Wooden shutters on the windows: types of blinds, photos, interior beautiful, decorative in the interior with their own hands

Wooden shutters are a great way to not only secure the window, but also to decorate it in an original way Wooden shutters are a great way to not only protect the window, but also to decorate it in an original way. Decorative shutters are an interesting and unusual design element that can decorate any window not only at home, but also in apartments. To date, they are gaining wide popularity and are becoming more in demand. Especially such shutters are used in such premises, where bright, extra light is not desirable. Also shutters perform the function of protection from dust, noise and most importantly - hacking.

    • Classic wooden shutters: types and advantages
    • Decorative wooden blind shutters: advantages
    • Wooden blind shutters for protection
    • Beautiful blinds: do it yourself
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Classic wooden shutters: types and advantages

The newest technologies: shutters,s wooden shutters on the second plan. However, today, shutters are becoming more popular and at the same time they radically changed their appearance. They have become more beautiful, quality and functional.

Wooden shutters can be very different in appearance. They are decorated with all sorts of carvings, interesting ornaments, and colors. You can make shutters yourself.

Shutters made of wood are becoming more and more in demand, they are replaced by conventional curtains and at the same time they perfectly protect the home from extraneous views, strong gusts of wind, cold and sun.

Wooden shutters can be of several types, which you can choose at your own discretion Wooden shutters can be of several types, which you can choose at your discretion.

Types of wooden shutters:

  • Swing. There are two types: with one door and two. The first is used for small windows, and the latter - can be installed on wide or narrow openings.
  • Multi-leaf. This type of shutter has several doors. These leaves fold, forming an accordion. This design closes the window only halfway.
  • Louvers.

Shutters of louver type can be swinging or folding. With the help of a special mechanism you can adjust these shutters yourself, making the room sunny or darkened. Shutters wooden type can be installed both outside and inside.

Decorative wooden blinds: advantages of

Wooden blind shutters are a completely new and certainly fashionable trend in the design of windows. They are also called ranch-shutters. They combine classics and modernity, and along with decorative properties they also perform the function of protection. Therefore, interest in them has grown very much.

Shutters blinds made of wood - a decorative element in the interior, which will transform and beautify, as well as protect you from the bright sun and importunate glances. The charm of these shutters perfectly complements the decoration of your house.

Beautiful wooden shutters of blinds are usually made of such wood species as the windows themselves. Usually it is oak, larch or pine. This wood is better and more practical. To increase the service life of these shutters, they must be treated with protective impregnation - this will prevent the appearance of fungus and mold, protect from moisture and rot.

Beautifully decorate the window opening is possible with the help of decorative wooden shutters, blinds The window opening can be beautifully decorated with decorative wooden blind shutters

Advantages of this type:

  • Convenient;
  • Beautiful;
  • Practical;
  • Environmentally friendly.

Use this kind of shutters usually in country houses, cottages, cottages, mainly on the ground floors outside. But internal ranch-shutters can look charmingly in the interior of the apartment. Made of natural wood, they not only serve as decoration, but also are not harmful to health.

Wooden blind shutters for


Basically, shutter-blinds are usually installed for decoration or protection from dust, heat and wind. If you decide to protect your house from uninvited guests, then you need to strengthen your shutters, make them more reliable and durable.

Wooden blind shutters are a very unusual and interesting piece of decor. They can be used to decorate and protect your home, both outside and inside. They will look very stylish and effective.

To ensure that your shutters are sturdy, they need to be properly and correctly installed and attached to windows. The most important thing is to choose the right fittings for this. Canopies and locks must be made of strong steel and at the same time reliably fixed to a wall or a window. Choose a lock you need very competently, so that he could serve you for a long time.

Wooden blinds can be used to protect Wooden blind shutters can be used for protection

Types of wood shutter locks:

  • Mounted;
  • Consignment note;Internal lock with traction.
  • .

The last type of lock is the most reliable, it is even used in automotive and armored doors, as well as installed on plastic windows. Also, special attention should be paid to the shutters of the shutters. So that they do not sag and do not warp, they need to be strengthened with special metal corners. Then they will be tight and close well. The fittings can be decorated with a variety of forging, then it will not just be strong and sturdy, but also beautiful.

Beautiful blinds: do it yourself

The shape of the shutter is very diverse. You can find such types of shutters as: arched, monolithic, frame, panel, rectangular, square, hinged, sliding and louver. Blind shutters are usually used as a beautiful decor. They can be of different color and size.

Blind shutters are an excellent decorative element that does not require special care and they are better than curtains, cope with the scorching sun. And they also perfectly keep the heat in the house.

Such latticed shutters can be purchased at the store or made by themselves. For independent production we will need different materials and tools. Especially: saw, drill, screwdriver, ax, roulette, plane and level. It is also worth to buy the usual wooden blinds, so that they can not be done by yourself, as this is a very laborious and complicated work. Before the start of the shutter construction, it is necessary to process the wooden products with an antiseptic and linseed oil. It serves as a water repellent.

You can make beautiful blinds with your own hands, the main thing is to correctly approach this process You can master beautiful blinds with your own hands, the main thing is to correctly approach this process.


  • Getting started with making a wooden frame. It consists of two transverse beams, 4-6 cm in size and sloping. The frame must match the size of the window.
  • Then the finished wooden blinds are adjusted to the size of the frame. We measure and cut to the desired size.
  • We fix the blinds to the frame. To do this, drill two holes at the top of the inside of the frame. And then in them we pass a strong thread and fasten the blinds.
  • We install a special mechanism, with which it manages the blinds.
  • We check the operation of the blinds.
  • We fix the shutters to the window with canopies according to the level.

At the end of the shutters can be decorated according to your desire. You can paint the shutters or cut out various patterns and carvings. Then they turn out to be more beautiful and unique, to the envy of the neighbors.

Variants of wooden shutters on windows( video)

Wooden shutters can be considered an exquisite and original kind of decor. With the help of them you can decorate and protect your home, making it more spectacular and stylish. They are evidence of your exquisite taste and sense of style.

Design wooden shutters on the windows( photo ideas)