French shades photo: tulle Marquise and theatrical

French curtains are characterized by soft texture, smooth lines and graceful draperies French curtains are soft texture, smooth lines and fine draperies When we go away, the first thing they notice - it is curtains and blinds. Sometimes even in a modest apartment, but with well-chosen curtains, it acquires a new appearance, and also raises its level. Therefore, they often choose the French style. Why?Imagine, you come to the theater, go into the hall and what do you see there?Curtains with wrinkles, they are somehow pulled up. This gives a special mystery and luxury. We want the same at home. Important is that the curtains should be in harmony with the color scheme of the whole apartment, and especially with a sofa.

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French style in the interior

distinctive feature of this particular style is that the entire decor is made up of things like a big old than new-fangled. As you know, antique things are now in vogue and are worth a lot of money, as they create that very high cost and luxury. It also uses molded voluminous cornices, mirrors, porcelain and crystal decorations.

The French style in the interior suggests that all elements of design are matched in harmony and without pretentiousness French style in the interior suggests that all design elements are chosen in harmony and without pretentiousness

Often, instead of the usual trimmings used lamps, which have a golden hue, but it concerns the premises where low ceilings. At high ceilings, multi-lamp crystal chandeliers are used. High ceilings are also welcome, because the curtains will look great as never before on the large, bright windows.

No plastic chairs!Furniture should be wooden or iron. The legs and backrests in the chairs are gracefully curved.

Stylish curtains Marquise: photo

In French films, respected women are called - marquise. It's not for nothing that such a curtain got this name. They are created and named so in the era of classicism. Also in those days used heavy, massive fabrics, but now light and transparent. Most often they are decorated with living rooms or sleeping rooms, it is not customary to decorate kitchens with such curtains. Such sophistication is made from silk( in more economical models make a silk substitute).

A mandatory requirement for Marquise curtains is a translucent and light pastel colors mandatory requirement to the curtains Marques - is translucent and bright pastel colors

more pomp they attach ribbons draping and ruffles along the bottom of the tulle that fully take their shape. But they must necessarily approach the curtains, but in no case be one shade.

Design and principle of theatrical curtains

Often confused Austrian curtains and French. In the Austrian - drapery just below, and the French along the entire length. At the bottom of the marquise, cords are pierced through the rows, which are tightened and form falling festons. The peculiarity is that they keep this shape and in an uplifted form, after the descent they retain the same shape as before lifting the tulle upward. Curtains are lifting and heavy lifting. Unstoppable - static curtains can not be moved, so it is better not to take them to the bedroom. Lifting machines have a chain mechanism.

The smaller the distance between the braid, the richer it will look.

French curtains have a special difference - the assembly along the entire length to the floor itself. This option is suitable for both small and large windows French curtains have a special difference - the assembly along the entire length to the floor itself. This option is ideal for both small and large windows

frame system can be manual or automatic. Automatic is more suitable for heavy fabrics, and manual for light. With lightweight fabrics, you can lift them to your liking, for example, one edge is higher and lush, the other is lower and more even. They go up and are regulated by a special mechanism. In this case, you can adjust the level of the sun in the room, when lifting, they have a very lush appearance, something resembling the petals of roses. When buying, be sure, first of all pay attention to the frame, because it depends on the beauty and longevity of your curtains. Their length is different. They are suitable for such styles: Empire, Baroque, Neoclassicism.

Home care for them is to not damage the delicate tissue. You can clean them only with a vacuum cleaner with a soft-fiber nozzle.

Wash by hand and machine washing is not recommended, it can hurt small ryusham belts and most importantly, who pull the drape, because of this, they may have the wrong kind. It is still better to give a dry cleaning if they get dirty.

Benefits French tyuley and curtains

Having come to the store in order to buy curtains and blinds, we subconsciously pay attention to theatrical curtains, while not even knowing that it is a French design. Why?Because they make our home chic, with such drapery associated balls and social meals in luxurious castles. No wonder the choice falls precisely on this type of curtains .

With fringe, lace, beads and brushes, you can decorate the lower parts of French canvases to your liking With fringe, lace, beads and brushes may be decorate the lower part of the French paintings to your liking

That is their advantage:

  1. Elastic fabric. Such curtains are more of a decorative look than practical, with their help they make verbose window interiors. This fabric gives pompous lightness and splendor.
  2. Scallop and shuttlecocks not only serve as an ornament vertical, they can hardly pull - it allows you to have different folds in the curtain.
  3. Special balancing elements support the fabric to make it beautifully hang.
  4. In the evening, when the artificial light turns on, you can untie the blinds' blinds, and in the morning - tie to your liking. Plus, they do not need to be constantly pulled, which causes the curtains to break and window plants may be damaged.
  5. Keep their shape even when lifting.
  6. Allow you to adjust the level of sunlight in the room, since they are elevated on one level.

Modern French curtains( video)

If you do not have a lot of money to improve your home, buying a French curtains, be sure we will find the luxury and comfort of bygone years. Hospitable owners who decorate the windows with this decoration, will surely hear many positive reviews about their taste, as there is nothing steeper and more modern than the classics. Do not be afraid of the mechanism of operation of such curtains, they are more comfortable even those simple curtains that hang on your windows. Neighbors will look with white envy at your chic windows. Boldly hang them at home - it's simple and tasteful. In addition, it is a wonderful gift for your family and friends.

Design French curtains( photo in the interior)