Corner curtains: cornices in the room, design of the living room with two and three windows, photo, curtains in the floor in the interior

When choosing corner curtains, study the stylistics and determine the dimensions of the room When choosing angular blinds, study the stylistics and determine the dimensions of the room In order to decorate the corner window with curtains, you will need to choose a special type of curtain rod. Angular structures are sold in a wide range and are the best way out of the situation. Install such products is not difficult and quite possible with their own hands. Depending on the type of cornice and the method of installation, a certain effect is achieved, but it is important to remember that the design must be of high quality and fit the design and style to the general interior.

    • Select the corners for the curtains in the room
    • Types of corner windows
    • Original corner curtain rod for the curtains in the living room
    • Corner room design with two windows
    • How the angular curtains look( video)
    • Design curtains on the corner window( photo in the interior)

Choose the corners for the curtains in the room

Corner curtains in the room - this is quite demanded products that can have a different appearance, configurationRadio and destination, on which the cost of products. Cornice in the form of tires or in other words a model of rail type with a profile, is most often made of plastic. To make such a cornice corner you will need to purchase rotary elements, due to which it is possible to make a turn of the structure at 45 and 90 °.With the help of such additional products, it is possible to create the most unusual forms of the cornice, based on the design decision, personal preferences or features of the room.

The cornice of this type can have 1, 2 or 3 rows on which fasteners for curtains are suspended.

Choose those models of cornices that are made of plastic or wood, as unlike chrome rings and a metal bar, they will not make noise during operation Choose the models of cornices that are made of plastic or wood, because unlike chrome rings and metal bars, they will not make noise when used.

Rods or cornice with a circular cross-section are stylish and original products, On which you can hang curtains. To make a corner window, you need to use either two round cornices and a connector or buy a complete set consisting of two elements. Such cornices are divided into three types and are adjustable, flexible and clamping. Curtains are attached at the expense of rings, put on the bar, and they are threaded curtains due to magnets, loops or eyelets.

There are flexible structures in which rails are installed inside. Such cornice can be plastic and aluminum. It can be bent, which allows using the product for bay windows and arched windows. There are many options for how to mount the cornice to the ceiling, as there are wall models, and there are ceiling ones. It is best to choose a single-row product, since the probability to bend into the desired radius and get a more aesthetic appearance. If it is required to hang multi-layer curtains, it is better to install several eaves.

Types of corner windows

The rooms in which there is a corner window are considered quite original and unusually stylish. The interior of a room with a corner requires an unusual design to either emphasize this detail, or hide it.

It does not matter which room is required to be zaderkorirovat, for example :

  • Bedroom;
  • Hall;
  • The living room is the kitchen and not only.

The room with corner windows has certain features, unlike the others, where the installation of conventional windows is done. Due to the angular window, the survey significantly increases, which is especially important if the house is located next to a beautiful nature. Thanks to panoramic glazing provides excellent illumination of the room, and therefore even on an overcast day there will be plenty of light.

The design with two windows is much stronger and durable The design with two windows is much stronger and more durable

When installing the window, you can select the original design of the frame to make the room even more unusual and stylish. Glazing can be asymmetric, which will also add originality. Corner glazing can be without a lintel on the corner of the house.

It is worth noting that the angular window is divided into 3 types :

  1. Design with integral glass, in which there is not a single noticeable seam. This glazing will look original and extremely elegant. To realize this idea, it is desirable to use a special angular profile, through which the glass is joined, and also the use of a sealant, but only of a transparent type, is required.
  2. The corner window can consist of several parts, which are joined by frames in the corners. To perform the job, you do not need a profile, and the places where the glass sheets are joined, you need to smear the sealant without the color.
  3. There is a panoramic glazing in which a narrow column or part of the wall is supposed to be assembled, due to which windows from two walls will be connected, creating a panoramic view.

Original corner curtain rod for curtains in living room

In the world there is an incredible amount of materials that can be used for sewing curtains. However, there are not just varieties, but types of finished products that are perfect for decorating a corner window.

Curtains of French style are considered the most suitable option for a corner window French style curtains are considered the most suitable option for the corner window

For example :

  1. You can use classic drapes and curtains in the kit, and in addition choose lambrequins that can emphasize the cornice. Very complex will look complex trunks of shuttlecock.
  2. Curtains of Roman type with a lifting mechanism, which requires an additional aluminum cornice. If the angle of rotation is not too large, then it is permissible to use one sheet. If the angle is straight, then to decorate the window you will need to install a separate fixation of the canvas. Here, maximum precision is required to make the décor symmetrical.
  3. Roller curtains look original, but in order to carry out the installation, you need to make two separate structures, each of which is attached to its cornice. Roller blinds are in great demand and most importantly they are easy to install, easy to operate and do not require additional maintenance.
  4. You can use any kind of curtains, provided that they are installed on the eyelets and hinges. The only thing to think about in this case is what kind of technique the curtains will move. It is best to make the cloths move into a corner located between the windows. So you can disguise the angle and create a cozy atmosphere in the house.
  5. No less demand for muslin curtains, which perfectly pass light, complement the room with a decor and will look chic in any design decision.

Even if only a few thread elements are installed, the view from this will not be spoiled.

Design of a corner room with two windows

The curtain for the curtain should be chosen as carefully as possible so that it can emphasize the overall interior, the style of the room and, most importantly, the original shape of the window.

Carefully designed corner room design will turn the room into a cozy nest Carefully designed corner room design will turn the room into a cozy nest

To make the right choice, you need to base yourself on certain criteria, namely :

  • Mounting method;
  • Material of construction;
  • Length and width;
  • Method of attaching curtains;
  • Style;
  • Design;
  • Decoration.

How do the angular curtains look( video)

In practice, doing self-selection of cornices and curtains to them on the corner windows, you can make the room as stylish and original as possible. The main thing is that the installation should be of high quality, which will exclude the collapse of the structure during operation on the floor.

Design curtains on corner window( picture in the interior)