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Classic curtains in the interior of modern houses can be found very often Classic curtains in the interior of modern houses can be seen very often Classic curtains were always the ideal solution for the interior in the style of a classic favorite. This type of decoration is most suitable for decorating a large spacious room, the right shape. Curtains will complement and decorate your living room, bedroom, hallway and kitchen. The characteristic features of such curtains are strict, straight and precise lines, regular geometric shapes and restrained colors. They are made from a wide variety of fabrics.

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Beautiful classic curtains: photo compositions

Classic curtains, probably neverydut of fashion. Designers are very fond of working with this type of curtains, because they provide great opportunities for the introduction of classical experiments. Although these curtains are made of simple types of materials, but skilfully selected drawing and correct cut with the use of lambrequins and other decorative elements, they allow them to look like real works of art.

Classic curtains, pictures of which are on the pages of many sites on the Internet, made of noble kinds of fabric, those who differ excellent quality, excellent texture, rigorous, original drawing. These curtains can be confidently called exclusive, because their design and tailoring make the room simply magnificent.

Curtains that are made of quality materials, look beautiful and expensive for a long time. The only condition for such wear resistance is proper care and proper material selection.

Classic curtains look beautiful and expensive Classic curtains look beautiful and expensive

materials that are suitable for sewing curtains classic:

  • Taft;
  • Silk;
  • Atlas;
  • Cotton;
  • Jacquard;
  • Flax;
  • Shinil.

The care of the products will depend on the choice of the fabric. When buying curtains, you should consider that you have to remove them, wash and hang back. If your curtains are complex cut, immediately consult with a specialist how best to provide them with proper care.

Curtains of the classic in the interior of the living room

Today, just like a lot of time ago, the classical style is beautiful, popular and relevant. Now it can be seen and in a private house, and in the office, and in an apartment, a public premise. And, since, one of the main components of this style in the interior are the curtains, then with their help, many try to emphasize their well-being and financial stability.

Curtains of the classic in the interior of the living room - an excellent opportunity to design stylishly and beautifully design the main room of the house. By choosing this style, you will provide the family with a pleasant pastime in the space of a cozy hall.

Curtains in the classic design are usually filled with decorative drapes, picks and lambrequins. These curtains are an expensive fabric that looks great and does not lose its appearance for a long time. The window in the living room, which is decorated with classical curtains, embodies a bright decorative element, harmoniously blending into the general situation of the room.

Curtains in the classical style are not cheap, but look luxurious Curtains in a classic style are not cheap, but look luxurious

principles of design curtains in a classic style:

  • to the living room, decorated in the style of classical palace curtains should be loose, light and airy. A rich view will be given to the white curtains, trimmed with a golden fringe.
  • To the admirers of the mysterious and gloomy Gothic curtains in the living room should be dark, and they are made of heavy velvet.
  • An excellent option for the living room will be classic straight curtains of two canvases draped with beautiful folds.

The design of curtains in the classical style does not cost cheap, but it looks even more expensive. If you are an adherent of this style and do everything right, then your living room will be admired by everyone without exception.

Cozy curtains in classic style in the bedroom: we decorate the recreation area with textiles

Whatever you do, repair, the final design of the room is attached to the curtains on the windows. Today's design trends for the bedroom evolve in two planes: the choice of wallpaper and textiles. These highlights help to beat the bed and some furniture that is available in the room.

Curtains in classic style in the bedroom will perfectly fit into the interior of the room and decorate any design. A variety of color palette will give the rooms a special chic.

If you want a luxuriant luxury bedroom, then you need to look for not light fabrics with a muted luster, similar to silk. The bright shine of synthetics simplifies the view in the room. Excellent combination looks, consisting of two shades of the same scale or fabric with jacquard weaving. Such products, usually dense, reliably obscure the room, and favor a quiet rest.

Classic curtains in the bedroom will create an atmosphere of coziness Classic curtains in the bedroom will create an atmosphere of coziness

Classic curtains in the interior of the bedroom:

  • Models with lambrequins give the desired splendor and luxury;
  • Multilayered curtains make it possible to change the obscuration of any desire;
  • Lightweight, monophonic veil, diffuses bright light, but at the same time it does not overload the interior;
  • Lace curtains look great on the bedroom windows;
  • Double curtains - new ideas for decorating the windows in the bedroom, looks great and gives a special flavor.

Classic curtains perfectly fit the interior of a room like a modern bedroom. They are smart, beautiful, and perfectly cope with their protective functions.

Decorative curtains in the classic interior: design options

Classic curtains the index of taste and style. They are firmly in the lead among all other types of curtains and conquer with their stable constancy. But, the room, which is decorated in the classic style, will not be finished without a suitable curtain. Very often it is he who creates the general mood of the room. The decoration of an apartment or house does not need to be chic and pretentious. Correctly selected curtains complete the interior, giving it dignity, grandeur and nobility.

Curtains in the classic interior organically fit into any house or apartment, and do not require the owners of special super-strengths to create this style. In the simplest version, the curtains in this style are straight, even cloths made of dense curtain fabric.

They look like canvases falling on the sides of the window opening in the daytime, and closing it at night. For this type of curtains, you need to choose the cornices correctly, which will not stand out from the whole interior style, but harmoniously fit into the common space.

Ornate curtains in classical style organically fit into any house or apartment Classic style elegant curtains fit seamlessly into any house or apartment

These classic style curtains in the interior of a house or apartment consist of the following elements:

  • Curtain - transparent curtain of tulle or organza;
  • Curtains - dense canvas, protecting from light and prying eyes;
  • Accessories, giving the curtain a special, refined look and luxury.

This set of elements fully fulfills the entire set of functions that must carry textile products on window openings.

How to choose classic curtains( video)

Designers argue that the classic will not lose its relevance ever. That is why curtains made in this style can now be seen in many modern rooms. Universal classic curtains, which form a single whole with a window, perfectly emphasize all the advantages of the room.

Design of classic curtains( photo in interior)