Gray curtains: kitchen interior in tones, a design of a drawing room, a photo of a bedroom, a color of a sea wave with accents

Gray curtains - quite a universal element of the interior Gray curtains - a rather universal element of the interior You decided to update your own interior and do not know what to start with. The answer is, in fact, very simple - if you want to change the general atmosphere in the housing, without significant investment, it is best to change the coloring of the main surfaces in the room. The most simple option in this case is to update the walls or curtains. Even such a seemingly insignificant element, like a curtain, can completely change the sense of design.

    • Interior in gray tones: modern trends
    • Curtains in the kitchen in gray tones: laconic design
    • Gray curtains in the interior of the bedroom
    • Interior design of the living room with gray blinds
    • Best color combinations
    • Stylish curtains( video)
    • Kitchen design in gray( interior photo)

Interior in gray tones: modern trends

Until recently, gray was associated with something with something gloomy, sadFaded and pale. Fashion has set its accents over time and now the dark blue walls or gray drapes look original and modern. Of course, if your entire room, which you decided to decorate from scratch, looks gray and faded, then obviously something is wrong with it. However, if the dwelling is wisely used for gray underlined Art Nouveau style, then the premises on the contrary come to life and seem more stylish.

Gray is an unusual color. At first it may seem pale, but its entire feature is that it does not get bored and is extremely long-playing.

Gray color in the interior looks pretty impressive Gray in the interior looks quite impressive

Kitchen in gray or the use of curtains in gray in the living room can be a bold and uniquely winning solution for the interior.

In order for gray walls or curtains to fit properly into the design, it is important to properly supply them. The best gray looks in contrast to lighter bedding. Correct color design allows you to successfully integrate gray color in such rooms as a bedroom, a hall and even a kitchen. Although this shade is the best, yet, it is suitable for a bedroom and a living room. Gray is not advised for the nursery, but in a corridor where there is usually little light, dark colors can overload the room and make it too gloomy.

Curtains in the kitchen in gray tones: laconic design

Quite often modern designers prefer curtains in the kitchen in gray or at least with gray accents. Such curtains look stylish, while they are very practical in the kitchen. In this room at home, where food is constantly cooked, light curtains often come into disrepair and get dirty, while dense gray curtains remain in excellent condition for many years.

Gray curtains not only look very stylish, but still quite practical Gray curtains not only look very stylish, but still quite practical

In order for your elegant Roman curtains to look great in the kitchen for any occasion, it is advisable to choose curtains based on the shade of the walls. In this case, the walls play the role of a common background, so it is extremely important that the main shade of curtains is combined with the color of the walls.

Gray curtains in the interior of the bedroom

Many people who hear about such a design solution, like the use of gray curtains in the bedroom, are perplexed. Like, in a bedroom it is better to hang bright curtains of cheerful shades. However, the dark curtains look simply amazing in a bright interior, they immediately create a sense of elegance and wealth. Curtains can be silvery or steel in color, in fact, gray has so many shades that it can be much more diverse than you can imagine.

Gray curtains in the bedroom create a sense of elegance and wealth Gray curtains in the bedroom create a sense of elegance and wealth

Of course, if your bedroom is so dark furniture and wallpaper is not the brightest and most cheerful colors, then you might not like the effect of pure gray curtains. In this case, they can easily be diluted with bright details of the color of the sea wave or other shade, which in your opinion fits well into the interior of the room.

Interior design of the living room with gray blinds

Another excellent room, where you can successfully place gray curtains, is the living room. Gray color has a lot of shade and it is considered universal when decorating this room in the house - it will surprise guests with its modernity, calmness, simple and at the same time elegance. By itself, the gray color is neutral, but in combination with other shades in the room it seems to come to life and brings its zest into the design. Gray is usually chosen for sleeping for the reason that it acts in a relaxing way and is considered one of the most comfortable and "hospitable" shades.

Living room with gray curtains is able to surprise with its modernity Living room with gray curtains is able to surprise with its modernity

Why is gray considered such a comfortable shade?The fact is that the gray shade is one of the most natural for human perception. The sky is very often, despite its blue shade, overgrown with gray clouds. Therefore, for a person, gray is associated with something familiar, simple, comfortable.

Best color combinations

If you decide to introduce gray curtains in the living room, it is important to consider what color combinations this color will look best. So, in combination with white in the interior, the gray curtains will look festive and elegant. At the same time, the combination of white and gray is considered extremely modern. Please note that these shades are often combined with designers of modern hotels, so a white bed and gray walls or curtains - this is a proven move.

The second good and winning option is gray shades in the interior with yellow walls or elements. In this case, a completely different effect takes place. Yellow on a gray background looks more cheerful than when used, for example, in contrast to white. Yellow with gray creates such an effect as the sun, making its way through the clouds. For example, you can hang gray curtains in the apartment, while one of the interior elements, let's say the pillows on the couch, can be yellow.

The combination of gray and white curtains create a cosiness in the interior The combination of gray and white curtains create coziness in the interior

Well, the last great combination, it's gray and red. This combination is considered extremely popular in high-tech style, so if you want your apartment to look as fashionable, stylish and modern as possible, then add gray curtains and a red painting, a sofa, chairs or another bright element. Simply delightfully, usually combined gray curtains and red furniture. But in the case of an interior in the classical style of the place such a combination, alas, just will not be found.

Summing up the color combinations, you can identify the main successful combinations:

  1. Gray and white. Creates a sense of elegance, looks modern and stylish.
  2. Gray and yellow. The emphasis is on the contrast of bright and faded tones, which enhances the cheerful shade of yellow.
  3. Gray and red. Fashionable, bright, bold combination, which is suitable for interior in the style of high-tech.

Stylish curtains( video)

As you can see, gray curtains - a fairly versatile tool in housing. They can look elegant, modern, fashionable, and unlike the folded stereotype rarely look gloomy. It is very important when buying gray curtains home to think about a combination of colors. Gray is a color that does not look good as a soloist, but in contrast to other shades. Best gray contrasts with white, yellow and red, while in the bedroom light silver curtains look good in a pair with almost any bedding shades. For example, a good choice can be blue walls and gray curtains - look through the fashion magazines and carefully consider the photo of the interiors, gray color with a competent incarnation looks really modern.

Kitchen design in gray( interior photos)