Organza photo: combined curtains, novelties and tulle on the windows, what is this fabric of two colors, curtains with a picture

Fabric - organza - allows you to realize the most incredible ideas of window decoration Fabric - organza - allows you to realize the most incredible ideas for the decoration of the window opening Organza is a transparent, versatile fabric from which light curtains are often sewn. It is liked by many thanks to its texture and ability to be organic in almost any interior. Such decor is appropriate in the living room, in the bedroom, and in the nursery. Sometimes curtains from organza serve as a curtain, it becomes a good way of zoning space.

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    • Which is better: tulle, organza or chiffon
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Advantages of curtains from organza

But not only in the versatility of tissue organza advantages. She also has other significant advantages. And they have both ready-made curtains and material from which the curtains can be designed with their own hands.

A special place is occupied by organza - very transparent and rather rigid material Special place is occupied by the organza - very transparent and rather rigid material

Organza advantages:

  1. Aesthetics .This fabric looks on the window as a "dress" from the veil, it protects the room from the annoying sun, and at the same time makes it more comfortable;
  2. Functionality of .And this is not only the protection and balance of design, it is also the possibility of using fabrics with embroidery, with perforations, and even fabrics with laser processing.
  3. Lightness .Air curtains make weightless and the interior itself. And hang and remove them, too, will not be difficult.
  4. Practicality. Curtains do not crumple, are not subject to special deformation, they serve for a long time, their forms practically do not lose.

And still it can be noted that caring for them is very simple, when washing the fabric does not sit down, it dries very quickly, ironing is also easy. And although the material looks very fragile, such light curtains are difficult to tear. Well, the choice is huge - a classic white curtain or, if this solution has already bothered you, curtains of any colors. Want with a picture, want curtains-chameleon, want with a seal. They look equally good in themselves, and as a component of the ensemble( + lambrequin, + dense curtains).

Beauty in the interior of the bedroom: organza for curtains, photo

The bedroom is usually taken with curtains with thick curtains. Or they can be combined with such curtains, as Roman, roll. A set with blinds is also possible. Organza can be silvery, or golden shades, the choice is based on what the whole bedroom design is.

Organza with golden or silvery coating is very common Very popular organza with golden or silvery sputtering

Greatly complement this fabric on the windows of sequins or taffeta. Decorating curtains with embroidery or beads will give refinement to the window decoration. The main thing is that the beautiful curtains are organic to the style of the room. You can combine the organza of two colors, or choose the type of rainbow curtains. In some cases a semi-organza in stripes looks chic.

Multilayered curtains are more suitable for the hall. But if the bedroom is large, then such a solution is possible. The standard version is a double construction, where a light translucent curtain is the first layer, and a denser curtain is second.

Choice of windows in the living room: photo

A frequent option in the living room is a light curtain and curtains with a lambrequin. Still, the living room is more representative, the name itself explains the functional of the room. Because curtains here can be less intimate, and more solemn. This can be, for example, multi-layer curtains with embroidery and fringe.

Modern technology allows you to produce an organza with a figured perforation, appliqués and other types of decoration Modern technology allows you to produce an organza with curly perforations, appliques and other types of decoration

If from a window of a drawing room the beautiful kind opens, it is better to choose almost transparent fabric for window decoration. And organza is an excellent option, as it rarely conflicts with the design of the living room. It can be, for example, a green or beige curtain with a curtain of veil. Or a blue curtain and a transparent veil with silver threads.

Which is better: tulle, organza or chiffon

This is a matter of personal preference. But it is worth saying that the organza organza is different. Of course, we should not belittle the merits of tulle, but sometimes this option can not outshine all the aesthetic possibilities of organza. And which ones, depends on the type of tissue.

Organza is a light, transparent material made of strong fibers, but creating a feeling of weightlessness and airiness The organza is a light, transparent material made of strong fibers, but creating a sense of weightlessness and airiness.

Today, three types of organza are distinguished:

  • Natural silk fiber fabric;
  • Synthetic organza made from viscose;
  • Ultra-modern organza made of aesthetic polyester fibers.

Fabric surfaces can be either shiny or matt. It can be an absolutely monophonic fabric, or a cloth with a pattern. On the fabric, as already mentioned, can be applied gilding or silvering, very popular model chameleon. Curtains can be smooth, printed, stitched, with a decor of aluminum threads. And this list can be extended: the choice of curtains from organza is really impressive.

Of course, there is enough rain curtain here and there, but sometimes it will be desirable for the effect to either an unusual fastening( for example, curtains on the eyelets) or curtains with non-standard sags. And all this can provide organza. At what, if you have a spacious kitchen, or at the same time it's a dining room, then the curtains from the organza will perfectly fit into the kitchen.

How to choose curtains from the combined organza: photos and novelties

Such fabric as organza is perfectly combined with other fabrics. In the case of multi-layered windows, this is the best option, collecting excellent reviews. A year ago, curtains from several types of organza were incredibly fashionable, which differ in texture, color or pattern.

Curtains from organza can act as a separate element of the decor of the room, and be combined with curtains Organza curtains can act as a separate element of the room's decor, and can be combined with the curtains

Organza will look great with both soft and hard lambrequins, as well as with massive cornices. This is really a universal material, because any combination of claims for the success of the idea.

And there is also such an option as organza + blinds. And the blinds in this case can be any: horizontal or vertical, with wooden, fabric or plastic lamellae. They are usually fixed closer to the window, to the window opening itself, or even to the window sashes. And already the air organza itself is hung in front of the blinds, as if softening the strict lines of the slats, making the interior more romantic.

Organza curtains( video)

Organza is indeed a fine fabric that does not require special handling and careful care. It's easier to say, with what it does not combine, than to find to it worthy curtains-partners. And the price is more than affordable. So you can safely choose, look out, and enjoy the new clothes for the window.

Great choice!

Design with organza( photo in interere)