Roman curtains in the nursery: photo room, for the girl and boy, interior

Roman blinds are well suited for a children Roman blinds are well suited for a child's room thanks to the excellent aesthetic qualities Quite a few parents, choosing the curtains in the children's room, opt for Roman curtains. Why?Because they are practical, look great in almost any interior and pleases the views of both adults and children. In the eternal question of what to choose: a bright, funny or high-quality thing - Roman blinds are definitely the right decision.

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Practical roman blinds in the interior of a child's room

Catching decoration of the room where the child lives, All parents want their son or daughter to be comfortable. After all, if a child does not like the place where he lives - he reluctantly learns, becomes passive, capricious, may lose interest in the world around him.

Among the advantages of Roman curtains is the wide variety of colors and shapes Among the advantages of Roman blinds worth noting the wide variety of colors and shapes

Roman curtains at the window - is the part that is able to embellish a children's room and bring it a touch of diversity.

So, in the nursery you should choose Roman curtains, because they:

  • Combine with any style;
  • Do not take up much space and can be attached to both the window and a certain part of it;
  • Very practical and unpretentious in care - easy to clean, remove and put on;
  • Have an affordable price and a low-cost fabric;
  • Excellent protection of rooms from UV rays and can create a uniform eye for the eyes;
  • A wide range of different colors, textures and fabrics, as well as the ability to apply the desired pattern to their surface, allows you to choose exactly the thing that everyone will like.

In addition, Roman curtains are made of environmentally friendly material and additionally impregnated with substances that repel dust, which are completely harmless to humans. That is especially important for a children's room.

How to choose Roman curtains in a nursery: photos of products

The children's room should not be a dull monochrome box. It is advisable to choose such colors and combinations that the child would be pleased to be in such a room. And, of course, you need to consider the tastes of your daughter or son.

few general tips:

  • choose Roman curtains better 2-3 shades darker or lighter-colored walls of the room;
  • If the whole room is rather variegated, it is better to choose Roman blinds of neutral pastel colors;
  • It is better to give preference to pleasant to the touch, soft natural fabrics;
  • It will look great combination of identical patterns or colors on curtains, bedspreads or pillows;
  • Children do not like too aggressive venomous tone, so to save the child's mind is better to stay on the olive, peach, blue, pink, green, blue, and pastel colors;
  • Do not choose too dark curtains - they act depressingly on the child;
  • The size of the curtains should preferably be short, up to the window sill.

Choose Roman curtains in the nursery follows, based on the personal preferences of the child Selecting Roman curtains in the nursery follows the personal preferences of the child

When choosing curtains with a picture, one should take into account the age of the children. For the youngest, you can choose curtains with a simple, unpretentious pattern. Boys and older girls will be happy with beautiful flowers, animals, interesting abstraction, geometric figures.

A special delight is the Roman curtains depicting your favorite fairy-tale heroes. For girls it is, of course, the princesses and heroines of the people - Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Bell. But the boys probably will be delighted with different models of cars, yachts, modern robots and favorite superheroes - Batman, Spiderman and others.

When choosing curtains, it is also better to minimize all hinged decorative details and preferably abandon the eaves, especially if the child is small. Any bows, beads, shoelaces with beads at the level of child growth is best not to use, as the child can spoil them and at the same time suffer himself.

By the way, you can choose such models that are attached to each individual frame, and not to the opening as a whole. This will allow you to control the lighting of the room, closing exactly that curtain, which is needed at the moment.

Elegant Roman blinds in the nursery for girls

Almost all the girls on the nature of the dreamer and connoisseur beautiful things. Why not create the illusion of a real fairy-tale castle in a room for a little princess?And this is perfectly possible to help the Roman curtains, which will create the illusion of a view from a luxurious castle.

Curtains in the girls' room can be sewn from a dense or transparent material. If there is too much sunlight in the room, it is better to choose the first option. But if you just need to cover what is happening in the room from the street - a thick, slightly transparent cloth will do.

Drawing should be chosen based on the preferences of the girl, but flowers, hearts, different shapes of clouds are especially popular.

For the girl girl's room is well suited roman shades of light colors: white, yellow, pink

If the room is dominated by pink curtains better to take a plain pastel shades. The perfect combination is a one-color Roman blind and a bright curtain.

To Roman Blinds did not seem boring in one color, you can decorate:

  • Banten;
  • Lace;
  • Colors.

If the girl has a favorite fairytale heroine, you can buy a curtain with her image or picture of an animal.

stylish roman blinds in the nursery for a boy

Picking Roman blinds in the boy's room, you need to first of all take into account the tastes of the child, trying to pick up the entire interior, so that he was comfortable in the room.

known that the younger representatives of the great popularity of the stronger sex are such topics as:

  • Sea - shells, starfish, fish;
  • Sportswear - soccer balls, rackets;
  • Natural - floral ornaments, animal images;
  • Space - stars, planets, the sun.

An excellent solution is to choose Roman curtains in a room for a boy with a picture of his favorite cartoon characters great solution is to choose Roman blinds in the room for a boy with a picture of his favorite cartoon characters

If the boy is interested in technology and cars, then most likely it like curtains with the image of machines, various ships and aircraft. You can buy curtains with painted superheroes or animals.

Regarding color, mostly Roman curtains in the boy's room are made in blue, coffee or green. And it is acceptable to use fairly simple designs without any additional decorations.

If a child's room window facing east or west, it is desirable to hang roman blinds some dark colors to the morning sun's rays are not blind the boy and gave him a good night's sleep. Boys, like girls, can love bright colors with unpretentious patterns. In this regard, you need to ask, first of all, the child: what he wants.

Cozy Roman blinds in the nursery( video)

choosing roman blinds in a child's room, be sure to take into account his tastes and interests. It is not necessary to select nuclear-acid tones, which can aggressively act on the child. It is always possible to choose curtains of pleasant calm color with an interesting drawing. Roman blinds are good for its diverse range of colors, a wide choice of textures and the possibility of drawing. Choosing such blinds can be certain that the child will like and will be comfortable in his room.

design Roman blinds in the nursery( photo in the interior)