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Linen curtains are becoming popular due to the ecological compatibility and practicality of the material Linen curtains are becoming popular due to the environmental friendliness and practicality of the material. The final stage in the repair and improvement of the house is the decoration of the windows. You can safely say that this is the most important element in the decor of each room. And without proper window decoration, never get a finished kind of room. Curtains give the room a cosiness and that very sensation of the house, create a mood for which all are eager to get home from work. With their help you can also control the level of light in the apartment - increase the brightness in the afternoon, or soften the hot sun early in the morning. Today there is a huge amount of materials for the decoration of windows: natural and artificial, dense not allowing light and light breathing, any textures, colors and designs. In recent years, natural fabrics are gaining popularity. Consider material such as linen.

    • What are linen curtains made of flax
    • Curtains: linen in combination with other types of fabrics
    • Tulle: linen or organza
    • Advantages of linen curtains in the kitchen
    • Stylish linen curtains( video)
    • Design of linen curtains( photos in the interior)

What are linen curtains made of flax

As with any fabric, flax also has flaws, which, however, can be successfully coped: linen variation is heavily smoothed, And there is pA lawsuit that can sit down after washing - both of these problems are solved by cleaning in a gentle mode, and ironing is mandatory in wet form. In this case, do not forget that linen cloth can not be bleached.

Advantages of this fabric as curtains in the bedroom or living room:

  • Environmentally impeccable - 100% natural fabrics;
  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Breathable curtains - freely let in air;
  • Wear-resistant - such curtains with proper care can last for several decades;
  • Resistant to dirt, easily washable;
  • Unique style;
  • Indispensable in Scandinavian, rustic style, in the style of Provence, country, eco, folklore style, fusion, and also high-tech with lace.

Linen curtains perfectly pass air and are hypoallergenic Linen curtains perfectly pass air and are hypoallergenic

Despite the fact that the flax is simple enough and at first glance to be a monotonous material, there are a large number of varieties of fabric in density and structure. Unbleached canvas is the most popular classic type of medium-density flax, more often gray and beige, suitable for rustic and Provence style.

Clarified fabric - medium-density fabric of lighter shades - creamy white, soft yellow, looks good in Scandinavian and Mediterranean styles, in eco-style and fusion.

A thick canvas - sometimes called "burlap", by name it can be seen that the fabric is superior in density to other types of flax, a coarse unfinished type of thread structure, ideal for eco-living, folklore and country or village style.

Curtains: linen in combination with other types of fabrics

There is an ultra-thin linen fabric, which is used in the form of curtains, translucent breathable material, suitable for cozy bedrooms and calm classics, it is possible to use in almost all styles except for the panel and design in a luxuriousClassics from IKEA.

Flax with additives presents:

  • Additional threads are added to the material to prevent excessive creasing and to give gloss and gloss;
  • Recently, flax began to meet with the addition of gold threads;
  • The material gives a special solemn appearance to the room.

    Linen curtains can be used in almost all styles of interior design Linen curtains can be used in almost all interior design styles

    For curtain finishing, these curtains are often decorated with fabric embroideries, interwoven ribbons or laces - depending on the room and the chosen style of the room or kitchen.

    It's important to remember that curtains do not have to blend in color with the walls.

    The shade should be well combined with the rest of the color range of the room, it also looks good when the color scheme is repeated somewhere else - decorative cushions, chair covers or aprons and towels, when it comes to the kitchen. It is important to remember that the surplus of decorative elements for linen fabrics and cotton is disastrous. With them you definitely can not use ideas with your own hands, lambrequins, pearls, beautiful rhinestones and other glamorous accessories and drapes. It is not recommended to use linen materials on the windows in baroque, rococo and rich classics styles.

    Tulle: flax or organza

    Flax is an environmentally friendly fabric, natural and alive, which is of particular interest. At first glance, simple material gives the room a truly finished look, especially relevant in rooms in Scandinavian or Mediterranean styles. Linen curtains are always light natural colors from soft yellow to light brown.

    You can combine linen fabric with almost anything.

    But adjacent fabrics are optimally selected according to the density of the materials. Also it is worth recalling that flax has a shrink property, so if you decide to combine it with another fabric, for example, as a lining, it is important to use the option also with a large shrinkage, otherwise the ready can tightly lead and the view will be spoiled.

    Linen curtains look simple, and at the same time very impressive Linen curtains look simple, and at the same time very impressive

    In addition to the lining of another material, you can find linen curtains:

    • Classical gray colors;
    • Beige Variation;
    • With bright inserts on the sides of a different material.

    The latter option can easily revive the monotonous situation. What is flax?This is an annual plant from which tissues, wallpaper and oils are made, flax is used in cosmetology and medicine. An ancient Russian proverb says: "He who sows flax will reap gold."In recent years, this is quite expensive material in view of the huge variety of types and texture of the material. Len can rightly be considered king among the tissues( reviews confirm).Its history dates back more than 5000 years. In recent years, the Russian people's society has become topical issues of ecology, in this regard, people are eager to use natural materials.

    Often in front of buyers there is a choice, which tulle to choose - natural - linen or organza?Above we understood the properties of linen fabrics. Organza is a light transparent fabric, made mostly of viscose or polyester. It has a shine and smoothness, it is an inexpensive material, but it has the property of quickly breaking.

    Advantages of linen curtains in the kitchen

    Having defined the types of linen fabrics, it is important to decide on the design and choice of the model. Classic design windows with linen cloths are long curtains to the floor, but in recent years more and more are gaining popularity Roman blinds. This is practical, in addition, they are easy to use. Most often Roman curtains are used in the kitchen. The design of such curtains looks in such a way that the fabric always remains tense, which excludes the bruise, and the cloths always look like new ones. In addition, often in the kitchen conditions do not allow you to keep long massive curtains, especially if there is a stove next to the window. Roman blinds do not develop in the wind even with open windows, thus ensuring the safety of finding the fabric next to an open fire, even in a draft. At the same time, they are very beautiful and stylishly look almost with any furniture.

    Linen curtains are great for the kitchen: they are not brandy and dirt-repellent Curtains linen are perfect for the kitchen: they are not easily soiled and dirt-repellent

    also quite comfortable and beautiful kitchen version shortened curtains( rustic style), linen is placed to the level of the window sill and the edge is decorated with ruffles or lace, With picks on the sides. The kitchen with such gentle decoration of the windows looks very cozy and homely.

    Curtains made of linen are not sticky and dirt-repellent - which is important for a room like a kitchen. Linen fabrics add light and heat, visually expand the space, environmentally friendly. All these qualities speak in favor of using this kind of fabric in the kitchen. Using linen curtains, we recommend to sew tissue from the same tissue or chair covers, they give completeness to the interior.

    Stylish Linen Curtains( Video)

    In the last century, linen cloth was associated in most people with poor people - burlap gray, a rough canvas without a picture, which was used in deaf villages. And not spsta, because this material is durable and breathable. In the last decades, the issue of environmental friendliness of the material came to the fore, and the fabric manufacturers were able to quickly determine all the advantages of linen products, and created a huge number of varieties of materials that can surprise with their appearance and quality of any most sophisticated person. Ultrathin translucent soft white tulle from linen has nothing to do with rough sacking, it is difficult to imagine that it is made of one material. At the same time, dense rough textures perfectly match with many styles and are a winning accent in many interiors.

    Design linen curtains( photo in the interior)