String cornice: for the curtain string, photo, how to strengthen the curtain with your own hands, how to pull the line, the built-in curtain rod

Modern strings moldings are easy to install not only the walls, but the ceiling Widespread string cornice was due to the strength and cheapness of the material. The material provides visual lightness, because the string itself is practically invisible. In this case, the person has the opportunity to fix the thread in any desired place - the ceiling or the wall. In order to fully enjoy the benefits of a universal fastener for curtains and curtains, it must be technically correct to hang.

    • Indoor and outdoor eaves-string: how to fix
    • Install eaves-string with their hands
    • Why use a string cornices
    • Novice: the useful string curtain
    • Ashang a string cornice( video)
    • Design String cornice( photo in the interior)

Indoor and outdoor eaves-string: how to fix

Regardless of the model, the product includes a number of intermediate and reference to theRonshteins. They are supplemented by tension points and rope. In addition, the standard package includes fasteners and fasteners.

Today, string curtains, which are attached to a special kind of cornice in the form of a strained string, are gaining wide popularity Today string curtains, which are mounted on a special kind of cornice in the form of a stretched string, acquired wide popularity

It may seem that the string cornices is not particularly difficult when mounting, but this is not always the case.

Avoiding common mistakes will help in accounting for the structure of the material and the type of construction. The latter factor is divided into two categories - open and closed.

differences between them can be described as follows:

  • When closed all varieties of the most prominent elements are hidden from view;
  • The open mounting format is based on quickness - the hook-base is screwed into the wall, with the help of which the line is assembled;
  • If you are talking about a fairly spacious balcony, then the choice is made in favor of a closed version.

Manufacture of cornice-string is carried out in two common varieties - open and closed. The separation is based on the method of fixing the hooks in the wall. If an insignificant load is assumed, then it is more logical to set the "open" type. In this case, you can save time and money spent on installation. Embedded cornices are more often used for heavy curtains and curtains.

Installing the cornice-string with your own hands

To work, you need a minimum tool handling skill. Everything starts with carrying out of measuring measures. The person's task is to determine the points in the wall, between which the string will be stretched. Planned points are marked with a pencil on the wall surface.

It is quite possible to mount a string curtain rod for your own curtains quite able to mount a string cornice for curtains with his hands

Regardless of the type of construction, and takes into account the intermediate support brackets. It is not superfluous to recall that the calculation of the planned load.

The technical description of each cornice indicates which maximum weight the material can withstand. Based on the information provided, it is easy to make a calculation. Depending on the planned weight, the interval between the support and intermediate brackets is between 25 and 50 cm.

The following procedure is as follows:

  • The hole is made by hand with a perforator;
  • The density of the drills is directly dependent on the physical parameters of the wall;
  • If a person does not have enough experience, then you should not attach the hooks to the tension ceiling;
  • Secure the dowel in each hole until the bracket "bites" into the ceiling or wall;
  • There is a process of forming the base of fastening for curtains or curtains;
  • Carefully pass the string through the available holes in the tips;
  • Secure the intermediate tips in space;
  • Secure the free end of the string to the opposite bracket;
  • Choose the optimum tension force for the whole structure;
  • Remove with scissors an extra part of the line;
  • Repeatedly check the tension force;
  • Lock the curtains.

Throughout the process, the installation of the structure needs to pay attention to detail. Holes for dowels are created on the basis of preliminary calculations. Even a slight error will not have the best effect on the tension and longevity of the structure as a whole. If the novice builder did not make mistakes, then at the end it is necessary to adjust the tension force only slightly.

Why use a string cornices

Members believe that the line is used exclusively to optimize the space near the window. To a certain extent, this is really so. The more you hang next to the balcony, the easier it is to mark out the laundry. At the same time, many forget about other functional and aesthetic loads of the material.

Of course, modern curtain rods, strings, including a variety of decorative finishes and originality course, modern cornices, string including different variety of decorative finishes and originality

If we talk about appearance, here the focus is on the ratio of the color line and overall style of the room.

The design is considered correctly installed if it is not conspicuous. It should literally "merge" with the window opening.

help achieve this the following recommendations:

  • thread color should match the tone of the window frame;
  • Mount intermediate and main brackets so that they are hidden from the eyes;
  • It is recommended to check constantly how tightly the line for curtains is tightened;
  • The less sagging occurs, the less the aesthetic component of the room suffers.

The ability to organize additional space and improve the appearance are two tasks that are successfully handled by a correctly hung base of fishing line and fasteners. The color of the product should be in harmony with the prevailing stylistic decision in the room. In this case, the cornice-string does not disfigure the window with the hanging gardens of the Semiramis.

Novice: the string is useful for curtains

compact size and the possibility of long-term usage - two common characteristics of the material. In addition, the list of qualities can be expanded through mobility. For example, the cornice can be fastened in the cottage. If necessary, it is easy to remove and store until the next spring. The list of qualities has an attractive appearance.

Any model of such a string cornice is a thin steel rod, reinforced on two brackets Any model similar string cornice is a thin steel rod, mounted on two brackets

Unlike other similar structures, curtain-string selects model capable to merge with the surrounding environment.

In addition to these qualities, builders focus on a number of additional:

  • string any thickness does not attract attention to themselves;
  • Ability to choose ceiling locks with regard to the style of curtains;
  • The ability to save the family budget - the material itself and the entire installation process does not require any significant time and physical costs;
  • Ceiling fixtures are available in golden and silver versions.

How to hang a stringed cornice( video)

The use of ceiling cornices-strings is due to aesthetic and practical component. In the first case, we are talking about the ability of the material to merge with the surrounding environment. The main thing is to choose the right color solution. From a practical point of view, a properly mounted cornice optimizes the process of using the space available near the window.

Design String cornice( photo in the interior)