the decoration of walls. Very vivid contrast contrasts, but on the condition that the windows and the door will be in one tone. Kitchens are not desirable to make too bright, as this will affect the overall appearance of the interior and even on what condition the guests of this room will have.

Features of arched cornices

It is equally important to choose: cornices, curtains and strings. It is on them will be hung blinds or blinds, depending on the choice of the subject of the decor. Which element should be given preference?It is advisable to choose those designs that can repeat the shape of the window.

Correctly choosing a cornice for an arched window and curtains, you can make a normal window opening beautiful Choosing the cornice for the arched window and curtains, you can make a normal window opening beautiful

Advantages are often given to profile cornices, which are mounted directly into a niche with an arch.

Due to the flexibility of the material, it is possible to bend it to the desired radius. Profiled cornices are sold in various lengths and there is an opportunity to purchase them in any color, so that they are combined with a shade of the frame.

Selecting curtains on arched windows( video)

Arched windows are one way to significantly transform a room, both inside and outside, and you can meet them quite often in recent times. To decorate such designs use: tulle, curtains as standard, and designer, as well as blinds and similar products.

curtains Design on arched windows( photo in the interior)