Curtains on the balcony: roll on the loggia, blinds and blinds on the windows, photo, plastic with a print from the sun

Curtains on the balcony - this is the necessary decor Curtains on the balcony - this is the necessary decor Roller curtains on the balcony have become increasingly popular and almost replaced not only the usual textile curtains, but also the blinds. The advantages of these designs are an incredible number, but most importantly, learn how to choose them correctly.

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    • Advantages of roller blinds on the loggia
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What is the roller blinds on the balcony

Despite the fact that the balcony is not the most sought-after room in the house, the balcony windows should be:Decorative, decorated, curtained. Now most often for balconies use the roller blinds, which are given their name because of the present twisting mechanism. Due to it, the curtain rolls into a roll, if necessary, and will not take up too much space.

In order to purchase such curtains, it is enough to simply measure the window opening by adding 3 cm.

Fabric rolet or in other words roller blinds are structures that consist of fabric and shaft, through which winding takes place. Due to the presence of a lock, the curtain can be twisted and left at a certain height.

Roller curtains on the balcony can be open or boxed Roller shutters to the balcony can be open or boxed

Roller blinds come in two types :

  • Boxed;
  • Open.

Open called a more lightweight design, which looks like a cloth cloth, winding on the shaft, and having a diameter of 19-45 mm, which depends on the dimensions of the product. Closed box - this is the cassette curtains, which maximally protect the premises from penetrating the rays of sunlight, due to special guides, installed on the side of the structure on the beads. The fabric shuttle system excludes the possibility to regulate the level of penetration of sunlight, unlike the standard model, but it is possible to maximally darken the room, which is simply necessary for a bedroom or a children's room, for example, when viewing slides or movies.

Advantages of roller blinds on the loggia

Roller blinds on the loggia are not just products, but a device with a lot of positive sides, thanks to which their popularity grows.

Advantages of :

  1. Constructions are sold in a wide range, and there is an opportunity to pick up invoices, drawings and parameters.
  2. Curtains roll type can be suitable for any interior, due to what you can make the interior complete and stylish.
  3. They do not require special care or maintenance during operation. It is enough to brush the dust with a brush.
  4. The curtains can be raised to the required height and fixed using a special clamp.
  5. Roller blinds can perfectly match with any kind of curtains.
  6. It is possible to create original color solutions.
  7. The products look very original, especially if they are rollers with a color frame. For decoration of the stained-glass curtain, it is enough to pick up a non-woven fabric with a colored frame and a translucent material with a pattern.

Roller curtains on the balcony have a lot of advantages Curtains on the balcony have a lot of advantages

For the production of such curtains, environmentally friendly materials are used, which are treated with dust-repellent compositions, which eliminates the accumulation of a large amount of dirt. This also contributes to the excellent preservation of roller blinds in their ideal form. They will not burn out under ultraviolet rays, they do not need to be washed or ironed, which simplifies the process of use.

Roller blinds for balcony windows

Roller blinds on plastic windows are able to perfectly protect from the sun, but you need to choose them correctly so that they completely satisfy the wishes. For today, manufacturers offer a huge selection of such products at various prices.

Against the backdrop of many criteria, consumers prefer to choose material:

  1. Wooden roller blinds are perfect for a modern interior. They are a horizontal system, for the production of which high-quality wood is used, and it is necessary that an original texture is present on it. The design will not burn under the ultraviolet rays and has moisture resistance.
  2. The bamboo design allows you to transform the room, bringing it exotic. Blinds consist of several strips of bamboo, which differ in color, texture. Feature of the product in lightness, strength and resistance to moisture.
  3. Fabric curtains allow you to create in the room and curtains, and the desired level of lighting. The sale of fabrics of various densities, with and without prints, as well as with various overflows.

Roller blinds perfectly protect the balcony from the sun Roller blinds perfectly protect the balcony from the sun

Finished products are sold in various sizes, and some manufacturers offer their customers the opportunity to purchase the product, on order, choosing width, height and decor alone. When ordering a design for windows, it is worth remembering that there must be a small stock, but not too large, so that the curtain does not go beyond the frame and does not spoil the look.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of plastic windows on the balcony: photos

Plastic windows have long replaced the usual glass structures, since they have a mass of positive sides. With their help, complete tightness is ensured, which allows to keep the room warm even in severe frosts. They have excellent sound insulation and environmental friendliness, since high-quality products are made from special ecological plastic. It is possible to order products in any size, shape and opening mechanism. The lifetime of such a product is almost unlimited, especially with high-quality use and timely replacement of components. Caring for plastic windows is very simple and does not require painting or special maintenance. It is possible to choose frames of any color and even with imitation under a tree. To decorate such windows use a variety of curtains, but mostly roller blinds and blinds.

Plastic windows on the balcony have a lot of advantages Plastic windows on the balcony have a lot of advantages

There are such defects, but they are not essential, but it is advisable to read them in advance :

  1. It's important to pick an excellent master to make a qualitative installation, Retaining all the properties of the construction.
  2. With an illiterate installation, the airtightness will be defective, which will affect the sound insulation and thermal insulation. This will also cause drafts.
  3. Install plastic windows only from environmentally friendly material that is not capable of releasing toxic substances into the air, which is dangerous for human health.

Shade curtains on the balcony( video)

Even a room like a balcony must be perfectly arranged to be comfortable inside, and the windows look stylish from the outside. To do this, you need to pick up quality and original windows and curtains like roller blinds. They are stylish, modern and have the opportunity to pick up the most unusual designs that will transform the room beyond recognition. The most important thing is to follow the recommendations for installation, both the window itself and the roller blinds, which will only give a positive result.

design blinds to the loggia( photo in the interior)