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Lambrequins can be made from both hard material and soft Lambruck can be made from both hard material and soft Lambruck is a decorative window draping element that is most often used in the living room, but it can also be present on the window in any other room. This element is arranged horizontally, in the upper part of the curtains. On the width usually the whole will take the cornice, but only its height does not exceed 1/5 of the total length of the curtains. Thanks to lambrequin, the window design becomes laconic, finished.

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Once upon a time, The yen should be hidden from the eaves fixing system, now it can also be a self-contained element. But even today, visual techniques, which help just lambrequin, can hide a massive cornice or visually extend the wall.

Types of lambreken for the hall

If we talk about the classic lambrequins in the living room, it is, roughly speaking, a cut of fabric in the tone of the main curtains, which are draped in creases along the width of the cornice. But you can not think that all the samples are about the same. These are just simple, somewhere even primitive options. After all, you can choose not only from the finished models, but also to sew lambrequins to order, sketches can be authored.

When choosing a lambrequin for a hall, it is necessary to take into account the style of the interior When choosing a lambrequin for a hall, it is necessary to take into account the interior style

The main types of lambrequins are:

  • Rigid( bando);
  • Soft;
  • Combined.

Soft lambrequin is made of soft fabric that can easily be draped. They can be sewn from one kind of textile, or from several. Lambruck need not be of the same material as curtains, but consonance should be present. When a soft lambrequin is sewn, folds should be immediately fixed, so that afterwards it is not necessary to drape them manually. This lambrequin is attached to the eaves or curtains. They were previously in vogue, and are now very popular, as evidenced by any modern photo gallery.

Rigid kinds of lambreken

Soft variants do not assume any skeleton, but hard it is necessary. This cloth is fastened to this strong frame. This, let's say, more monumental performance. Previously, everything was done on a glutinous basis: it was fixed and then the fabric was removed. Today, increasingly, such models assume the use of Velcro.

The basis of a lambrequin is usually a rectangle. But these are classic models, hard lambrequins can be unusual - asymmetric lambrequin, rhombus, even zigzag. In short, any modern stylish ideas can be implemented.

Rigid types of lambrequins look good in the interior made in the Art Nouveau style Rigid types of lambrequins look good in the interior made in the modern style.

In the combined lambrequin, both types are embodied. So, the hard frame is complemented by soft drape elements. But such beautiful curtain options are not for small rooms. Usually they are decorated with the largest windows, and this is not just a curtain, but a large interior composition.

Details and elements of curtains with lambreken

If the design is complex, then it can combine many details. And it is worth looking at the pictures to understand what the element is, what its features and capabilities are. And there is something to look at.

Elements of Lambreken:

  • Svag. The main, so it is accepted, horizontal elementetik lambrequin. It is a piece of cloth that is draped in a semicircle, fixed by a wide straight part at the base of the cornice, and it sags softly downwards. If it is in the middle of the window - then it will be a symmetric svag, if it is displaced in one direction - these will be asymmetrical models. Elegant fashionable lambrequins consist of several svag.
  • Half-heart( changeover). This element has a free space in the middle of the half circle between the cornice and the lambrequin, as if the cloth in the same place is sagging. But here some svagov will remind the vine that wrapped the cornice.
  • Tie .A tie is called a vertical element, a "cutting" window, it is suitable only for a wide window opening or arch.

Thanks to lambrequin you can improve the appearance of curtains and give them luxury Thanks to lambrequin you can improve the appearance of the curtains and give them luxury

If you use several items at once, you can overdo it. Especially if the window is conditionally narrow. The design will be too smart, that in the interior of an apartment or a house is not always acceptable. The curtains should not overplay the whole image, they must be organic in it.

Element of a frill is: photo and description

The jabos are called a certain kind of folds. They are soft, unobtrusive, one-sided. More precisely, they are collected from one side only, and from the second they form a descending wave. The shape and geometry of this element can be different. Both symmetrical and asymmetric, multilayer, two-layer, angular. Cut them is quite simple, because it's so popular in the decor.

Used in combination with something, for example, take the same svagi. For some reason, sometimes they say frill, but they mean a buff. Of course, these are different elements. Buffers - this is a one-piece fabric, which is definitely laced on the curtain tape. Make hemispheres of any size, and fasten the cord to the cornice. The window is not obstructed by such elements, which provides natural lighting in the room.

Finishing curtains with lambrequins, nuances

All lambrequins can be combined with some additional decor. What elements are meant: this is the same fringe, edging, beads, applique, bugle, festons, ribbon. The tape is used for contrast. It is sewn to the bottom edge of the lambrequin, and the border of the transition is clearly set against the background of the curtains.

Lambruck and curtains should be harmoniously combined with each other in color and shape Lambruck and curtains should harmoniously match each other in color and shape.

The fringe is called a braid with different pendants. It is sewn along the edge of the lambrequin, and its length should roughly be equal to its size. It is suitable for dense fabrics, for velvet or taffeta. Feston is also called a complex jagged element, differently shaped ledges. Festons can be single, double, with a stroke. Well, the edging, as it is easy to guess, is the decorative finish of the edge of the lambrequin, and it is performed in any technique.

With your hands: a lambrequin for the hall, photo

Of course, you can learn how to make lambrequins from the model to the kitchen, because the dimensions will be different. But you can also start with large items if some sewing skills are available. At once to take complex models, such artlambreken is not worth it, especially if experience is not enough. Focus on lightweight fabrics, simple models.

For work you will need:

  • Basic and( if you want) lining fabrics;
  • Non-woven gasket;
  • Plank for lambrequin length with cornice;
  • 1 m decorative cord;
  • Furniture nails;
  • Hammer( or construction stapler);
  • Pencil;Screwdriver; Screws;
  • ;
  • Polmetter tape;
  • Drill.

To properly manufacture a lamp, you should watch the training video with a master class and get acquainted with the recommendations of specialists To properly manufacture a lamp, look at the training video with the master class and read the recommendations of

. As you can see, the list is not that big. Of course, if you want to increase decorativeness( for example, to make a lambrequin in the oriental style), you need to take more decorations, all sorts of decorative stuff. But there are very simple models from which the eye can not be torn off.

How to sew a lambrequin for a hall: photo

Secure the lath secure on the window, about 10 cm above the window opening itself, and the same will be the stock on the sides. The fabric is cut along the length of the cornice plus the same 10 cm. If you need to form a crease, arrange a sagging drape, for example, half a meter, the fabric needs to be 70 cm. One and a half centimeters is enough for the allowance for seams for draping. And if you need to do hard lambrequins - then the gasket and lining are needed, which are performed according to the template of the main fabric.

All layers must be pinned together with pins, stitching, leaving somewhere about 30 cm at the top edge. Then the pins are removed, everything is turned out, lambrequin is sewn by hand. Stapler connects the middle of the lambrequin and the bar. The remaining fabric should be attached to the bar so that the ends hang down on the sides.

And these ends on each side will be tails that are tied with decorative cord to each side of 50 cm. Just tie the bows and decorate the folds at your discretion. Some original ideas regarding the final design may arise in the course of work, and these new ideas may well be successful.

New in fashion for lambrequins

Innovations relate, as a rule, not only to the choice of colors and fabrics, but styles, styles of design. From the same curtain fabric you can make very different models - some will resemble a swing, others - lovely worms( a ridiculous variant in a nursery).And that, a good option to decorate boring pink curtains.

Lambricones of golden hue made of cloth are especially popular Lambricones of a golden hue made of

are especially popular. Some have bothered to follow simple forms, and I want to refuse the direct model for the sake of asymmetry. You can order an interesting option on the same CFM, or on a pattern to try to sew yourself. As for fashion, then hard lambrequins today, so to speak, at a premium. Direct and concise lambrequin is more relevant than the model with abundant decor.

But, of course, look at the style match. In minimalism, lambrequin should be as simple as possible, but in Provencal it is worth emphasizing the romanticism and some playfulness, rather moderate. The same can be said about the color. If the window opening and its design are accentuated, then they can be brighter than the basic design, but usually the harmony of the whole situation is required.

Modern lambrequins( video)

Lambruckles are more than a stroke on the window. It is a tool for improving the shape and image, it is a compliment to the window decor, it is also the masking of some defects in the window or wall.

Good choice!

swags Design( photo in the interior)