Lilac curtains: violet in the interior, photo, kitchen, living room in lilac tones, wallpaper and bedroom design

One of the options for the design of the window opening are the lilac curtains One of the options for the design of the window opening are the lilac curtains Lilac curtains are a stroke of refinement and grace. The chosen correct combination of curtain material and the interior of the room will give him the opportunity to start playing with new colors. A magnificent lilac color is a sign of royal luxury and noble people. These curtains emphasize the refined and refined taste of the owners of the apartment. Curtains perform an important role in the interior, emphasizing the attention and harmoniously shading the direction of your chosen style.

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    • Kitchen lavender color: tips for decorating the work area at the window
    • Lilac curtains for the living room: photos of the best design ideas
    • Living room in lilac tones:Color combination
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Purple curtains in the interior: the right combination of colors

The most expressiveThe design of the room, in which violet curtains are used, is considered mysterious and mysterious. This is a special and very peculiar color, which, unfortunately, is very rarely used in the interior.

Purple curtains are a rather complex element. It requires attention and a competent approach to the design of space. Designers call it multitasking. And this is because the violet color is a combination of blue and red. And this combination is able to change the mood and appearance of the room. From a dull room, purple is able to make an ideal of exquisite style.

Many are cautious about purple in interior design generally. However, its expressiveness and ability to make the room more beautiful are undeniable. The only problem is that this shade dominates over others. Even low-key, light colors distract attention to themselves. Light shades, for example, lilac, lilac, color of violets and lavender, will perfectly fit into the room with any style. A remarkable feature of the lilac color is also that it makes a small room visually more, while for the furniture overflowed with furniture it will be a piece of lightness. At the same time, with dark shades of purple, such as purple, blackberry, indigo or fuchsia, you need to be careful. In very small rooms they can not be used.

It is best to combine purple curtains with beige shades in the interior It is best to combine purple shades with beige shades in the interior

To give rooms ease and freedom, it is better to combine purple with the following colors:

  • White;
  • Green;
  • Gray
  • Beige;
  • Pink.

You have to understand that the same shades can fit into one style, and finally spoil the other. In addition, it is very important to choose the right fabric.

Kitchen lavender color: tips for decorating the work area at the window

Lilac shade, with proper use, can perfectly fit into any interior. The most important thing is to know how and with what it is right to compose it. There are a lot of options, they can all be both original and traditional. The modern interior allows the use of both shades of lavender and blueberries. Excellent application can be found even curtains aubergine.

Kitchen lilac color looks both bizarre and refined. It seems that in such a room there simply can not be a bad mood or appetite.

So, as in the kitchen do not usually use thick, thick curtains, it is better that they were light curtains made of cotton fabric. So your room will seem cozy and fresh.

Beautiful lilac light curtains perfect for window decoration in the kitchen Beautiful lilac light curtains perfectly suited for window decoration in the kitchen

Some tips for choosing curtains in the kitchen:

  1. Classic kitchen interior allows curtains of lilac, bilberry and lavender colors combined with pastel colors of furniture. This option is considered the most advantageous in terms of combining.
  2. The optimal combination is a pleasant pale lilac with beige, cream or cream shades.
  3. Lilac is not very suitable for kitchens, decorated in modern open styles, but in classic and Provence it looks good. Lambrequins will perfectly decorate the appearance of the window.
  4. For rooms with lavender curtains a bright light is the most important condition. This shade is absolutely not suitable in gloomy dark rooms. It will look gray and gloomy.
  5. The easter and southeast side is best for lilac curtains.
  6. If the room lighting is mostly electric, then it's better to choose warm colors and use the room to the maximum.

Try to fantasize with prints. Perhaps you will have a white tulle on the window with large lilac peonies or roses. The kitchen does not like monochrome colors. Fine lavender flowers, lilac branches or plum composition for this room will be just in time. Light lilac blotches on the windows can be completed with a kitchen sofa.

Lilac curtains for the living room: photos of the best design ideas

The living room, according to the designers, is exactly the place where there is a possibility to fool up fantasies. In this room, a variety of experiments are possible, you can apply a combination of very bright colors and opposite shades. For example, a dark lilac can be combined with a yellow ocher. Lilac curtains and yellow walls will muffle each other, creating an expressive picture. You can also try to experiment with white.

Lilac curtains for the living room, photos of which are present in this article, like many people. And not in vain, because lilac for many the most favorite color. Women especially like this shade of violet, as they are natures delicate and sensitive, like the tone itself.

There is not much lilac color in the natural world around us. Only occasionally do shades of violet appear in the coloring of some plants. Professional artists are familiar with this. They also know that even the minimal presence of violet or lilac makes the landscape lively, voluminous and quite picturesque. Purple has many different shades.

To familiarize with interesting ideas of registration of a drawing room by means of lilac curtains it is possible independently on the Internet You can familiarize yourself with interesting ideas for decorating the living room with lilac curtains on the internet

Shades of violet:

  • Violet;
  • Purple;
  • Plum;
  • Eggplant;
  • Lavender;
  • Lilac.

In addition, all the above shades have dark and light varieties. Whatever color you choose, it should not be too much.

Living room in lilac tones: a successful combination of colors

If we talk about the psychological side of purple shades in the interior, it should be noted that such colors will suit creative individuals who appreciate elegance and elegance. They are able to relax and contribute to detachment from earthly problems, and also are an indicator of a propensity to philosophical relation to life.

The living room in lilac tones and the use of textiles on the windows in it depend on the style of the interior, the composition of the curtains and the accompanying shades of the material. Without fail, they must be in harmony with the rest of the design elements.

Correctly selected color palette and fabric texture can create a solemn, beautiful and elegant atmosphere in the hall. Violet or lilac curtains in the interior of the hall are a symbol of well-being, aesthetic taste and a beautiful future, provide an excellent, original, fresh and magical design. But when choosing this color curtains, you need to consider that the lilac is a pretty insidious shade, it can be combined not with all shades and colors.

In order to make the living room look organic and unusual, you should correctly combine colors when decorating a room In order to make the living room look organic and unusual, you should correctly combine the colors when decorating the room.

Colors that do not blend with the lilac :

  • Blue;
  • Rich emerald;
  • Scarlet and bright orange;
  • Black;
  • Yellow and mustard;
  • Blue.

The application of these combinations introduces some confusion and discomfort in the design of the room.

Ideas for the design of lilac curtains( video)

Lilac color has a large number of shades, but its application in the interior is complicated by the sensitivity of this color - it can both strengthen and muffle the surrounding tones. If you already decided to hang lilac curtains in one of the rooms in the house, then try to find the right combination for them. The wallpaper, sofa, carpet and curtains should be in harmony in your decision. In addition, it should be borne in mind that the lilac and mauve shades do not particularly fit into the male room. The bedroom requires more dense drapes and shades more darkly, whereas, the living room will perfectly accept textiles with flowers beginning with the word "light".Do not forget that the lilac also perfectly suits the nursery.

Design purple curtains( photo in the interior)