Closures for curtains: photos of merged holders in the interior, garters with their own hands, clamps and clips, barrettes and magnets

Successfully decorating the windows, beautiful pick-ups for curtains subtly emphasize the uniqueness of the interior Successfully decorating the windows, beautiful curtain raises subtly underscore the uniqueness of the interior Any curtain or curtain will play bright colors if it is correctly decorated. Picks and garters can revitalize and give a special charm to the window leaf. True, it should be understood that conventional curtains, made in the style of minimalism, may well do without unnecessary details, but the classical directions will blossom with such decor elements as holders and lambrequins.

    • Stylish curtain racks: photos and types of garters
    • Modern curtain holders: classification according to the material
    • Special clips for curtains: photos and fixing methods
    • Fashionable holders for curtains by hand:
    • In a certain position, the tissue covering the window opening is placed. Without this detail, the curtains may look faded and seemingly not finished. With their help, you can assemble the curtain as you like and thereby emphasize the interior of the room and the design of the curtain itself.

      Stylish picks for curtains - an integral and important part of any modern interior Stylish curtain catches - an integral and important part of any modern interior

      Advantages of pick-ups:

      • Ability to change the design of curtains( you can keep them straight or stuck);
      • More elegant appearance of the window;
      • Easy to use;
      • Room lighting control.

      Basically, the fixing of the pick-ups takes place at the height of the window sill, but this is not an axiom. Everyone can hang a garter wherever he likes.

      The most popular types of garters:

      • Brushes - very elegant model that will look great on expensive draperies or classic curtains;
      • Hairpins - usually look like any geometric shaped objects, with a hole in the middle complete with a skewer, which must be placed in front of the curtain and pinned horizontally;
      • The magnets are a very effective clamp, consisting of two interconnected magnets, the front part of which is decorated with fabric, rhinestones, acrylic;
      • Metal stuck - looks like a stand with a beautiful element soldered to its top( to fix the curtain you just need to throw it through this pick-up fixed on the wall).

      You can fasten podhvatki on hooks or Velcro, which are pre-mounted on the wall.

      Modern curtain holders: classified by material

      Correctly selected wall holders for curtains can completely change the type of curtains depending on their style and design. With their help you can create wrinkles, adjust the length of the canvas, control the level of illumination of the room.

      An integral part of the interior of any room is the design of the window opening, which is carried out using not only curtains, but also cornices An integral part of the interior of any room is the design of the window opening, which is carried out using not only curtains, but also curtain rods

      The final form of the curtains depends on the place and method of mounting the holders. To find the most suitable one, you can experiment and try different models.

      All holder models are divided according to the types of materials they are made of:

      1. Metallic - can look like merged hooks for podhvaty of beads, cord, various fabrics. Such braces are often used as independent elements for picking up and have a complex shape or different decorative details on the end. For heavy curtains and curtains, forged holders are best suited.
      2. Wooden - a classic type of product that will look great in a traditional interior with elegant curtains. To enrich their appearance, you can choose models with gilding, and pick pick with brushes.
      3. Plastic - have many different shapes and are cheap. Use them best for light curtains and curtains, which do not experience a heavy load.

      Quite often, beautiful bindings are sold in a set with eaves and have a common design. If you have to purchase them yourself, you need to take into account the general interior of the room, the shape of the fixtures, the furniture details of the room where the holders are selected.

      If the porters are dense and heavy - it is better to give preference to holders made of metal or wood.

      Special clips for curtains: photos and fixing methods

      Manufacturers of various accessories for curtains present to your attention a lot of pick-ups in the form of clips and pins. They are mainly used when they want to create original compositions from various fabrics.

      Beautiful clips for curtains not only complement the interior, but also complete the style of the room Beautiful curtain clips not only complement the interior, but also complete the style of the room

      Such hooks act according to the principle of clamping the curtain fabric in a certain place, thus changing the appearance of the curtains. Especially effective look clamps, made in technology, which is called "Kanzashi".

      With the help of Kanzashi clips, you can create drapery at any point of the curtain without attaching it to the wall. It can be:

      • Combined classical compositions;
      • Decorative finishes of lambreken;
      • Crossed curtains at any angle;
      • Sleeve of the bishop.

      Separately it is necessary to tell about special drapery rings. These elements look like decorative beads with a slit inside. Through this slot, and stretches the fabric, resulting in frills. Can be metal, wooden or plastic.

      Quite popular are magnetic holders for curtains, which are two connected with a cord or thread clips. With the help of such devices, you can drape the curtain almost anywhere. They can be decorated under a tree, precious stones, floral arrangements.

      In addition to the principle of operation, the place and methods of securing the holders on which the overall appearance of the curtain depends is important.

      There are several ways of fixing the clamps:

      1. At the level of the window sill - a "classic of the genre", which is suitable for a guest room, bedroom or study where the curtains usually hang on the whole wall;
      2. Above the sill line - suitable for narrow window openings or for short curtains;
      3. Below the window sill - this option is usually possible on wide windows to visually narrow the opening( looks good on heavy curtains or drapes).

      Choose a place to capture curtains, depending on the overall stylistic design of the room, the dimensions of the window opening and the purpose of the room.

      Fashionable holders for curtains by one's own hands: photos of products

      Nowadays there are a lot of different variants of garters for every taste on the market. But many creative needlewomen manage to make or sew podstvatki for curtains of those materials that they have at hand.

      Armed with fantasy and nobhodimymi materials, you can make excellent pick up for curtains your own hands Armed with imagination and the necessary materials, you can make excellent catchments for curtains yourself

      When creating holders you can use:

      1. Multi-colored shoelaces - just simply weave a braid from them or twist the tourniquet, and hang brushes or pom-poms at the ends. To make a brush you need cardboard, the width of the length of the future brush. The yarn or lace of the desired color is wound on it, and then it is carefully removed from the base. Then one side of the skein needs to be bandaged across, and on the other hand the resulting loop is cut.
      2. Belt - the most common belt you can safely pick up any curtains.
      3. Chain or beads - you can buy ready-made models, and you can make your own by stringing beads on a solid line and fixing the edges of the rope lock.
      4. Soft toys - ideal for decorating the holder in the nursery. To do this, fix it on the wall, and put the curtains in the hands or pens of the toy. Fixation can be carried out using threads, staples or magnets.
      5. Strips of fabric - the material should be folded in half, stitching and unscrewing. Next, walk on it with ironing. Then, along the entire fabric, retreat 2 cm from the edge, stitch the strip, and inwardly tighten the ribbon or lace and pull off.

      However, the holders for curtains and curtains can be anything: from beads, computer disks, belts, ropes, satin ribbons, colors and any other materials.

      Tips: how you can tie the garters for curtains

      The art of beautifully tie the curtains can do a good job. How to decide which curtain holder to choose and in what case the room will look more elegant?

      Curtains can be tied with a standard curtain tape, which usually comes in the kit, you can also use a string with brushes Curtains can be tied with a standard curtain tape, which is usually included in the kit, you can also use a braid with brushes

      The ways of tying the curtains depend primarily on the design of the room and the number of canvasses hanging on the window:

      1. If the curtain is one - it is better to intercept it in the middle. If the color is calm and monophonic, you can use bright accessories or flowers. If the curtain itself is multicolored, then it is desirable to use the tie in the tone of the existing patterns.
      2. Two curtains can be tied symmetrically, holding the holders strictly at the same level, and you can make an asymmetry. One end is tied at the height of the windowsill, and the other is lower or slightly higher. This move will give a zest to the room and visually increase the space.
      3. Crosswise - a method for two canvases that are attached to opposite sides. This method is excellent for multi-colored, made of soft fabric curtains.
      4. If the pick-up looks like brushes, then the cord can be fixed to the holder, and the brush should be bandaged around the curtain by the knot.

      But this is not all ways to beautifully tie the window cloth. Any hostess, turning to her imagination, can come up with a lot of ways how to decorate a room with a conventional garter.

      Beautiful hooks for curtains( video)

      The use of various pins, clips, picks allows you to experiment with the appearance of the window, change the design of the room, "play" with sunlight. You can, of course, just hang curtains, not decorating them in any way, but with additional accessories they will "play" with new colors and give the room's furniture a unique zest.