Rolling blind with their own hands step-by-step instruction photo: blinds and a master class, how to make the blinds themselves

You can make roller blinds yourself, the main thing is to familiarize yourself with the detailed master class Roller blinds can be produced on their own, the main thing is to get acquainted with the detailed master class Roller blinds conquered consumers with their practicality and decorativeness. This kind of curtains is a universal protection against penetration into the room of sunlight. Designers use roller blinds as one of the techniques for decorating the interior. When buying this type of curtains you can be surprised and not at all happy with their expensive cost. However, it is worth noting that the roll blind will look no worse than the purchased one. Curtains can be made from various materials: paper, fabric, etc.

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Step-by-step manufacturing of roller shutters with your own hands

Today manyOwners of houses and apartments prefer to decorate the interior simply, but with taste. It is for this purpose in the room you can hang roller shutters. They will not take up much space, with the right choice of colors and textures will perfectly fit into the overall interior. It is convenient to take care of such curtains, they are very practical and easy to use.

Very often the reason for the independent production of roller shutters is not their high cost, but the desire to do something unique and unique.

In specialized stores you can find many different materials, their textures and colors. Select the material for curtains, taking into account the general style in the interior. Before self-manufacturing curtains, you must carefully read the instructions.

The production of roller blinds should be phased Production of roller blinds should be phased

Step-by-step manufacture of roller shutters:

  • Fabric folded lengthwise and sew the side pieces. The workpiece must be unscrewed to close the last seam.
  • To place the top bar, it is necessary to sew a pocket into which you need to pass the bar. This bar will be attached to the window frame. Some prefer to attach the fabric to the bar with a stapler, after wrapping the cloth around the bar.
  • At the bottom of the curtains, I sew a pocket into which a weighting bar is inserted.
  • The tape or tape must be thrown over the top bar. It must necessarily hang lower than the finished structure.
  • Belt with a stapler fastens on the top bar. When the curtains are lifted, make sure that the tape is tightly wound on the lower rail. Then it fixes at a comfortable height.

Manufacturing of roller blinds does not take much time and money. Some housewives make several options at once to be able to replace the curtains, if they need to be cleaned or simply refresh the interior. Roller blinds look great in the interior, if the texture and coloring of the material is matched correctly.

Roller blinds with their own hands: master class with a photo

When choosing curtains for windows, many may encounter the ignorance of the differences between Roman and roller blinds, which, if made on their own, can lead to errors. These two types of curtains have some similarity in appearance, but the mechanisms of their work are radically different. Roman curtains are regulated by cords, which are located on the back of the product.

Roller blinds are adjusted by means of a special bar, which is placed at the top of the window opening.

If the roller blinds are made independently, they begin to twist from below, fixing with tape-garters, which are located at a sufficient distance. Production of the roll begins only after a careful measurement of the window opening. The width of the curtains should be increased by 2-4 cm, since future allowances should be taken into account.

Using the Internet, you can easily find an interesting master class for the manufacture of roller blinds Using the Internet, you can easily find an interesting master class for the manufacture of roller blinds

Required tools:

  • Prepare two cloths of fabric, preliminary having found out the necessary size. Cloths can be the same or different. The main thing is that they should harmonize.
  • You need to choose the texture of the fabric, prepare the ribbons or purchase decorative cords. Their dimensions should be twice the length of the curtains with an allowance of 30 or 40 cm.
  • For fastening, you should prepare the timber from the tree. Instead of the bar, you can use a metal pipe, but it will need additional fasteners.
  • To weight the curtains, you must acquire a wooden or metal rod.

To mount the wooden beam you need a screwdriver and, accordingly, screws. It is also necessary to have different sewing accessories. Many people use a stapler and staples to fasten the fabric to the bar.

How to make roller blinds yourself

Perhaps, the production of roller blinds can be called one of the fastest and easiest. Before designing and sewing it is important to pay attention to the general style in the interior. The choice of fabric for curtains should be considered. Curtains should be in harmony with the finish or upholstery of furniture.

It is interesting that many use roller blinds as additional, without refusing to decorate the window opening with traditional curtains.

This should also be noted - roller blinds should not be too prominent. Materials should also be sufficiently dense. The colors for the fabric are better to choose those that will not quickly become dirty.

Before you start producing curtains, you need to prepare materials for work Before starting the production of roller blinds, it is necessary to prepare materials for the operation of

Step-by-step instruction:

  • Lay out the fabric, then stitch it from the wrong side. The bag that will turn out should be turned out.
  • If the pocket is used for weighting, then the remaining clearance in the fabric is stitched. If the weighting agent is inserted into the bag, the gap is left intact.
  • After sewing the gap, proceed to the patch of the pocket, in which, after a good ironing, a weighting agent is inserted.
  • If the weighting agent is inserted into the bag itself, the curtain is wasted, retreating from the weighting agent by half a centimeter. The gap is sewn up.
  • The fabric is ground and wrapped around a bar. Cloth is attached to it with a stapler.
  • When using a metal pipe, the fabric is stitched.
  • Garters are thrown over the top fasteners and fixed with paper clips or threads.
  • The beam to the door is attached through the lower part.

Some decorate the top of the roller blinds, but this is already a matter of taste. If instead of a stapler you use hooks or lightning, then in the future, canvases can easily be replaced. If the curtains will be attached to the plastic window, then for quality of attachment you can use a quality double-sided adhesive tape.

Tips: how to update curtains with your own hands

Roller blinds are good because they can be updated at any time. The rolls can be improved using a dense texture of the fabric. Updated curtains will not only be practical, but will also revitalize the interior, make it original and spectacular. Before proceeding with the update, it is necessary to make repeated measurements of the window opening.

Adhesive is glued to the curtain using a glue. We need to make sure that there is not too much glue, and he did not leave any divorces.

During the gluing of the fabric, you must act very carefully. It needs to be smoothed, so that it does not lie ugly folds. The fabric should be glued gradually, step by step, starting from the bottom and ending with the top.

Beautiful roller blinds stylishly decorate the window opening Beautiful roller blinds stylishly decorate the window opening


  • Measure the opening;
  • Cut curtains and fabric;
  • Glue the fabric to the curtain with glue.

The fabric needs to be wrapped on the wrong side so that the canvas looks beautiful. To make the folds well adhered, you can put something heavy on them, for example, books. With the updated curtains, the window openings will look stylish and fashionable.

Attachment of roller blind with own hands: step by step instruction( video)

Roller blinds - a modern kind of decoration of window openings. They have a lot of advantages. In stores, their cost often seems exaggerated, because you can make such a design yourself. Old curtains can be easily and simply updated using a new piece of fabric. A description of how to make roller blinds can be found on the Internet.

design of the blind with his own hands: step by step instructions( photo)