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Roller shutters - a sturdy construction, which is currently enjoying increasing popularity Roller shutters are a sturdy construction that today is becoming more popular In the world of shutters and roller blinds today there are many types of designs for window decoration. Modern blinds are rolling, Roman, roll, conventional and Japanese. Some can be equipped with window constructions indoors, others perfectly provide a protective function, located outside. Today, the best solution to protect a house, apartment, shop or office from the infiltration of robbers is the installation of shutters on the door and window openings. This measure will not make the buildings impregnable, but will be able to detain the intruders before the arrival of the guards, masters or police.

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Shutters on windows: photos of ideas

Installation and operation of outdoor roller shutters not only can protect the house, but also blocks the penetration of Solechnogo light and dust from the street. The design is convenient all year round. In the summer, it is an additional barrier to the sun, allowing the room to remain cool, and in winter the roll-sheet creates an additional layer of air, preventing the warm air from leaving the room. With their help, you can adjust the temperature in the house all the time.

Roller shutters on windows, photos and pictures of which can be seen in this article, are not just shutters, but, perhaps, the most common model used by successful businessmen and just good masters. Durability, safety, compactness, lightness and elasticity are the main distinguishing features of this type of structure.

That's why practical rolls are successfully used on the facades of many houses. The structure of roller shutters on windows is not very complicated, they are very simple and understandable to any person.

The shutters are easy to close and open The shutters are easy to close and open

The shutters consist of the following components:

  • Protective box;
  • Cloth;
  • Guides;
  • Drive;
  • Octagonal shaft.

The protective box protects the web from external influences, the web provides full protection, and with the help of the roller shutter drive it is easy to open and close.

What are the roller shutters: types of structures

At the request of the owner of the premises, the roller shutters can be installed in two ways. For the performance of the product its functions do not affect the role of the shutter, and for residents of the upper floors there is no difference in the format of the equipment of this product.

What are the roller shutters for windows?They can be external or internal. Their type depends on your vision of the design of the room, and there is no fundamental difference in the product.

It can be seen only that the internal roller blinds are fixed indoors and can not provide the glass window on the required protection windows. The outer version perfectly protects the window openings from intruders trying to break into the house, hooligans ready to throw a stone in the glass or a football of unwary boys.

The shutters perfectly protect from sunlight Shutters perfectly protect against sunlight

Benefits of roller shutters:

  • Easy to install;
  • Protect from sunlight;
  • Perform the guard function;
  • Have an excellent aesthetic appearance;
  • Protects from noise and dust;
  • Provide room with additional heat regulation;

Having completed your room with external or internal roller shutters, you will ensure a quiet rest in peace and quiet even in a noisy city.

Reliable roller shutters for windows: material for the manufacture of

Simple and reliable roller shutters on windows are very popular among owners of homes, apartments and villas located on the first floor. All rolling shutters on windows, as well as protective roller blinds - these are some types of blinds, installed to protect the room from strong daylight, high or low temperature, foreign sounds and hacking burglars. Such a product is a guide with a sliding web thereon.

Window shutters are a robust and practical design that provides an excellent protective function for the room. These mechanisms are very popular today, and are used almost everywhere.

They consist of a blade, drive, protective box and guide rails. The fabric consists of lamellas which, when folded, look like a roll or roll, and are in a protective box. Inside, the lamellas are usually filled with foamy polyurethane. When choosing a roller shutter, it is necessary to take into account the material with which they are made.

The shutters can be made of different materials The shutters can be manufactured from a variety of materials

The materials used in the shutters are:

  • Plastic. These plastic structures are usually mounted in small window openings. They are reliable, very attractive in appearance, convenient, but do not provide 100% protection against hacking. Aluminum. These structures are light, very reliable, can be used for the lower floors of apartments, cafes, offices or shops.
  • Steel. This is the most common variant of roller shutters, which are made of profile metal. It happens with zinc coating or painting. They give high-level security.
  • Tree. These shutters are of the type of decorative. They are not particularly practical, but they create an exclusive look in the interior.
  • Armored. These structures are made of high-strength aluminum or steel profiles. Particularly strong, and have maximum protection against penetration.

The least common type of roller shutters is perforated. They are made of a metal profile in which transparent plastic inserts are installed. Apply where there is a need for constant visual control.

Options for processing window openings: types of roller shutters

Window shutters in the house or apartment are usually installed in window openings with various shapes. Even wound on the shaft, they take up very little space. Therefore, this type of structure is used today for a variety of purposes. They can be an excellent alternative to conventional garage doors or grilles. There are also sanitary roller shutters that successfully disrupt various kinds of technological equipment, for example, pipes, counters or valves in bathrooms.

Types of roller shutters in our days can be seen everywhere. They close the windows of shops, private houses and apartments, public premises, financial institutions.

The shutters may differ in the type of control The shutters can differ in the type of control

The roller shutters are characterized by a wider and more durable fabric, while the operating principle is not different from the usual roller shutters. This gate is an ideal protection method for private garages, storage areas and hangars. The indisputable advantage of such roller shutters is space saving.

Types of manufactured roller shutters by the type of control:

  • Manual control method. For the implementation of this type of roller shutter control, there are several types of mechanisms that provide a manual way of moving the roller shutters. Very often window roller blinds are moved by means of a reducer, tape or collar drive.
  • Automated method. This structure is controlled by an electric drive.

Operation and installation of shutters differ from the variety of choice. There are two options for managing these structures: mechanical and manual. Automatic roller blinds are opened practically without the participation of a person, in the other case for the opening of roller shutters is applied by direct participation of people.

How to choose roller shutters( video)

Today it's easy to explain why roller blinds are so popular at all. About their protective functions are already making legends, and ease of management is praised on virtually all Internet sites. If you are one of those who care about their business or home, then roller shutters are your right choice.

roller shutter design( photo in the interior)