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  1. Take an old DVD disc and cut a circle around the center. The circle should be of such diameter that the whole edges of the disc have a width of 2-3 cm.
  2. Take a wide ribbon, leading in color to the curtains and wind the resulting circle with the hole. Periodically, the tape should be attached to the disc using an adhesive gun.
  3. With the same gun, artificial flowers or beautiful beads are attached to the structure.
  4. Take a Chinese wand and paint it under the color of the ribbon.

This product is used as follows: the circle is applied to the assembled curtain from the front side, and the stick, when entering and leaving the front side, fixes the curtain with the back. This pick-up looks very original and done in a few minutes.

You can also make a pickle from a regular tablespoon. To do this, it must be bent so that its handle is parallel to the scooping part. The scooping part is attached to the wall, with the folding place facing the window.

The handle of such a pickup can be decorated with rhinestones or beads. Also, as a decor, you use ordinary ribbons tied in a bow. To take advantage of such a pick-up, you just need to make a curtain between the wall and the handle of the curtain.

Original colorful curtain decor: photo

Curtains can be decorated not only with removable parts. You can completely change the appearance of the canvas by more significant elements.

To decorate monochrome curtains or Roman curtains, you will need paints or markers for the fabric. With these tools you can completely change the appearance of the curtains. Ornament for paintings should be chosen in accordance with the style of the interior. So, for modern or high-tech, you can paint curtains with a geometric pattern, a small flower is suitable for a provencal, and for a maritime style you can choose blue bands.

When decorating curtains with paints, make sure that the decorated items can be washed.

Stylish and brightly decorated interior of the original colorful decorated curtain Stylish and brightly decorated interior with original colorful decorated curtain

In the kitchen in the rustic style short curtains look very good. You can trim old long porters, and decorate their edges with a nice lace.

Another example of an unusual decor is a lambrequin made from a wire-based cord. Such a design will complement the unusual interiors of creative people.

We make butterflies for the decoration of curtains

If the above decor seems to you ordinary and not original. Then you can decorate the canvas of your curtain with artificial butterflies, which look quite like living things. It will not take you much time to make such a product.

  • Draw on a sheet of paper butterflies the right size. Do not forget about the beautiful antennae.
  • Bend the rigid wire around the butterfly contour. At the ends put on a large bead, dilute them in different directions and wrap in a spiral in the mustache.
  • Pull the wings of the capron, and pull in the middle, forming a neat fold on the wings.
  • Color the wings, to your liking using acrylic colors and sequins. Unbend the antennae and plant transparent or black beads on them.
  • If you want to make a butterfly more voluminous, then plant on its body elements of wool.
  • Attach the clothespin to the back of the butterfly. This can be done with a glue gun.
  • In the same way, you can make flowers or other interesting figures. Such decor is attached to the curtain with the help of clothespins, and significantly animates the interior.

    Unusual curtains decor( video)

    Decor for curtains can be made from the most unexpected materials. That there is one sticking out of a spoon!Do not be afraid to use non-standard ideas, apply bold decisions and you change the design of the window opening beyond recognition!

    Examples of window decor with curtains( photo ideas)