Curtains on the eyelets: photo of tulle on rings, curtains for the kitchen and living room at the same time, curtains in the bedroom

One of the most striking examples are the curtains on the eyelets, which are gaining more and more popularity One of the most striking examples are the curtains on the eyelets, which are gaining more and more popularity Curtains are decorative decoration of the window. They perform two main functions: protect from the bright, sunrays and curious views of the room, as well as decorate the interior. One of them are curtains on the eyelets. Lewers means a bushing through which it is possible to pass different elements: cords, ropes, rope. And in our version of the curtains, through the grommet will be inserted cornice.

    • Unusual curtains on the rings: photo of the
    • design options What are the curtains with the eyelet and tulle: photos of the best compositions
    • Practical curtains on the kitchen gauges: photo of the window decoration
    • Beautiful curtains on the eyelets in theLiving room: photo from the best designers
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Unusual curtains on the rings: photo of the

design options Elegant and stylishbut it will look in your interior, as curtains and curtains on rings, or, as they are called modern designers - eyelets. Eyelets-rings, differing in diameter, are attached to the cornice, forming a beautiful drapery. They can be of different sizes: small( 1.5 - 3cm) and large( up to 6cm).As well as different colors and shapes.

Among the varieties of curtains, products on the eyelets - the most vivid and stylish Among the varieties of curtains, products on the eyelets - the most striking and stylish

Curtains on the rings, a photo of their models there is a huge variety. You can choose different room design options that will satisfy any of your requests.

Wrong, the opinion that the eyelets can only be round. Modern designers constantly improve their shape. Today you can buy rings of any shape, starting with the classic and ending with extravagant. According to the configuration, they can be: square, triangular, oval, polygonal. And you can also find interesting shapes in the form of a fish, a flower, a frog, a heart. They make eyelets from strong and reliable materials. Each of the materials is suitable for a certain kind of fabric, while creating its own unique style.

The material from which the eyelets are made:

  • Wood;
  • Metal;
  • Plastic.

Wood is an environmentally friendly and natural material and relatively inexpensive. Therefore, he is the most popular material. Expensive material is metal. It is durable, durable and practical. Simultaneously with metal rings, plastic products can be used. This material is distinguished by its lightness and variety of colors.

What are curtains with eyelets and tulle: photos of the best compositions

Curtains on the eyelets are very easily and easily opened, with the folds that formed, look beautiful and smooth. Such curtains will decorate any room design. For curtains on the eyelets suitable for any fabric: whether it is light flax or heavy brocade. The room will look original and refined, if the curtains chosen by you will correctly emphasize the color of walls, furniture, ceiling and floor. Suitable for such curtains and material such as tulle.

Eyelets on curtains - this is another proof that all genius is simple Curtains on curtains - this is yet another proof that all ingenious is just

Curtains with eyelet and tulle, photos of which are able to inspire any transformations, look in the background of the window very refined and original. They can decorate any room.

Curtains on the eyelets of light tulle look very airy and spectacular. Such curtains are simple, practical and functional. Their choice should be given great attention so that they can perfectly harmonize with the general situation of the room.

Tulle has different types:

  • Organza;
  • Veil;
  • Kisei;
  • Grid.

Among many varieties of curtains, it is tulle has the most stylish and bright coloring. A soft wavy effect is the main feature of such curtains. And in order to achieve such an effect, it is necessary to compare the size of the rings very closely with the density of the material itself. Just with tulle, you need to handle very carefully, then, such a curtain will last a long time, pleasing you with its beauty and originality.

Practical curtains on kitchen gauges: photo decoration of the

window The house is a source of harmony and beauty. Each hostess tries to create warmth and comfort by arranging her home using different decorative accessories. Window - this is the "face" of each room. Therefore, correctly and beautifully decorating it, you radically transform any room: living room, kitchen, bedroom, hall or nursery. The kitchen is a very active room. In it, there are different processes( mostly wet) and various odors are in the air. Therefore, to choose material for curtains in the kitchen should be very carefully.

Curtains in the kitchen usually perform several functions at once: decorate the window opening, protect from sunlight and extraneous views Curtains in the kitchen usually perform several functions at once: decorate the window opening, protect against sunlight and foreign views

Curtains on the kitchen shades, photos of which can be found on various special sites, are very original and practical. The material, for such curtains, will suit very light, almost airy. The most suitable is a weightless grid.

Given all the features of the kitchen, the material for curtains must be chosen very high quality and practical. And curtains must necessarily match the interior of the kitchen.

Textiles for the kitchen should be:

  • Not brand;
  • Quick-drying;
  • Practical;
  • Convenient.

Such material is: satin, tulle or silk. They are not only practical, but also attractive. In the kitchen, in general, minimalism is welcomed, so choosing the best combination curtains on the eyelets. These curtains are very beautiful, they will give your kitchen a modern style and chic. Eyelets are usually in harmony with all types of tissue. For light and transparent fabrics suitable, for example, metal rings, and for cotton curtains - wooden. In general, the kitchen is a place for experiments, the main thing is that the curtains correspond to the size of the room, its style, and also ideally fit the shape of the window.

Beautiful curtains on the eyelets in the living room: photos from the best designers

Curtains that are attached to the eyelets can decorate any living room, giving it charm and elegance. To design your room was inimitable, the eyelets should ideally blend in with the color scheme of the room. It is more reasonable to choose larger round rings, they will look more attractive in the interior of the hall.

That the interior of a drawing room corresponded to the spirit of the time, it is enough to buy new curtains In order for the interior of the living room to be in line with the spirit of the day, it is enough to buy new curtains

Curtains on the eyelets in the living room, photos of which there are many, perform the main function, namely: protect from bright sunlight. Therefore, it is best to choose fabrics that are more dense in structure.

The products on the eyelets look best, if there is a decorative part of the curtains at the top - the ribbon ribbon. Usually it is made of more dense material than the curtain itself. Thanks to such an attractive ribbon, the curtain will look more accurate, and the shape is more accurate. To choose the color of curtains for the living room, you need to approach especially individually, since there are no prohibitions. You can choose different colors and patterns that are most suitable for your interior.

Advantages of curtains that are attached to the eyelets:

  • Suitable for different rooms;
  • Do not require any additional finishing;
  • Different materials are used for their manufacture;
  • Do not create a noise effect when driving;
  • Care of them is not difficult.

You can even put photoshoots in the living rooms, they will not only decorate it, but will also add individuality to your home. The photo gallery of such products is very large. All the variants of the models that are presented in it are quite practical and attractive. Each model has its own unique flavor, so only looking at all the options, you can decide on a choice. You can also choose a fabric for the color of wallpaper, ceiling or floor. Or, for the living room, you can use combined curtains made of different materials( light and dense fabrics).In general, the choice is very great, to deal with it, you need to spend more than one day. But the result is worth it, your room will be transformed and will become more modern and better.

How to hang curtains on the eyelets( video)

Whatever curtains you choose to decorate your house or apartment, it's the products that are attached to the eyelets that will give them charm and charm. They will allow you to create coziness and comfort inside your home.

curtains Design on eyelets( photo in the interior)