Roller blinds on plastic windows: photos and pictures, open types of blinds, how to choose a roller closed type

Roller blinds look good on plastic windows in any room Roller blinds look good on plastic windows in any premises Roller blinds have become popular with the advent of plastic windows, or rather, insulating glass. They are very simple to use and care, they look quite original, and there are no questions to aesthetics. Especially successful such curtains are considered for balcony windows. Manufacturers of roller blinds also provided a system of non-traumatic fastening. These fasteners can be assembled by yourself, without seeking help from a master.

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What is the design - roller blinds for plastic windows

Roller blinds are a design that consists of a special cloth, and also a holder shaft, mobile and convenient. It allows you to straighten, fix and fold the blind. Self-tapping and perforation of the window sash is not at all necessary, you can do without it.

When choosing roller blinds for plastic windows, it is necessary to take into account the style in which the interior is made When choosing curtains for plastic windows, you should take into account the style in which the interior is made.

This design is based on the famous principle of Roman curtains, only with a significant adaptation to modern materials and modern fasteners.

Such curtains can be an independent decorative element, but quite often "rolls" are combined with a traditional curtain. This is also quite practical - you can protect from burnout expensive fabrics, and decorate the interior. The roller blinds will fit into any interior style. This can be as a single-color curtains, in pastel colors, or curtains with a pattern. You can choose roller blinds in any room - and the kitchen, bedroom, and living room are combined with such a curtain. Yes, and children's room is also an option.

Dimensions of roller blinds for plastic windows

You can go to the profile store, and there you can see the widest range of roller blinds. But in general, rolled curtains of conventional, standard sizes are produced. But if the window in your dwelling is made on an individual order, curtains, too, probably have to be made to order.

Always on sale roller blinds:

  • With a length of 1600 mm;
  • Length of 1750 mm;
  • 2200 mm;
  • With a width of 300 to 1400 mm.

Roller blinds can close the window either partially or completely Roller blinds can close the window either partially or completely

This corresponds to the standard dimensions of frames and flaps. Unless with a width sometimes there are problems, in fact sometimes the narrowed shutters are made. Because, of course, before buying, you should measure the windows. And for each type of roller blinds are made their measurements.

What kinds of roller blinds exist

The first type - roller blinds of the mini class. For the price it will be the most affordable kind of roller blinds. They can easily be mounted, and there will be no questions in operation. The shaft, on which the canvas will be wound, is open, and therefore the curtain will stretch already along the entire perimeter of the window. This is promoted by a weighting agent installed in the lower form of the curtain. Simple protector can be used, they are fixed to the frame on a conventional double-sided adhesive tape.

The cassette type of curtains is already a bit more complicated. The shaft with the canvas is in the box, and in the folded state, it is almost impossible to notice the curtain. Including, it provides it with protection from sunlight. The box, by the way, can be unproblematically chosen for the color or texture of the frame. For example, the material can be an imitation of plastic, wood.

And there is also an interesting mini-cassette type of curtains. They are installed on separate window curtains, and they do not interfere with opening and closing. The cloth will also be folded into a box, mounted on the upper lath of this leaf. These curtains are also divided into types: UNI 1 - is designed for wide beads, but UNI 2 is different in that guides are installed on the outer part of the bead on both sides of the glass.

Measurements of roller blinds for plastic windows: photo

As already mentioned above, measurements will depend on the type of curtains. If we talk about curtains mini, then first of all it is recommended to measure the width of the window and the width of the glazing beads. Then the height of the entire window curl is measured. It is recommended to record these results. Then, the location of the control mechanism is determined. Usually this is done from the side of the window hinge. And then choose how to attach the curtains to the window.

Measurements of roller blinds for plastic windows can be done using a tape measure Measurement of roller blinds for plastic windows can be done using a roulette

Measurements for cassette blinds:

  • If the bevels have a right angle, then the width and height of the glass are measured between them;
  • If the bevels are beveled, the height and width of the glass is measured by the distance between them.

For mini-cassette blinds, the measurements will be different. In the case of UNI 1, this is the size of the glass, note, without glazing beads. But for the UNI design 2, the dimensions are removed from the glass, with the addition of the width of the glazing beads.

How open roller blinds look like

This type of curtains is a metal or plastic shaft attached to the upper beam of the frame, and a web is wound on it. Opens and closes such a construction with a simple mechanism: you pull the chain, the shaft starts to move, and the curtain cloth itself either winds up and, accordingly, rises, or unwinds, and then falls down.

And so that the fabric does not sag on the window, which stands on the ventilation mode, in the lower area of ​​the transom lock the magnetic lining. And they attach a weighting agent, that is, a metal plate that is mounted in the lower edge of the curtains. Do not confuse with blinds, it's still different designs.

Closed-type roller shutter

Actually, this is the cassette system. It can be fitted with convenient side fasteners, which means the guides on the sides of the window or on the frame that they will close. The installation of boxes can be arbitrary.

Roller blinds can differ in color, material and texture Roller blinds can differ in color, material and texture

An interesting system has appeared relatively recently. Such curtains can be adjusted not only from the top to the bottom, but also from the bottom upwards, respectively. Thus, the shading of the desired part of the window is achieved. This curtain looks chic, because these kinds of curtains have become a hit of recent seasons. Particularly impressive is the appearance of such curtains on wide and high windows.

Tips: how to choose roller blinds for plastic windows

Curtains should be harmonious in the interior. Therefore, the first thing that attention is drawn to is the design, the curtain model. If the walls are solid wallpaper, the curtains can be bright, colorful, with any pattern. A good option is obtained if the chosen color will repeat the upholstery of furniture or the situation of the room.

Color solutions for roller blinds:

  • Black chocolate is a popular color today. Combines with different shades of brown. And if the room is beige or cream, then the combination will be very refined.
  • Bordeaux balances the room with the dominance of white and golden.
  • The blue curtains will approach the yellow background of the room. A good option for a nursery or a kitchen.
  • Bright and flashy curtains with mottled patterns or abstractions, as well as geometric motifs, Asian motifs will "make friends" with the white background of the room.

Separately I want to say about this kind of curtains, like blackout. These are opaque curtains. The fabric does not pass the sun's rays, and can dim the room up to 100%.Such products not so long ago appeared on the market, it is believed that the homeland of such curtains is Finland.

Before buying roller blinds on plastic windows, consult a designer Before buying roller blinds on plastic windows, consult the designer

Why do we need blackout drapes?This is an excellent option for those who have to sleep during the day. The material perfectly keeps sunlight, and a person can relax and sleep, without any external interference.

Transparent roller blinds

These are flat fabric panels, which, when closed, are wound on a compact roll. It, in turn, is fixed in the upper zone of the window frame. You can choose the standard vertical curtains, tulle or organza, or you can "surprise" the interior with a roll structure.

By the way, modern roll structures are often equipped with an electronic drive. What is this for?To be able to manage curtains with the help of the remote control panel. On the one hand, it can be said, the design for the lazy. On the other hand - it's convenient, fast and modern, so why not choose this option?

Interestingly this kind of curtains can look, for example, in a lightweight Scandinavian interior. And also in the event that it is required to create an absolutely weightless, airy space. Without any heavy textiles and encumbrances with furniture.

How to fasten roller blinds to plastic windows( video)

Among the huge number of different types of curtains, roller blinds have already secured the title of affordable, modern, comfortable and practical curtains. In any interior, in any room they will find a place. If you want to transform a dwelling, to abandon conservative accessories, then this is an excuse - to look closely at the roll structures. Excellent upgrade at an affordable price.

Success in choosing!

Design blinds for plastic windows( photo ideas)