Curtains design for the living room: photo windows, trendy straight, design directions

Design curtains for the living room - a very important point Design curtains for the living room - very important point Curtains - a very important component in any house, because any householder wants his living room to be not only comfortable and cozy, but also stylish, modern. To date, there are many ways to make the atmosphere in the house cozier, and one of these is the decor of the windows, on which the appearance of the room and its memorability completely depends. And how to choose the right curtains, will be described further.

          Recommendations for the design of curtains for windows
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Recommendations for the design of curtains for windows

The selection of curtains in the living room is an important mission. A well-matching color, pattern and texture can produce magnificent changes in the style of the interior. Before you start to choose curtains, you need to determine what effect you want to achieve, so that the curtains are brightly allocated among the entire interior or, conversely, match the color?

It is best to choose the color of curtains in the room will help a piece of wallpaper, which you need to take with you to the store.

When the walls in the room are painted in the same color, it is recommended to choose curtains with a pattern, if the decor is made with wallpaper in the picture, the canvases should be selected in one tone. It is the curtains that create a special mood in the room and will help to solve some architectural problems, so it is very important to choose them correctly.

The color of the curtains must match the color scheme of the wallpaper The color of the curtains must match the color range of the wallpaper

In the choice of curtains should adhere to a few simple recommendations:

  • The color of curtains must match the color scheme of the wallpaper;
  • If the wallpaper has a picture, it is advisable to choose single-color curtains without a print;
  • To decorate the window, the best drapery is best;
  • Curtains in a single color scheme with wallpaper will fit well, only if the room is decorated in a classic style;
  • Having bought curtains on tone lighter than wallpaper, the room will seem bigger;
  • If the wallpaper has a bright pattern, then the curtains are better to choose in quiet tones.

If the color of the walls is different, the best choice is for the curtains to repeat the color scheme of one of the walls. White curtains, like a classic, will flow into any interior. Observance of these simple recommendations will help to choose curtains, ideally suited to your interior.

Trendy design trends for curtains

Fashionable curtain design for the living room, an essential element in the decoration of windows. They modify the interior and make it more saturated. Every year new and interesting designs of curtains appear.

In order not to get confused when choosing curtains in the living room, it is important to follow the trends of the current year.

As curtains are the most necessary element in the style of any interior design, it is worth describing the trends of the current year. This year will be popular natural and close to natural colors.

Linen curtains in any living room will look spectacular Linen curtains in any living room will look impressive

Among the materials that make curtains, the leading positions are:

  • Cotton;
  • Flax;
  • Silk;
  • And also curtains made of bamboo.

Uniformity - will become the most popular trend in the design of curtains this year. Monolayer - a current that is popular already in the continuation of a series of seasons. Color is also one of the important features of the current season, so you need to be very careful when choosing it in combination with wallpaper. Popular colors in compliance with current trends will be brown, green, nut color, as well as blue and gray.

If you turn to coloring, then the best choice will be blue-green, as well as yellowish-green curtains, which will perfectly fit into the living room. White color will be an impeccable option for curtains in the bedroom. No less important factor in choosing curtains is the figure, this year the popularity is gaining large prints with geometric figures, large colors and a rich color palette. Among the types of curtains, designer trends highlight the curtains, which will be a bright addition to the interior design of any living room. Another type of direction curtains were Roman curtains.

Examples and photos of curtains for the living room

Straight curtains for the living room - it's a classic that never went out of style. When you choose them, you can turn to the designers for help, see how to make them yourself, and see a lot of options in the photo, and you will definitely determine what the interior needs.

A lot of people think that direct curtains are very commonplace and commonplace, but in fact it is not.

These curtains are very easy to transform, even if you sew braids or any other curtain material to them. When choosing direct curtains, first of all you need to determine the material.

Classic curtains for the living room will never go out of fashion Classic curtains for the living room never go out of fashion

Advantages of purchasing direct curtains:

  • Classics are always in fashion;
  • Despite the fact that such curtains are usually made of lightweight fabric, the room does not penetrate the sun's rays;
  • In the manufacture of such curtains, you can apply any fabric, decor element, and also choose any color and print for them.

Sewing classic straight curtains will not bring any difficulties, just need to take measurements of the window. Curtains do not require much material for sewing. Fashion comes and goes, but the classic is eternal, remember this, choosing curtains in your living room.

Basic design directions

The modern style of sewing curtains is a combination of all design directions, such as high-tech and minimalism. With the help of curtains you can show your personality, which is very well noticed by designers, and created a lot of options to decorate any home. In the modern style of sewing curtains can be used any fabric.

For sewing curtains you can use a different fabric For sewing curtains you can use a variety of fabrics

The main trends in curtain design:

  1. The most basic and never aging design direction in the manufacture of curtains is the classic, because only it never goes out of fashion, Is always practical and multifunctional. Classic curtains can be made from any materials, using any color scheme and applying different patterns.
  2. Next on popularity there is such style, as hi-tech - this current bears in itself all new and popular. The fabric of such curtains is created with the help of modern technologies, and carries in itself certain colors and imitation of modern style. Such curtains will be a wonderful addition to any living room decorated in a modern style. And yet, when choosing such curtains, you need to understand that they must be performed in the same color scheme.
  3. The third trend is Provence. This light style makes it closer to nature and creates in the interior a kind of romanticism. This style combines beauty and simplicity.
  4. Minimalism. One of the favorite design directions in the implementation of curtains. The lack of jewelry, functionality, minimalism almost all repeats the style of high-tech.
  5. Oriental style, but otherwise - Japanese curtains. One of not many types of curtains that can visually increase the space of the room and hide the superfluous from other people's eyes.
  6. Eclectic. This style is suitable for those who like to combine incompatible. The game of contrasts, non-standard decorating decisions and even a little chaos - that's what characterizes this style.
  7. Vintage. Ideas of old curtains, made of modern fabric. A lot of drawings, multilayered and volumetric decor - it's vintage.

Secrets to the design of curtains for the living room( video)

Curtains for the living room - this is the final touch in decorating the windows in the room. Fashion is progressing and allows you to choose an element of decor, like curtains for every taste. Undoubtedly, they will affect the appearance of the entire interior in general, but it does not matter what style the curtains in the living room will be made, the main thing is that they harmonize well with the interior design, and then the room will delight the eye and cause admiration for any guests.

design windows in the living room( interior photo)