Bando for curtains photo: hard lambakken what is a bando, small and hard, novelties for a living room and a hall

Bando for curtains - this is an original and beautiful decoration of the window Bando for curtains - this is an original and beautiful window decoration What is a bando for curtains?This is a lambrequin for the curtains, which is a horizontal drapery decorating the curtain from above. These elements set the entire width of the eaves, which allows you to hide the fasteners under their elegant and attractive appearance. To the bando is a solid lambrequin, which is a certain section in the decor group for windows.

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Types of gangster for curtains

Bando is a non-woven glued material used for making hard and hard lambrequins. According to some sources, you can find out that such products are called shabrak, but in general, both bando and shabrak are the designation of the same. Shabrak got its name from the factory on which the product is made.

It is worth noting that the bando is produced in various forms, each of which differs from each other. :

  1. Bando with a hot-melt backing is a cloth with an adhesive composition, however, it requires high temperature to activate it.
  2. There is a material that is made on the basis of a self-adhesive sheet. In order to fix it, on the decorative canvas it is enough to remove the protective covering from the bando.

Bando is of several kinds Bando can be of several types

A hot-melt bando can be glued to the fabric by means of an iron on which there is a steamer. Some manufacturers supplement self-adhesive fabrics with foam rubber or an additional coating, due to which it is possible to fix the finished product with Velcro.

There is a third kind of bando and this is a transparent fabric that can be used for organza.

It is not difficult to work with a bando, but if there are no special skills, then it is necessary to entrust this process to a professional. The cost of processing is not too high, and the time does not need to wait more than 1 day. Addition of lambrequins bando allows you to get a chic window design that can maintain its shape for a long time.

Lambrucken bando

Lambrequin is decorated with: living room windows, kitchen space, nursery and other rooms. What can be hard lambrequin?

Bando can be :

  • Vertical;
  • Horizontal.

Vertical applications are extremely rare, as they are mainly used as an alternative to heavy side curtains. A horizontal bando can be simple and complex, depending on the design decision. The best option is a horizontal bando in the form of a strip that can partially or completely hide the cornice.

Bando for curtains can be horizontal and vertical Bando for curtains can be horizontal and vertical

In other words, you can make the decoration of the window simple, concise and tasteful.

In addition to rigid lambricks, window frames can also be decorated with light chiffon curtains, or for example with such material as organza, tulle and similar canvases. It is possible to supplement the design with heavy side curtains or in other words with curtains. They are mainly used at night for additional darkening of space. The textured bando with a lining and trim in the form of lace, fringe, braid or soft lambreken, drapery, svagi and jabota will look original. Such curtains can decorate absolutely any premises. The most important thing is to combine colors, canvases and decor.

Hard lambreken

Lambruck for a hall or any other room can be of 2 kinds: soft and hard. The peculiarity of them is that they can perfectly hold the shape, without hanging down. This allows you to maintain aesthetic design for a long time. Hard carved lambrequins, as already mentioned, are made on an adhesive basis.

And can be used as a material skeleton:

  • Doublerine;
  • Flizelin;
  • Proclam;
  • Thermo-sintepon;
  • Bando.

Bando is most often used, as it is more convenient and reliable for making hard lambrequin. This fabric has a high density, but it has minimal lightness with an adhesive coating. Storage of the material is carried out in a roll form and it is strictly forbidden to bend it. Despite the fact that the fabric is too dense, it is easy to cut, so you can make lambrequins of various shapes and even the most creative. To give the product you can absolutely any shape, and for this it does not necessarily have to go to a specialist, provided you have personal skills to work with materials. Rigid lambrequin can hold any shape and size

Hard lambreken also has the additional advantages of :

  1. The product can be any shape and size, and therefore it is often used to decorate a non-standard window opening.

  2. Rigid lambrequins are straight and curly, as well as with an additional lengthening of the side.
  3. It is possible to cut out various patterns from a bando, regardless of the complexity of the designed design.
  4. Finished products can be decorated with decorative various products, such as rhinestones, applications, flowers and the like.
  5. It's easy to take care of them.

Hypoallergenicity - dust does not settle on such material, unlike soft lambrequins.

Curtains with hard lambrequin

Fabric for lambrequin can be used absolutely any, moreover, now mostly novelties are used, regardless of the density. It is possible to make a dense fabric decor with your own hands. Due to the solid structure, it is possible to create curtains that will last for a long time and do not lose their proper appearance. The most important thing is that when creating curtains, the window decoration was as clearly defined as possible. To be more precise, the bando needs to be applied to the lambrequin fabric, which completely corresponds to the rest of the window decor.

In order to choose the fabric, you should pay attention to a number of recommendations from specialists:

  1. The brightest fabrics on which there is a large pattern are considered the most winning solutions. Patterns can be in the form of large colors or geometric patterns, which must complement the notched edge.
  2. Very hard will look hard lambrequin and white classic tulle, but the bando should be green, blue, burgundy or cherry color.
  3. It is entirely possible to make an original window opening if you select a lambrequin with a contrasting hue relative to the main curtains. For example, when choosing curtains in one tone, a bando on which a small floral ornament is suitable.
  4. Rigid curtains can be sewn, as well as the basic of monophonic materials, varying the various canvases, colors and decor. An excellent option for the style of the classic will be considered a curtain made of gold brocade and a bando decorated in a dark purple tone. Contrasting canvases, in which the uniform color performance looks at least equally original.

How to sew a bando for curtains( video)

Competent, not a small approach to the design of the window will create not only an interesting and original decor, but also the whole interior, comfort and comfort. It is worth noting that in the absence of personal skills in the selection of material, it is better to entrust this process to a real expert.

Bando Design Curtain( photo ideas)