Tulle to the bedroom: a photo of beautiful curtains, how to choose in the catalog, design of a lambrequin, how to hang Roman curtains

With the help of tulle and curtains, the required atmosphere is created, the degree of illumination of the room is regulated With the help of tulle and curtains the required atmosphere is created, the degree of illumination of the room is regulated. The bedroom is a place that every mistress wants to decorate in a special way. When decorating a bedroom it is important to take into account the functional load of the room, as well as the overall design. Tulle in the bedroom can be selected for furniture or wall decoration. When choosing a fabric, it is very important to take into account the level of lighting in the room and its dimensions. Tulle is designed to make the room cozy. If curtains are selected for the curtains of the curtains, the quality and texture of the fabric should be taken into account.

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      • How to choose curtains and tulle for the bedroom
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Kinds of beautiful tulle in the bedroom: photo

Correctly selected tulle will not only decorate the room, but also make its lighting soft and comfortable, Completed onconductive design space. When choosing a fabric for tulle curtains and curtains, it is important to pay attention to the size and shape of the window openings. It is also important to consider the general style in the room, otherwise tulle will look disharmonious.

In the bedroom you need to create a cozy, relaxing atmosphere and, at the same time, keep privacy In a bedroom it is necessary to create a cozy, relaxing atmosphere and, at the same time, to keep privacy

To lace and translucent tulle should be selected portieres from a dense fabric - they will not allow sunlight to penetrate into the room if you want to relax.

If there is not enough sunlight in the room, and if the window is decorated with blinds or Roman blinds, you can hang light curtains of light shades on the window. The original solution can be the use of a lamp shade or a night light covered with the same kind of fabric as the curtains. A double bed can also be decorated with a veil of the same fabric as the curtains. When choosing a fabric, it is important to be guided by individual taste preferences.

Tulle applications:

  • Baldahin made of tulle;
  • Drapery for tulle;
  • Partition of tulle;
  • Tulle with lambrequin;
  • Austrian tulle;
  • Turkish tulle;
  • Roman tulle. Curtains can be long and short.

The design of the tulle will depend on the decorative finish of the room, the style of furniture, the size of the room and the window opening, as well as the level of lighting in the room. Select a suitable tulle will help catalog presented in each curtain salon.

Drapery of tulle and curtains in the bedroom

Modern bedroom will look harmonious if the windows in it will be decorated with properly selected curtains. Designers offer the attention of consumers a large selection of refined and non-trivial tulle curtains. Tulle curtains can be on the eyelets, combined with muslin. Excellent looking curtains, combined with Roman curtains.

Tulle on the eyelets simply moves apart, forming even folds, and looks great in any interior The tulle on the eyelets simply expands to form even folds and looks great in any interior.

Lightweight and air curtains are perfectly draped, which allows you to effectively and nicely decorate the window of any size and shape.

If the tulle will be combined with curtains, it is better for them to choose a thick fabric. The dense texture looks good in the evening, when the curtains are drawn, and the room is lit with artificial light. With porters look beautiful lambrequins.

How to create a drapery:

  • Add to ribbon. To the upper edge of the curtain, sew the tape and tighten it depending on the size of the window.
  • Use sticks and magnets. This allows you to create beautiful horizontal creases. Curtains are given increased airiness.
  • The side of the canvas is equipped with a dense thread or cord. This allows you to attach the tulle to the harmonious semicircular folds.
  • Thick drapery. Allows you to get wrinkles that will have the shape of a bow.

Lambrequin, made of the same fabric as the curtains, beautifully complement them. In combination with lambrequin, the curtains will beautifully fall, giving the whole interior lightness and airiness. You can use braid to decorate tulle and curtains. Gold thread, fringe, brushes, garters or magnets.

How to choose curtains and tulle for a bedroom

Window design can be a key point in the design of the entire room. Each year there are new items, thanks to which each owner can decorate the room according to their taste preferences. Finish the image of the entire interior will help properly selected curtains and tulle.

Choose curtains more saturated shades, rather than wallpapers on walls Choose curtains of more saturated shades than wallpaper on walls

Using a transparent curtain, you can decorate the whole window. But the curtains are designed to frame the window during the day, and close it at night.

With the help of correct design, you can correct the shortcomings of the room. For example, tulle to the window sill can visually increase the height of ceilings. Curtains should not be the same color with decorative wall decoration - this can lead to their merging, which will negatively affect the general appearance of the room.

Tips for choosing curtains:

  • Visually expand the room can curtains with cross strips. Vertical bands will visually increase the height of the ceilings.
  • So that curtains do not deprive a room of a window, the shade for them should be chosen light. Bright color will make the interior rich and cheerful, cold tones will give the room a majestic calmness.
  • Using lambrequin will make the interior complete. Lambrequin should be used gently in a room with low ceilings.

Fabric selection is a very important step. The fabric should be chosen proceeding from the design of curtains, the general design of an interior and personal preferences of owners of a premise. It is important to consider the fact that the tissue has a predisposition to burnout.

Tulle variants with a lambrequin for a bedroom: photo

Lambrequin and tulle harmoniously fit in interiors made in a wide variety of styles. The decoration of the room with a light and beautiful cloth will give the modern interior a finished look. The atmosphere of the bedroom, created by tulle with a lambreken, will be peaceful and calm.

Tulle with a lambrequin for a bedroom should be long - to the very floor Tulle with a lambrequin for the bedroom should be long - to the floor

An interesting interior approach - window decoration with plain curtains and colored lambrequins.

You can choose a variety of fabrics for sewing tulle and lambrequin. What kind of fabric to choose depends on the designer's vision of the interior and the taste preferences of the bedroom owners. Transparent textiles allow you to sew curtains, Roman curtains, Austrian curtains or Japanese curtains.

Lambrequin and tulle design options:

  • Lambruck can be sewn to the tulle canvas. This combination will make the atmosphere solemn and original.
  • Calico lambrequin will look great with short tulle curtains.
  • In the bedroom there will be a beautiful look of a long tulle, decorated with velvet. The window will look luxurious.
  • Lace fabric will give the room a romantic atmosphere. Lace curtains can be applied to each other to create an interesting effect.
  • Decorating the room with a two-tone fabric with a frill and svaga will make the room elegant.
  • Tulle and organza lambrequin will make the atmosphere light and easy.

Lambruck can be sewn to order or with your own hands. For sewing lambrequin you need a piece of fabric, non-woven liner, decorative cord. Lambrequin is hung on the cornice or a special lath. To make a window with a lambrequin and tulle, you can have a bedroom that has been dropped in any style.

How to choose tulle in the bedroom( video)

Bedroom design is an important stage in the repair of an apartment or a house. Each owner dreams of making the bedroom look beautiful and stylish. It must also be harmonious and suitable for rest and relaxation. Window decoration tulle today is quite common in the design of a bedroom. Tulle can be in harmony with the decoration of the walls and furniture. Drapery will make the atmosphere of the bedroom easy and relaxed. You can add tulle in different ways.

tulle Design in the bedroom( the photo in the interior)