Short curtains: in the living room and in the nursery, photos, curtains in the bedroom, tulle in the room to the window sill, design in the hall

Beautifully decorate the window opening with budget short curtains You can beautifully decorate the window opening with the help of budget short curtains Currently, a large selection of curtains, curtains and hailstones compels the buyer to become confused and long to look for their variant of decorating rooms. But, only on the basis of personal stylistic visions and material opportunities, each of them can choose for themselves the ideal specimen of curtains. In recent years, modest short curtains, long to the window sill, are gaining popularity. They successfully fit into a variety of design solutions and are a practical component of the overall interior of the room.

    • Elegant short curtains: photos of design ideas
    • Cozy short curtains: new or well forgotten old
    • Practical short curtains in the bedroom: designer's advice
    • Short curtains in the nursery, as a lightweight version of the windowOpening
    • How to choose short curtains( video)
    • Design of short curtains in the living room( interior photo)

Elegant short curtains: photo of design ideas

No curtains likeIt is known that there is not a single window opening in the house. A very interesting way to design this space is shorter curtains. Such products are practical in operation, they are convenient, besides there is a colossal choice of various colors, styles and styles of these products.

Short curtains, photos of which you can see in this article, look good in the kitchen, bedroom, living room and other rooms of the house. The main thing when choosing these decor elements is to take into account the design style of the interior design. Also, many hang them in the nursery and the corridor.

Such samples are able to perfectly decorate the room, add to its interior the elegant simplicity and the dear heart of home comfort. The options for decorating rooms with the application of these styles of curtains are huge, but still they must harmoniously approach the general interior of the room.

  • The French are elegant curtains with drapery and numerous embossed folds. They are suitable for decorating a kitchen, bedroom or a baroque living room;
  • Roller - products that perfectly fit into the design in a minimalist style. For their manufacture, a dense, rough natural or synthetic fabric is taken;
  • Roman curtains. It is a fabric with neatly sewn longitudinal slats that, when lifted, are assembled as an accordion and perfectly fit into each interior;
  • English or Swedish curtains - products with beautiful, elegant semicircular folds;
  • Japanese curtains . This kind of window decoration can not be called just curtains, because these are entire compositions created from sliding panels. These curtains are used in spacious bedrooms, in which panoramic windows are arranged.
  • Austrian canvases - cotton products with horizontally arranged folds.
  • Also with the help of short curtains it is perfectly possible to decorate a room or a country house in a rustic style. In this case, the curtains are attached to the cornice, located in the center of the window. For this style, the drawings in the cage and polka dots are perfect.

    Cozy short curtains: new or well forgotten old

    Designers always recommend not to hurry when choosing curtains for windows of a particular size. When there are short windows in the room, a curtain of the same length can only worsen the situation. The window will visually become even smaller. In this case, do not, also, buy curtains, the length of which will reach only to the windowsill. Allow to get out of this situation only long curtains.

    Short curtains look good on windows of standard sizes, in proportion to the harmonious room. Do not take risks with a new design if your room is too narrow or too low. In this case, the short curtains will look like a caricature.

    However, in a standard, not-small-sized room, the resulting feeling of lightness usually visually expands the space. The main thing with this design is that the tone of , and the texture match the color of the furniture. In large, luxurious apartments that have a small niche with a window, they can visually emphasize the curtains on hinges or eyelets

    When choosing short curtains, you should take into account the window parameters and the method of fixing the product When choosing short curtains, you should take into account the window parameters and how to fix the product

    What you need to take into accountWhen choosing such curtains:

    • Window parameters - they will help in choosing the cornice and calculating the required amount of fabric;
    • Method of fastening the product - eyelets, clothespins, hooks, hinges;
    • Color of the fabric - it should be in harmony with the interior of the room;
    • Length - when choosing this type of curtain, it should be measured from the eaves to the window sill.

    The design of the curtains to the window sill necessarily adds to the interior a new light touch that will make the room cozy and comfortable.

    Practical short curtains in the bedroom: designer tips

    Using short curtains in the bedroom, you can make an interesting, stylish design. And, for this, it is not at all necessary to use dense, expensive, length-to-floor curtains.

    Short curtains in the bedroom perfectly create a semi-darkness in the room and suitable for relaxation, relaxing atmosphere. After all, during the rest period it is very important that the interior of the room promotes comfort.

    To achieve a harmonious effect and protect from the sun beautiful fabrics with an unusual printed pattern or hand embroidery. Moreover, the more complex the pattern on the fabric, the better protection will be. When choosing short textiles to the window sill in the bedroom, remember that this window design option is ideally combined with such styles as Provence, modern, classic or country.

    Short curtains are perfect for window decoration in the bedroom Short curtains are perfect for window decoration in the bedroom.

    Advantages of short curtains in the bedroom to the window sill:

    • Window decoration with textiles, length up to the window sill, makes it possible to approach it unobstructed at any time
    • In the heating season, more heat enters the room;
    • It is easier to wash, dry and iron;
    • Short curtains or tulle to the window sill - a good option for the design of openings where there is a balcony door;

    The existing variety of colors of short curtains for the bedroom, gives an opportunity to emphasize the individuality of the room and the style of decorating the room.

    Short curtains in the nursery, as a light version of the design of the window opening

    In order to provide increased comfort and safety for the children's room, you need to choose curtains with the minimum density. Such paintings will not provoke a lack of light. Basically, preference is given to pastel, soft or warm shades. It is possible to use moderately bright, combined options. In addition, it is the short curtains in the interior that fit into the nursery from the point of view of safety for the child.

    Short curtains in the nursery are suitable because they are easier to wash, easier to pat, remove, and hang back. They are much more safe for children, they do not cover the space near the window, where potentially dangerous objects can be found.

    In addition, these products accumulate less dust and save space at the window, where you can arrange a desk, game set, bed or other furniture. They do not "overload" the interior, which is very important for small children's rooms.

    For the children For the children's room, you can select short curtains of light shades

    Materials that are most suitable for making curtains in a nursery:

    • Blackout - a material that does not let light pass;
    • Flax is a durable, wear-resistant, environmentally friendly material that fits into any interior;
    • Cotton is an excellent natural material, though short-lived;
    • Polyester is lightweight, sturdy, not at all demanding of itself in grooming, but accumulates static electricity, which is not very good for a nursery, and not as beautiful as natural fabrics;
    • Organza - an excellent option, almost does not crumple, has a high decorative function, due to the fact that it includes silk shiny threads.

    The main criteria for choosing curtains in a nursery should be safety, environmental cleanliness and ease of care. Then the curtains will give pleasure to the children and you.

    How to choose short curtains( video)

    Beautiful curtains on the windows in the bedroom or living room, fill the room with a natural feeling of warmth, coziness and comfort. By choosing this type of curtains, you fill the room with a sweet heart smelling the grandmother's caring hearth. These curtains can be bought ready-made, or sewed yourself.

    Design short curtains in the living room( interior photo)