Baldakhin on a cot: photos for newborns, fixing yourself, how to sew and hang, dress

Baldahin on a cot is recommended to choose one that is made of natural tissue without harmful substances Canopy in cot is recommended to choose the one which is made from natural tissues without harmful substances canopy originally perceived as an element that helps to create a baby cot in a first sense cocoon, protection, comfort. It was assumed that in this nest a newborn will feel like in the tummy of a mother. Not all parents believe that a canopy is really needed. Calling his dust collectors, they argue their rejection of him by the fact that he only interferes with the laying of the baby. But this opinion is very controversial - perhaps, such parents simply did not see a picture with models of very comfortable canopies.

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What is the canopy on the bed

If we move away from all practical reasons, a simple enough reason to get a four-poster bed. Many future mothers in advance prepare a dowry for kids. My mother wants to sew, knit, embroider for a baby. Someone sews sides for beds, someone decorates the baby's room, someone makes curtains for the cradle. And there are mothers who set the task: "We sew a beautiful canopy!" And it really can be sewn by our own hands.

Thanks to the canopy the child will not be bothered by drafts Thanks canopy child will not bother drafts

And valance can be hung for:

  • Protect your baby from the insistent light and drafts;
  • Obstruction from insects;
  • Dust filter unit, which can be an allergen.

But even if you decide to install a beautiful canopy, the child should not always sleep under it. He needs to breathe fresh air in a regularly ventilated room. And also he needs, including, to get acquainted with dust, and with other allergens in a reasonable degree. After all, the more sterile the situation around the child, the less he trains his immunity.

What is the difference between the canopy and the baby's bed

A conditional classification can be made that will form the basis for the differences between the canopies. Of course, there are a lot of models, they will differ according to such criteria as design, way to attach, sizes, fabric, holder, etc.

How attached canopy:

  • design, fully covering bed. Installation of this canopy falls on the center, on a special holder, in connection with which he can cover the entire bed.
  • Attachment at the head of the .This is an option for older children. He covers only the top of the bed, and decorate it is possible only her. Thus, some kind of protection is created for the child, while limiting it from external influences only partially.
  • Attachment around the perimeter .So called royal beds, they look very much like an adult bed with a canopy. You can create a bed princess, using such a canopy.

For girls, a canopy of pink color fits well, and for a boy - blue Girls is well suited canopy of pink and for boys - blue

What will be the hardware, depending on the preferences of the parents and the child's age. Teenage bed so decorate, maybe, already and does not make sense, like the bed of a grown up boy. But to install such a canopy on the crib of the baby is a beautiful decision.

Step-by-step instructions: a canopy attachment to a cot

First it will be correct to determine the exact position of the canopy over the crib. If the bed is along the length of the wall, fasteners are placed on one of the long sides of the cot fence. If the cot is the width along the wall, the holder is usually assembled at the headboard. If the holder can be fixed on the ceiling, then the crib can not be moved to another place.

How to assemble and install the holder:

  • Beforehand, wash and iron the baldachin;
  • On a flat surface, spread out all the elements of the metal bracket;
  • In the mounting brackets insert the straight part of the rod;
  • The construction is applied to the site previously indicated, and the rod is fixed on the rim with screws;
  • Hold the holder ring in the wings of the fabric from the two ends of the rim so that the ruffles are gathered;
  • Take the ends of the holders inside the cape so that they are covered with a cloth;
  • The curved and straight part of the rod is fastened together;
  • Align all the details of the design, adjust the height of the holder relative to the crib.

All fixing elements for the canopy go to it in the kit All fixing elements for the canopy go to it in the kit

You can make a bow from ribbons on the canopy - you will get an additional decoration. Correct the bed. If everything is done correctly, the cloak will simultaneously cover both the bracket and the sides. At the same time, there will be room for air to enter the bed.

Homemade design: how to hang a canopy on a cot

If it's not a factory product, you can make a lock-stand yourself. On the wall you need to fix the simplest wooden frame, it will be thrown light tulle or chiffon. And already under such a canopy a crib is installed.

The work will be done as follows:

  • On the wall, at a height of 1 m, place a place under the bracket bracket above the headband of the cradle;
  • Drill holes in the wall, and fix horizontally with a wooden dowel to it;
  • At the edges of this bar, always at right angles to the wall, secure the slats with screws;
  • On this skeleton, throw a canopy, the sagging of the fabric must be between the slats to balance the composition.

To properly hang a canopy on a cot, it To properly hang a canopy on a cot, it's worth watching the training video

The curtain is a small corner of a child. Sometimes it is made even over the sofa, choosing the right material. Even psychologists insist that such a canopy is sometimes necessary for an insecure child, a child long separated from his mother, etc. This is not a toy, but in a sense even a psychological defense.

Simple canopy on a cot with your own hands

If there is a pattern, and some skills to sew and cut, a beautiful canopy can sew a mother herself. If you are not confident in your abilities, practice doing something similar for a doll's crib. Take any stick-retainer, and you can sew a cradle of dolls. And then take on a real canopy for the crib of a girl or a little boy.

Standard calculations are as follows:

  • 3 m of natural not very dense fabric;
  • 5.5 m decorative ribbon for frills, or just lace;
  • 3.5 m tape to create the wings;
  • Quite dense wire for the frame.

The process will not be very difficult. By the open, which can be found on the Internet, all the details are stitched together. Decor - at your discretion. Then a wire frame is made, which then needs to be put on the crib. And already on it the canopy is fixed.

Decorating the canopy with your own hands

Each mother wants to not only beautifully dress her child, but also create a beautiful same space around him. So that the walls, ceiling, and floors in the children's room are harmonized and liked the baby. In the room of a teenager, too, should be cozy, but a child of this age often chooses the situation.

To the canopy looked original, it can be made from a fabric of different colors or decorated with decorative elements To make the canopy look original, it can be made from a fabric of different colors or decorated with decorative elements

You can decorate any element of the room, be it an arena or the same canopy. Even a ready-made shop canopy can be interestingly decorated. It can be, for example, butterflies from a gentle flying fabric, lace, ruches. You can buy a ready-made thermo-application.

Bows and cascading ribbons can also decorate the canopy. And sometimes it's hand embroidery with symbols-amulet for the baby. Everything depends on the style and design of the canopy itself. Sometimes fantasy is played out in the process of decorating.

How to sew a canopy on a cot( video)

Baldahin is a good attempt to make the world of the baby even more cozy. And the more mother's energy and the labor of her hands in this business, the warmer and more comfortable the children will be under such a cape.

Successful solutions and luxurious results!

Design canopy on a cot( photo in the interior)