Double curtains: in the living room photo, how to sew two-sided, combined from different fabrics, wenge in the interior

Original and elegantly decorated interior can be used with double curtains unique and elegant to decorate the interior, you can use the double curtains Any owner of property wants to see your home not only cozy and comfortable, but also a modern, stylish and fashionable. The designers have developed many ways to create a relaxed, warm and comfortable atmosphere on the space used in everyday life. One of them is a stylish decoration of windows with double curtains. As a rule, the original double curtains are decorated with various decorative elements: lambrequins, seizures, festoons, coats and other stylish details. They help to give the curtains an unsurpassed aesthetic appearance. Such a suite always looks great, and emphasizes the luxury of the decoration of any room.

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double curtains: the best picture performance combinations

himself double sewing of curtains - the process is quite complex. Seamstresses can handle it only. But, if you want to have the most beautiful room in the world, then it's worth to get generous and resort to the services of a specialist in tailoring this type of product. It is also not worth saving on fabric, because, the product should have a rich finished look.

Double curtains, photos of which are in this article, can be made of completely different materials. It is not only a diverse color palette, but also all kinds of fabrics.

Experts generally recommend making such products from fabrics of different density. First, you can hang a transparent tulle, organza or other lightweight fabrics. Then, over the tulle, the more dense materials that perform the basic function of the curtain are usually hung - protection from the sun and extraneous views.

To get acquainted with interesting variants of combinations of double curtains it is possible on the Internet acquainted with interesting options double blind combinations can be on the Internet

fabrics, often chosen for such major principles:

  • Flavor canvas must be completely different in density;
  • The pattern on the canvases should be in harmony with each other, but not be the same;
  • It is necessary to combine transparent curtain fabric and opaque curtains harmoniously, avoid the use of non-matching prints;
  • Fabrics should successfully complement each other, not conflict.

It is very rare to find a combination where, conversely, heavy fabric hanging at the beginning, and the transparency of its covers. Such combinations are suitable for eccentric, loving extravagant changes of people who like to differ from others. Often, this combination is used where you need to darken the room. In this case, you can use a double Roman curtains.

Fine double curtains in the living room: types of curtains

modern principle of registration of premises tends to fill the space simplicity and brevity. Even some minimalism. In this case, the chosen style should not lose convenience and comfort. Today, an especially important role is assigned to the decoration of premises. The way to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere today is directly related to the textiles used in the living room, and the options for its presentation.

Double curtains in a drawing room represent not absolutely usual curtains for window apertures, and the whole complex of functional elements and ornaments. Usually it is based on two types of material( fabric), which are sewn together. They can complement lambrequins, coats, ties, garters, sticks and other decorative elements.

Such drapes combine different shades. You can successfully beat and contrast tones, and connect, for example, curtains of chocolate color or wenge with milk, and gray with black. Then the whole interior of the room will look quite impressive and unusual. The use of similar shades of fabric, such as pink and purple, can visually expand the room. Well, if the fabric of one curtain is curtains with a pattern, and the other is monophonic, then such an option will also look very exquisite. However, double curtains imply the simultaneous use of paintings with similar patterns.

In the interior of the guest room perfectly fit exquisite double curtains in classic style In the interior of the guest room, fine double-curtains in classic style will perfectly fit

Three main types of double curtains for the living room:

  • Classic version.
  • Roman blinds;
  • Roller curtains.

All these types differ from each other and according to the principle of work and performance, but equally unusually decorate the room.

Elegant combined curtains from different fabrics

Fabric for double curtains is chosen depending on the parameters and lighting of the room. The combined canvases can differ not only in density, but also in color. Two opaque curtains are perfect for a room that faces south. This format of curtains perfectly fits in the bedroom, if it is located on the east side. Such paintings will protect the room from particularly bright light.

Curtains, combined from different fabrics, can combine a transparent and dense fabric. This option is suitable for such cases where it is necessary to adjust the level of illumination during the day.

Two translucent fabrics are better to choose if the room is small in size, or its windows look to the north. In this case, the window looks more original, and the sunlight can enter the room in sufficient volume. The concept with two light canvases will suit, also, for a room with a loggia or balcony.

Combined curtains from different fabrics will make the interior elegant and unforgettable Combined curtains from different fabrics will make the interior elegant and unforgettable.

The window space will be specially designed if you take into account some points:

  • The ratio of the room size and ceiling height to the product format;
  • Number and shape of windows;
  • Harmony between woven fabric and stylistic interior solution;
  • General color scheme of the room;
  • The color, texture and quantity of furniture in the room;
  • Wall decoration;
  • Proportionality of the room.

Perhaps you want to visually adjust the dimensions of the room, "add" the height or "move apart" the walls. Correctly selected design of curtains will help you to achieve the desired result.

How to sew double-sided blinds with your own hands

Double-sided curtains, which are called two-ply curtains, are made mainly by individual order or independently. If you are not a specialist in the sewing business, it is better to seek the help of a master who will execute your order. If you are a bold and resolute mistress, and want to try yourself in the role of a seamstress, then you can start studying this fishery with the tailoring of double curtains.

How to sew double-sided curtains with your own hands, you can learn from the numerous Internet sites, or from this article.

In order to perform work qualitatively, you must first properly cut the cloth. To do this, measure the parameters of the space at the window, determine what will be attached to your blind, and measure the height. When calculating the amount of material required for a width, consider the tails and waves. Note that one of the canvas on top should be tucked, so when making a cut, make it 10-20 cm longer than the other.

You can sew double-sided curtains yourself, if you think about their design and choose the material for work Two-sided curtains can be sewn by hand if you think about their design and choose the material for work.

Stages of manufacturing double-sided curtains:

  • We connect the cloths of the fabric face-to-face with each other and we spread it at the top, connecting them together;
  • We turn the canvas and spend it once more at the top of the product;
  • To process the product on the sides and below. It is necessary to fold both canvases overlapping, tilt the longer side and stitch it;
  • Sew the curtain tape;
  • Ironing product.

Depending on how you plan to hang the product, on the cornice, or on the eyelets, it is necessary to provide appropriate fasteners. The product can have lambrequin. It is manufactured separately, according to the step-by-step instructions for making lambrequin.

Selection of double curtains( video)

Double curtains in the interior advantageously complement the design, give luxury and sophistication to the space. They can be of different colors and densities. These products will suit both the living room, the kitchen and the bedroom. An interesting idea of ​​design can be for a children's room.

Design double curtains in the living room( photo in the interior)