Thread curtains: yarn in the interior, photo muslin and rope hanging, RF and thread curtains in the kitchen, beautiful assembly

Thread curtains can be purchased at any specialized store cotton curtains can be purchased at any specialized shop window design - an important part of interior design. Often this is even a style-building element. It can be viewed by the whole pictures, various pictures and images, but the design of the room should be holistic, not just copied from somewhere, and ranked according to your ideas and opportunities. The window can also be decorated with decorative ropes. We are talking about thread( filamentous, muslin, filamentous, threaded, viscose) curtains. Sometimes such curtains are called noodles, rain, rain, pasta, ropes. Threadlike curtains can be completely different, from simple penny to luxury curtains with expensive stones.

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    • Graceful rope curtains in the living room
    • Gentle Filament curtains in the bedroom
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Making curtains-thread window in the kitchen

it is believed that-thread curtains in the kitchen - it is not practical. They will often get dirty, the threads will get confused, and generally, why such ropes are not in the most romantic place of the house. Of course, this view is stereotyped. If it's beautiful, if it stylistically and colorfully fits the design of the kitchen, such a curtain will be graceful strokes.

Among the advantages of thread curtains should be noted excellent aesthetic qualities Among the advantages of filament curtains should be noted excellent aesthetic qualities

Especially well it looks a rather spacious kitchen with a balcony. In these threads, the morning sun is very beautiful, they are so sweetly poured that such an impression can not be replaced by another. Ordinary curtains will be unusual, the same tulle will not create such effect.

Sometimes curtains made of thread can create the necessary interior illusions. For example, white curtains-threads in the floor in a light kitchen and visually draw up the room, and create the necessary sense of dynamics. Sometimes it's at once incomprehensible that the curtains of ropes - it seems that this is some kind of flowing fabric.

Elegant rope curtains in the living room

For the hall, this option is quite common. Since the area of ​​this room is usually not small, it is possible to place the segments of such a curtain in an original way at different length levels. And the height of such curtains can be changed by yourself, you can tie them up as you like. That is from time to time you need to refresh the interior.

Curtains-strings in the design of the living room:

  • may be a resonator .Actually this is the case, if this is the only room in the apartment. Leave it in this form, without the functional zones do not want to. And to put bulky partitions is also not the best option. So these curtains will be an easy, airy, gentle zonator.
  • Can be two-color .Use even the rainbow curtains, with a thin, nonsensical transition of colors.
  • Can be supplemented with more sophisticated decor - for example, lacing. There are some styles where such intricacies are organic, for example, the Boho style.

Rope curtains fit well into the living room, made in the style of high-tech Rope curtains fit well into the living room made in high-tech style.

These wide curtains look great on wide windows, high windows, especially if the color is chosen correctly. You can even collect a single image, where each element of the interior is connected semantically with another. Sometimes even a suspension is made in the form of a cloud, but usually such options are used for the nursery. In the living room, thread curtains are often supplemented by a more strict lambrequin.

Delicate filament curtains in the bedroom

This is perhaps the most suitable room for curtains. For such an intimate environment, elements that are themselves tender, romantic, easy are required. The threads of such curtains can be with lurex, decorated with glass beads, complemented by the decoration of beads. This can be, by the way, and strings of the original forms - for example, a spiral.

There are different ways and fastenings of such curtains. They can be hooked on rings, on clothespins, rarely, but there are such curtains with eyelets. Sometimes it's an adhesive tape or even a magnetic base. The way of hanging can be factory, or invented by you for more convenience. And if it's a children's bedroom, all sorts of funny cute pompon elements can be on the curtains.

Curtains in the interior of the interior

For the production of curtains used cotton, linen, synthetics, bamboo. It happens that even metal strings, very thin, will be the basis of such curtains. This, of course, affects the price of curtains. If the stones, beads, bugles are expensive, and the work is filigree, then, naturally, the price will be serious.

Curtains of muslin may differ in length, color and thickness The curtains of the muslin may vary in length, color and thickness.

How these curtains are represented in the interior:

  • Kisei is perfectly combined with other materials. Therefore, it often complements the curtains, and this combination collects excellent reviews.
  • Separate threads of gauze can be made as svugi lambrequin, you only need to carefully place them in the svag, throw over the cornice or fix on the braid. Usually in this case a cornice with two slats is used. Then the curtain and thread curtain on the colors should be contrast, at least, so recommend the designers.
  • If the interior claims a minimalist style, but you would like nevertheless to sift through the windows, choose silver or black variants that are either standardly hung on the cornice or simply assembled into knots.

It is believed that if this is a living room, the curtains should be as large as possible representative. These can be expensive silk or linen threads of different colors and types. Silk threads with beads and crystals - this is a luxurious option, but the situation must match.

How to choose the color of curtains

What will be the color of the muslin, depends on the area of ​​the room, the color of furniture and walls, the quality of the room's lighting, and the presence of other textile decorative elements. To make the window visually not merge with the wall, you need to choose the color of the curtains on the tone-two lighter or darker than the wallpaper( or paint).Only in the white interior is it possible to merge colors.

If the walls in the room are pale green, then an olive curtain will suit them, beige walls will "make friends" with coffee, brown, yellowish shades. For example, with a beige monophonic wall on the window, there may be a beige muslin, whose color is perfectly emphasized by a satin plum portier. A turquoise muslin will look beautiful with golden curtains. And this is already typical of the classic interior.

When choosing the color for curtains, you should take into account the style in which the room is made When choosing the color for curtains, you should take into account the style in which the room is placed

Successful color combinations:

  • Red + terracotta;
  • Turquoise + gray;
  • Gray + wine;
  • White + black + gray;
  • Turquoise + olive;
  • Light green + orange;
  • Blue + white.

No matter what filamentous curtains are called, sending them to the interior is one - elegance, tenderness, smoothness, romance. It's clear that this is not suitable for everyone, but because there are no disappointments, you need to know what will happen in the end. And there will be a mangy, delicate atmosphere, rather, a woman, of course. But you can create the comfort where you just pull a man. This image has to rest, leisure, relaxation.

Of course, many craftsmen are tempted by the opportunity to make such curtains with their own hands. And any improvised means can be used in this fascinating business. From beads and beads, sequins and glass beads to chestnuts and pistachio shells. You can use and satin ribbons, and braids of different types, and rubber bands. In this case, sometimes even attract children, and it turns out as a result elegant family creativity.

How to hang thread curtains( video)

Filament curtains are not even going to go out of fashion. It's beautiful, it's subtle, it refreshes the interior and adds dynamics to it. This is a greater choice and greater opportunities, it is also a combination with more dense traditional curtains.

Good choice!

Design of curtains( photos in the interior)