Curtains in the hall: the design of curtains and curtains, beautiful drapes, novelties on the windows, repairs, real photos and pictures

The design of the hall must be taken with all seriousness, because the curtains set the tone for the whole interior The decoration of the room must be taken with all seriousness, because the curtains set the tone for the entire interior. It's great to consider design developments: the fashion catalog offers examples of design of apartments where everything is selected, all in a single ensemble. I would like to live in such an apartment. But, maybe, in you the designer who does not orient on already ready interiors, and will create the small world which will want to decorate according to the taste and aesthetic representations sleeps. Trying to make a small design revolution in your home, why not?And you can start with the design of the window.

      • Modern curtains in the hall: photo
      • Which fabric to choose for the curtains in the hall
      • The color of the curtain for the hall
      • Samples of the design of the window in the classical style
      • In the style of Provence: curtains in the hall, photo, New items
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      • Chebby Chic: curtain design
      • Beautiful curtains for curtains: photo in the hall
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      • Curtain design in the hall( photo in the interior)

Modern curtains in the: Photo

The fact that the blinds are the easiest way to something radically change in the living room interior. It is worth choosing new suitable curtains, as the appearance of the room as a whole will change. Which models to choose, what kind of design will be, depends on many factors.

To make your living room look modern, when choosing curtains, you should pay attention not only to personal preferences, but also to fashion trends To make your living room look modern, when choosing curtains, you should pay attention not only to personal preferences, but also to fashion trends

Criteria for choosing curtains in the living room:

  • Size of windows - depends on this widthCurtains;
  • Room height - to determine the length of the curtains correctly;
  • Dimensions of the living room - and this data can affect the color of the window, that is, the color of the curtains;
  • The location of the window opening relative to the sides of the world - and this is also not a tribute to fashion, but the effect on color and curtain pattern;
  • Wall color;
  • The color and texture of the technical work, furniture, in particular - soft.

It is also important that you are located in front of your house and storeys. Roughly speaking, whether passers-by or neighbors in front of you will look in your windows. This affects the choice of fabric and the style of the curtains.

Which fabric to choose for the curtains in the hall

The options are very different. It can be light and flowing tissue, and can be heavy, dense.

Dense fabrics for curtains are needed for those living rooms that are viewed from the window. And, in principle, someone likes the twilight, because light curtains are less preferable.

A win-win option is window curtains for upholstery upholstery. In this case, the effect of unity of the entire composition will work A win-win option is window curtains for upholstery upholstery. In this case, the effect of the unity of the entire composition will work

Choose a fabric not only on the basis of the "new collection" principle, but also according to a simple criterion, natural fabrics or synthetic ones. And in a sense, synthetic ones have a lot of advantages. They do not burn out in the sun, do not wear out, they do not need special care. All these natural fabrics can not boast, but they are as environmentally friendly as possible, and for many owners this factor now determines.

Color of the curtain for the hall

What are the ways to match the color of the curtains?You can hang curtains under the color of the wallpaper, and this option is acceptable. But this combination is not quite economical, because curtains will have to be changed after the new repair comes, and new wallpaper will be glued.

Try almost always, not only when choosing curtains, use the color wheel. He has simple rules, if you look at this circle, you can see what colors are combined, what are next, adjacent, contrasting, etc. Neighboring colors in this circle are called related, opposite - contrast.

Attract attention in the living room bright and original drapes Drawing attention in the living room with bright and original curtains

Select neutral and always fashionable shades. It's beige, sandy, it's easy to pick a partner. And that they did not look boring, there are a large number of options for decorative finishing - from lambrequins to all sorts of color edging.

Remember that the shades of purple and red visually bring the window closer, that is, the visual space will decrease. Because in small living rooms such ideas will not be successful.

Samples of a design of a window in classical style

If the drawing room is issued classically, then everything in it must be subordinated to style requirements. And the design of the walls( perhaps pictures), and the design of windows. It is not recommended in this case, sewing curtains of ordinary fabric, you need a stylish, expensive, aesthetic material. It can be a set with a lambrequin and an exquisite tulle. Such a kit is almost always successful.

Beautiful fabrics like velvet and silk look good in modern classical interiors Beautiful fabrics like velvet and silk look good in the modern classic interior

In the urban style is preferable to neutral fabrics. You can sew curtains in a cage or strip: this option is still appropriate and still convincing in the interior of the living room. The most chic options are high curtains of dense textured fabric with decor, picks, brushes. Most often these are monophonic drapes. True, these styles will fit only a large living room, yet they, first of all, should be combined with the size of the room.

In the style of Provence: curtains in the hall, photo, novelties

When choosing curtains, you need to look, of course, and on the style of the room. The room should translate organic, unity of purpose. Take, for example, a very popular style of Provence today. He is going to have great reviews, because it's an easy, very cozy, democratic style. Many decorative elements for it can be created by oneself, including sewing curtains.

In the room in the style of Provence most often choose curtains with floral print In a Provence style room, curtains with floral print

are most often chosen. curtains in the living room:

  • Preferred natural fabrics - cotton, linen, satin;
  • Natural colors are priority - natural colors, olive lilac, different shades of green, pink, brown, soft yellow, and, of course, white;
  • Cage and strip - geometric motifs, one might say, are represented among these two;
  • You can experiment with decoration - lace, curtains with edging, original hangers, various ruches and bows, but do not overdo it, and do not hold modesty to this style either.

You can use combined curtains - transparent tulle, not very dense curtains. There are also blinds in the style of Provence, only in a light version. Roller curtains made from natural fabrics are also used. But the photo-blinds or photo-curtains are not quite organic in such an interior, they are too "real", without styling.

Scandinavian curtain design for hall

Scandinavian style has long been associated with our interiors. And the furniture, decor, and design features deserve such popularity that there is not enough and a long list of ideas that are derived from Scandinavian design concepts. Take the same curtains.

The specificity of Scandinavian design is simplicity, laconicism, light colors Specificity of scandium design - simplicity, brevity, light tone

Naturalness of materials in the Scandinavian design in priority. Look at the pictures of such interiors, and sometimes you want to exclaim: "How cool!" At the same time, light curtains and night curtains are used. But still more important is the easy "clothes" for the windows, which allows the light to control the space.

These curtains do not require any additional decor. There are soft folds - and this is the decor. In this sense, the classic rules the decor of the windows. At the same time, curtains should not look like decoration for a banquet hall. That is, the same lambrequins are already excess. The photo gallery will give clear answers to this question.

Shebbi-chic: design of curtains

Both in an apartment and in a private house you can create a fashionable modern style chic style. He can decorate the corridor, the hallway, the bedroom, and, of course, the living room. And the choice is not one kind of curtains.

Curtains in a chebie-chic style can be:

  • Classical strict;
  • Elegant French;
  • Luxurious Austrian;
  • Refined Italian.

The task of curtains in the style of shebbi-chic - to emphasize the aristocratic and presentable interior, so the curtains are carefully selected The task of curtains in the style of the shebbie-chic is to emphasize the aristocratic and presentable interior, therefore the curtains are carefully chosen.

Of course, these are types of curtains, and not the countries of their production. Sometimes you find what you need in Bishkek or, for example, Kaluga, Karaganda. Create a style can be bit by bit, wherever you are.

And it's not about rich fabrics, sometimes ideas are inexpensive, they just need to be thought through. In the beginning, three stylistic elements are enough to make a real stylish interior out of a small cheek-chic image, just sketches. How many photos have to be reviewed, catalogs, magazines, before you get a cool result, those who have faced this know. Just tie on the curtain some narrow satin curtains will not work, what you need to learn, what to look at - do everything with taste and pleasure.

Beautiful curtains for curtains: photo in the hall

Curtains are light curtains in a curtain ensemble. What curtains are in fashion today?And here there are their classic versions, the same white tulle curtains. This can be curtains of chiffon, tulle, veils, organza. To a lesser extent today use curtains, which include different gold and silver threads, different more concise options in the living rooms will look more confident.

What curtains are in vogue:

  • Soaring, lightweight fabrics, which visually expand their airiness by not even wide rooms for a couple of meters;
  • A combination of lightweight fabrics with delicate color transitions;
  • Unusual styles( asymmetry, non-standard cut);
  • Curtains-pleated;
  • Tulle-rainbow( where the red and green hues are maximally muffled).

Curtain-thread is currently very relevant in the design of the living room Curtains-threads are currently very relevant in the design of the living room

Again, the mood of the room is taken into account. Somewhere a white tulle with daisies is perfect, and it will be the coolest curtains for this particular living room, they will be able to show her mood, but they will not be able to hang these in a solid hall. Sometimes you need to completely replace the old curtains, so that the hall looked more modern.

If you do not want the living room to resemble an assembly or a conference hall, reduce the severity, add coziness. One simple decorative element changes the perception of the window. Vertical or horizontal blinds rarely contribute to this situation. Even from one half-wall it is possible to create an elegant zoning element, and curtains can do a lot.

How to choose curtains in the hall( video)

The letters are laid out in better advice than the "eye".Learn the history of styles, classical combinations, color alliances on photographic examples. Do not abandon self-tailoring curtains, your idea can be better than any design. Be inspired by examples - even in "Odnoklassniki"( there they get inspiration for the click "Gelshat Dzhamoldinova", for example), but better - in classic interior catalogs.

Good choice!

curtains Design in Hall( photo in the interior)